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9 Best Google Play Store Alternatives [2022]

Best Google Play Store Alternatives. Play Store is the best-known option among Android users to be able to get games and mobile apps. But the reality is that it is not the only one. Over time, various Alternative App Stores have appeared, thanks to which we can download applications and games. We will then talk to you about these options.

In this article, we are going to discover together some of the alternative application stores. There are other apps, and often free popular apps and games. But before that, there are some essential things that you will need to know.


9 Best Google Play Store Alternatives [2022]


  1. Uptodown

This is an option that surely seems to appeal to many of you since we usually find it when we are looking for the APK of any application or game. You have a large number of games and applications at your disposal. This gives us the ability to download the APK of games or apps legally and securely. So we don’t have to worry about the phone being infected.

Over time, many improvements have been made. One of the most important to arrive this year is the possibility that the APK files we have downloaded will be updated automatically. An important step that shows the progress of these alternatives to the Playstore. You can download this alternative to Google Play on your Android phone here.


  1. Aptoid

In the second position, we have one of the best-known alternatives to Google Play Store among Android users. In this case, we can easily download apps for free thanks to this. In fact, in with this option, we find the free APK of many apps and games from the Play Store. So you can have free paid games and save money. There are not only apps that are already on the Play Store, but also many other unique apps and games.

The number of available applications continues to grow, a long time ago, it exceeded 900,000, downloaded by the partners and the developers themselves. Without a doubt, this is a great alternative to Google Playstore. You can download Aptoide via its official website.


  1. Amazon App Store

This option was born with the idea of serving users with Amazon tablets, but it has grown at a rapid rate over time. This will allow you to download applications to your Android device easily. It is an option that is not distinguished as much by the number of applications and games it has, but by the many promotions, they organize since there are many discounts on this.

Thanks to this, it is usual that we can take games for free or with big discounts. This is what makes it an option that is gaining popularity over Google Play. Also, we find games and apps that we don’t see in the Play Store. This is something that always interests users. You can download it to your Android phone via this link.


  1. APKMirror

Another name that most of you probably know. It is an online repository, so we don’t need to install it on our Android phone. In the case of APKMirror, we can download the APK of the applications that interest us with the advantage that we often have the APK of certain applications that are not yet available in Google Play.

Therefore, it has become a popular alternative to the official Android app store. It is a community that was created by Android Police at the time, and the users themselves are responsible for keeping it up to date and downloading new APKs. So we constantly have new features available. You can visit the APKMirror website via this link.


  1. Samsung Apps 2020

Samsung Apps is an alternative to the perfect Playstore if you are concerned that your particular phone may not be able to handle everything that is available in the Play Store.

Here you will find applications specially designed for your phone or service. They provide free apps as well as paid apps for a variety of systems, but they are all optimized for Samsung phones and tablets. Visit Samsung Apps.


  1. SlideMe

SlideME is the perfect choice for an alternative to the Android Playstore if you want to join the community of the best apps and games. They offer a comments section which is displayed on the main page, which goes directly to the developers and helps other users to decide whether to download the app or not. It is also much easier to navigate than some other application store. It is optimized for mobile devices and lists apps in a very easy to locate away.


  1. Getjar

Getjar has certain features that set it apart from other similar app stores. First, more of the money made from distributing the application goes to developers. The site also gives you updates on apps similar to the ones you’ve already downloaded, so you can find others that suit your tastes quickly and easily. So it’s one of the best alternatives to the Playstore in 2020. You can Visit Getjar here.


  1. F-Droid

F-Droid is another alternative to the Playstore. It’s a bit like an app in another app. Download this, and you will have access to a wide variety of open source applications for your phone or tablet. The app allows you to keep track of all the apps you’ve downloaded, organize them to your liking, and provides a quick and easy way to remove them if necessary. The best part is that all the applications available on F-Droid are completely free! Visit F-Droid.


  1. Opera Mobile Store

An option that we can use whatever device we have, since it is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, or even Windows phone. We can download a lot of games and apps from this store. Many of them, the majority, are FREE. It is, therefore, an ideal option to avoid spending money on new applications. These are apps that we don’t find in other stores in most cases.

Everything is organized into categories, which greatly facilitates reading and allows us to find what interests us in a few seconds. It is a store whose popularity is increasing, although it is likely that many of you do not know it. You can visit it via this link.


Final Verdict

These are the Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2020 that are currently available. These are all quality options, and most offer free games and apps, which is why many users are turning to them.

Each of the Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2020 has its advantages. Some of them also offer paid apps, free apps, reward systems for downloading premium apps, and more. Try these alternative game stores at the play store and let us know your experience.


Tip: How to Enable the Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources

If we want to install apps that are not from Google Play, we will have to activate the installation of apps from unknown sources. We have an option on our smartphones for this, which gives us this possibility. It is essential to do this because otherwise, we will not be able to download any of these Stores or stores ( .apk ) that we show you below.

For this, we have to go to our phone settings > Security> Unknown sources. Depending on the model and brand, the location of this section may vary. The most common thing is that it is in the security section.

Then we will see that we get an option saying “Allow installation applications from unknown sources” or similar text, next to a switch. What we need to do is activate this switch, and we are done with the process. We can now install applications that are not from Google Play.

Safety with these alternatives to Playstore below has improved considerably over time. However, there is still a higher risk than in Google Play that there is a malware or other such threats. Therefore, if you plan to use this type of method to download APK games and applications to your phone, it is best to install an Android antivirus.

This will help you in the event of a threat and thus prevent you from being infected. The likelihood of this happening is low, as these pages are becoming more secure and efficient, but do not take any risks in this regard. Install a reliable antivirus on your phone, then you can start to download applications/games in .apk from one of these alternatives to the Playstore.


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