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11 Best Paco Rabanne Perfumes For Women 2022

Best Paco Rabanne Perfumes For Women. 1934, the year in which one of the greatest stylists on the planet was born, and with Spanish nationality, it is certainly not very difficult to understand who Paco Rabanne is. This was the creator of a large number of fashion items, where, without a doubt, a line of women’s perfumes could not fail to appear or appear among their best collections, regardless of the product we are talking about.

In this article, we wanted to collect for you The 11 Best Paco Rabanne Perfumes For Her for all the variety they offer, but which are substantial of a unique color. For this, we recommend that you read the collection that has been compiled so that you know what we are talking about when we mention the word eye candy.


11 Best Paco Rabanne Perfumes For Women 2022


1. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Lady Million, by Paco Rabanne, represents, in a way, an ode to feminism and the good taste that women have about themselves and with those around them. The perfume itself has made many women watch your purchase because it makes them feel unique and you cannot be the exception to the rule of a perfume that is pure luxury in its most physical extension.

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In addition, it contains a fragrance that makes it very practical, so you can use it whenever you want, it does not have a marked context and is used in everyday life, making it ideal for both the office and a party at night.

It was designed by Anne Flipo, Beatrice Poquet, Dominique Ropion, and Bruno Jovanovic and is especially notable for its large number of influences on its notes of Amalfi lemon, African orange, white honey, amber, patchouli, or jasmine, to which we must add lasting longevity almost indecipherable and a heavy trail, so this is an immediate selection for the summer, thanks to the fact that it provides all the necessary glamour, plus all the freshness you like so much on hot days that don’t make room for the cold Outside.


2. Black XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

Don’t you love that feeling of inner discovery where you end up knowing it could be a sex symbol? Paco Rabanne’s Black XS For Her represents all of this, but adding the unpredictable to your performance in any man’s perception will make you a desired woman. For starters, its fragrance is meant to be a really warm scent, one of those that make you feel like a cabin with fire, making it a wonderful and ideal choice for cold winters.

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Likewise, Black XS For Her counts as a product full of passion that also joins the wildest side of your being, making every man who realizes he wants to stay in your skin for a long time.

Thanks to the notes of blueberries, tamarind blossom, pink pepper, pink-violet, and Christmas rose, in addition to black vanilla, it becomes one of the best designed Paco Rabanne perfumes for young people, due to the nuances of a certain mystery.

Being a very intense perfume logically made its longevity very durable, so that no one stops noticing it and with a heavy trail, a symbol of the exaggeration of attraction for you.


3. Olympea by Paco Rabanne

The fact that women contain a sixth sense is also in keeping with their personality, this is reflected in Olympéa, but from the point of view of the personality that this perfume exudes.

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As a general rule, perfumes with a lot of personalities end up being irritating to the smell of those who notice it up close, but that doesn’t happen at any time, because, despite increasing your self-esteem, it does so with subtle touches of sweetness that we can check your very well-crafted composition.

Olympéa was made with notes of mandarin, vanilla, amber, water jasmine, or sandalwood, through which there is a clear ambiguity that made it portentous and pretentious in equal parts but also endowed with sweetness.

The result of this was to make a perfume that also has long longevity and a moderate trail to be used especially in a calm period like autumn and that breaks the paradigm of certain boredom that surrounds it. The fact that Olympéa can be worn at any age for its well-defined style should not be overlooked, making it perfect for young and mature women.


4. Lady Million Prive by Paco Rabanne

Feel the luxury inside, along with the utterly adventurous stories you can have using Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million Privé, it’s even more fun and luxurious look than the original Lady Million.

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This stands out or differs from its predecessor because it has an inner heat that was released in popular culture to use it in winter and avoid freezing, literally speaking, it has fire as one of its greatest inspirations at the moment designing it to conceive later and shows what comes next.

This fact is confirmed if we consider that her notes chosen by Anne Flipo are orange blossom, raspberry, heliotrope, vanilla, patchouli, cocoa, and honey. Consequently, a strong, warm and sexy fragrance was produced, which joins the typical luxury carnival that Paco Rabanne buyers have every year.

Thanks to long-lasting longevity and enormous wakefulness, this is said to stand out by itself among the best consistency and permanence among the popular taste of women on fire.


5. Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne

A new version of the Olympéa series arrives with the Olympéa Legend, a perfume that manages to be quite modern and with which the most outgoing and versatile women will certainly feel very identified.

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The secret of this perfume designed to make an impact lies mainly in knowing how to be noticed and not being indifferent under any circumstances. Which has notes of ginger blossom, plum, vanilla, salt, and also certain fragrances with a sweet hue to capture the flashes during the summer, because it also presents a very contemporary, truly independent, and carefree fragrance and context.

Its originality is such that it has become a hated or loved perfume and with which the smell itself can seem very identified or disliked, so strong can be the presence of a perfume-like Legend Olympéa.

On the other hand, in other notes of the same perfume, it is said to have moderate longevity and a trace of the same caliber, which has a smug meaning in which, for example, the design of a vulgar perfume that stands out only by its style extravagant to be, but the contribution of what is fair, for them to perceive it beyond what your strong grades might suggest.


6. Pure XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

We played with Pure XS For Her, one of the fundamental pillars of Paco Rabanne’s perfume design: sensuality. It is the first perfume in this article that adopts the banalest and sensual side of the entire line of women’s perfumes by the Spanish designer.

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This saves nothing and, above all, it will make you feel like a very soft woman but with those touches of strength and character that you love so much to stand out on any stage. Leaving the mark is then synonymous with this perfume, which also has great aesthetic availability for the summer and has long longevity and a heavy trail.

Likewise, the concrete fact with Pure XS For Her is that it also contains a lot of novelty in its compositions, because it was made from notes of vanilla, popcorn, peach, white musk, and coconut, all of which have some really good, if you will. are looking for is to highlight your physique and exuberance, everything always with beauty and sexism ahead.

The perfume itself, designed by Quentin Bish, is faithful proof that designing a perfume for women with intense cuts doesn’t necessarily mean being embarrassing; therefore, like some of the brand’s own, it can be used in everyday life or at important moments like the appointment you’re waiting for, don’t stop with Pure XS For Her.


7. Lady Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne

Perfumes sometimes unconsciously tell the story of the train of life of the people who wear them and with Lady Million Lucky this is demonstrated, the perfume itself is presented as an excess of pure adrenaline that manifests itself in a small bottle made for you.

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Certainly, this perfume is unparalleled if we refer to extreme experiences, knowing perfectly well what they can mean and where they can lead. The Lady Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne can be used by you to practice any kind of sport or for situations where your heart can beat in your mind.

That’s how a perfume that was launched in 2018 can be straightforward and that has notes of jasmine, hazelnut, sandalwood, cedar, and cashmere wood, and which is also made of moderate longevity and a similar mat any time of year is perfect for you to use, a woman who is adventurous in every way and who will be willing to take risks for what you are looking for.


8. Olympea Intense by Paco Rabanne

The name says it all, Olympéa Intense is a perfume that always calls for the highest intensity possible and that can be assimilated with the previous one, but that, despite that, has very marked differences that you will love to wear at any time.

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This fragrance is perfect for cold winters, because of the captivating and warm warmth of its own context, it will always generate in you a sensuality focused on the attention you receive, thus allowing it to be the most irresistible perfume that can be achieved on the entire planet.

However, it will not only provide that, but it will also have a triumphant aura to fulfill your goals and provide the extra security you love. It is made with notes of salt, vanilla, and amber, just three elements that create an explosive combination for all the ardent winners in life. Now, your longevity is another big issue because it’s so durable, while your trail is huge, giving even more emphasis to your perception.


9. Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne emerged as one of the most outstanding perfumes of this fashion brand, thanks to the perfectionism with which it was totally manufactured. You’ll love to know that Ultraviolet isn’t just about detail or luxury; on the other hand, this perfume has the necessary attraction for you to stand out on the right side, a very frank bet by Paco Rabanne, in addition to being sophisticated, intense perfume in all its lines with which you will become remarkable for the details of each part of your being.

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With all this, Ultraviolet has a very strong choice of floral elements that are the work of Jacques Cavallier, offering you notes of pepper, pepper, blackberries, in addition to some fruit elements.

The direct result of this was the creation of a fragrance that offers the best of Paco Rabanne, such as its seductive power, but also somewhat experimental due to the combination of certain fruit elements that were not previously found in his designs. With this, you will be able to enjoy the springs very well and, along with that, keep in mind that it has high longevity and a moderate mat.


10. Calandre by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s Calandre, without hesitating for a moment, reflects what Paco Rabanne thought when creating an extensive line of women’s perfumes. The perfume itself was the first to be designed by the Spanish designer and, since its conception until today, it is presented as an interesting fragrance that also has citrus notes where bergamot appears, in addition to rosemary or juniper.

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The Calandre, since its beginning, as an example to all those who tried to escape the spotlight but creating the perfect scent to face major fashion houses, it is why it is a pioneer in this sense and he sees you feel very renewed, a woman that where she puts her steps goes her goals too.

If we had to choose a time for this, it would be summer, because it has a cool repertoire of combinations to adapt to any summer environment. It has moderate longevity and a smooth trail.


11. Olympea Aqua by Paco Rabanne

Finally, we have to talk to you about Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa Aqua, a fragrance that elevates everything that has to do with the sea and its influence on life itself to higher levels.

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The perfume itself has notes of patchouli, neroli, and several strands of seaweed along with another citrus to give a feeling of power, mobility, and freshness like never before.

The result was the creation of a very good vibration that is felt when you first notice it, able to use it in summer, and where its moderate longevity and wakefulness serve in a very good way, so you can use it several times. times in the same day without problems of an extravagant fragrance. Also, note that this perfume has everything you need to get into the water without losing the fragrance.


Final Considerations

Who can deny the exquisite power of The 11 Best Paco Rabanne Perfume for Women that have to achieve the most exuberant and alluring fragrances in equal parts? Certainly, this answer will always be in the negative because no one could. If the perfumes shown here stood out for anything, it’s mainly due to the strength of character with which this designer and his collaborators created each of them.

We have proof of this when it can be seen that, in his best perfumes, there are sweet, citrus, and fruit elements, and they provide the same strength, it is the Paco Rabanne label, which identified him since the launch of his perfume line for women. That’s why, with this selection of eleven Paco Rabanne perfumes for women, you may have become a great place to go when you want to visit the nearest perfumery!

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