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8 Best Police Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Police Perfumes For Women

Best Police Perfumes For Women. It has always been thought that the multifaceted side of people is associated with great thinkers or personalities that have consolidated the world towards what it is today, and that is precisely what the Police brand has been able to recreate since they were born in 1983.

With a foundation in Italy, this brand initially had sunglasses as its exclusive products for everyone, until in 1997 they decided to take a leap towards another facet and the perfumes were achieved with their name. The 8 Best Police Perfumes For Women will be there to bring out your various virtues in modern and cosmopolitan life.


8 Best Police Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2022


1. To Be The Queen by Police

To be a queen you have to wear a queen perfume, and that is To Be The Queen, a really fiery scent that is within the Floral Fruity for Women olfactory family. The To Be The Queen was officially launched in 2013.

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So much energy comes from a fragrance that accompanies very well the accords full of fruit, very citrus, as well as fresh. Its other side is rather woody and tropical. All of this comes from top notes of red berries, orange, tangerine, and petitgrain.

A heart of pineapple, peach, and violet, and a background of patchouli, vanilla, and cedar. It is a scent that can be enjoyed well in winters and has moderate longevity and a heavy trail.


2. To Be a Woman by Police

Feeling comfortable with your sensuality is the rule of To Be Woman, a scent that was launched in 2012 and that is within the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women. This perfume corresponds a lot to the young woman with its sweet accords together with other rather citrus and full of floral freshness.

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This blend combines the elegant with the daring very well and is due to the top notes of apple, lemon, and mandarin. It also has heart notes of white flowers and a background of wood and musk. Such a scent is for spring and has short longevity and moderate trail.


3. Passion by Police

It is the most intense perfume on this list, Passion is an aroma that meets the attractive and sexual, and that is within the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, it was launched on the market in 2010.

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This scent features top notes of apple, bergamot, orange, and cassis. A heart of lotus flower, freesia, sunflower and hawthorn flower, and background of caramel and vanilla. That is why its aroma will be extremely sweet and very floral, along with citrus and caramel accompaniments. The Passion is a fragrance for autumns and has moderate longevity and a smooth wake.


4. To Be Rose Blossom by Police

A perfume with a lot of personalities, To Be Rose Blossom is a perfume that is linked to the Chypre Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2016. This aroma has a series of very powerful chords, among which we highlight, for example, the vanilla together with the powdery ones, this promotes a very delineated aroma, and if its sweet aromas are joined it will be very feminine.

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It has top notes of pear and mandarin, a heart of gardenia and jasmine, and a background of vanilla and cedar. Its aromas are also linked to a time such as spring and it has long-lasting longevity along with a moderate trail.


5. To Be Tattooart by Police

A casual scent, but that smells very good as a girl of today, the To Be Tattoo Art is a scent of the Fruity Gourmand olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2017. This perfume has strong and sweet main accords, in addition to containing a lot of fruits and flowers, something that is largely due to its notes of violet, apple, jasmine, and cedar.

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With To Be Tattoo Art, you can feel comfortable during the summer. It has moderate longevity and a heavy scent.


6. To Be Miss Beat by Police

The To Be Miss Beat could well be the scent for a beauty queen and models because it is a very delicate and cheerful scent. It is within the Amber Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2017.

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It has first of all important notes of coconut, black currants, heliotrope, rose, vanilla, and amber that provide its aroma with many accords of vanilla, fruits, woods, and a certain heat. All of this makes it an especially good winter fragrance and it has long-lasting longevity alongside a heavy scent.


7. Police Daydream

There is nothing wrong with daydreaming and Daydream is a perfume that prefers it, this is within the Floral Fruity olfactory family. Its aroma has notes of orange, green leaves, peach, white flowers, and musk.

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It has accords with too much freshness and intense aromas of citrus and green airs that are the sensation for a season like a summer. However, it also boasts moderate longevity and a heavy scent.


8. Police Legend by Police

This brand has always thought big and precisely about becoming a legend, as its title says, the Legend is a perfume that was launched in 2017 and is included within the Amber Floral olfactory family for Women.

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This perfume at the same time contains inside some really woody and floral accords, these are the work of an excellent combination, in addition to having certain citrus and spicy accords. Its top notes are black currants, red currants, and bergamot.

On the other hand, those of the heart include jasmine, magnolia, amber, and rose, while its base notes are patchouli, vanilla, and wood. In general, it is a scent for summers and has long-lasting longevity along with a soft trail.


Final Considerations

The 8 Best Police Perfumes For Her are mixed colognes and for all tastes, perhaps they are one of the most complete in the world, so do not stop trying.


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