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4 Best Prepaid Debit Cards Of 2022 in The USA

In the United States, there are many variants of this financial product. In addition, in recent years they have been in great demand for their multiple benefits. Next, the 4 Best Prepaid Debit Cards in the USA 2022 will be presented so that you can request yours.

Do you want to know how to get prepaid cards? Do you think that the request for this instrument is complicated? Many people have the misconception that getting this type of card is difficult. But, the reality is different, because obtaining them is much simpler than you think. If this is your case, we invite you to read this guide, as we will explain in detail how prepaid cards work, the steps to obtain them, benefits, and more.

Prepaid Cards: What Is It and How Do They Work?

Prepaid cards are very similar to traditional bank cards. The big difference is that you will not need to have a bank account. Well, you just have to recharge money, and then you can use them.

Thanks to this, you will be able to keep better control of all your income; and you can make purchases in physical establishments and virtual stores, both in the USA and abroad.

Among its functions are the following:

  • You do not need to have an account in any banking institution to request it.
  • It gives you greater comfort because you can make your purchases in virtual stores.
  • Ensure that customers do not get into debt, because the money they will use is according to their budget.

How to Use Prepaid Cards to Buy Online?

Using prepaid cards is very simple. Well, you only need to choose the product you want to purchase. Then, verify that you have a balance in your plastic to make the payment.

After the product is in the cart of the online store, proceed to pay. Subsequently, fill out the form with all your data and your card number. Clever! You will have already proceeded to make the payment successfully.


4 Best Prepaid Debit Cards Of 2022 in The USA

  1. Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Cards

To use the Walmart MoneyCard prepaid cards you have to have an initial balance of USD 1,000 and it charges around 2.5% for using them abroad. Additionally, the withdrawal of your funds within the US territory is free of commissions.

You can top it up at Walmart stores by paying a commission of USD 3.00. Meanwhile, in other establishments, you must pay around USD 5.00. In case of loss, you can replace Walmart prepaid cards by paying approximately USD 4.00.

How to Have the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card?

To get this card you only have to enter the Walmart web portal. Then choose if you want it to be Mastercard or Visa. Next, complete the form with all your data: Name, date of birth, address, email, and contact telephone number.

Then, the company will contact you to verify all the information provided and require some precautions to proceed when granting your card.

  1. Paypal Prepaid Cards

The PayPal Prepaid MasterCard card does not charge any commission for your application. However, it does require you to pay a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee.

Similarly, free prepaid cards can be used abroad at an additional cost of 4%. In addition, you can use it to withdraw cash with very low commissions, which do not exceed USD 4.00.

It is worth mentioning that these reloadable prepaid cards have been in the US market for several years and are always ranked among the best. Well, their service stands out for being excellent and low cost.

How to get a PayPal prepaid card?

This type of card has a great advantage because it is not linked to any bank account. Also, it is easy to get, you just have to enter their website. Then fill out the form with all your data. Then, it will arrive at your home to make your purchases in physical and virtual stores.

You can recharge it at various kiosks, and stores, among other establishments. On the other hand, the cost of this plastic is USD 5.00 and requires an initial balance of USD 1,000.

  1. Netspend Visa Prepaid Cards

This type of recharged plastic does not require you to pay any type of interest or commission payments for purchases in physical stores. In this way, you can replace traditional cards. Likewise, it does not make you any type of charge for overdrafts, and you can use it in the vast majority of establishments, even internationally.  

  1. Mango MasterCard Prepaid Cards

This rechargeable prepaid card differs from the others since it not only allows you to make your charges in physical stores. If not, what can you save because it offers 6% monthly interest on the money you have saved.

What Are the Advantages of Free Prepaid Debit Cards?

Reloadable cards have great benefits. For this reason, it has had a great boom in the United States. Because it allows them to buy both in physical and virtual stores. Among its advantages are the following:

  • Easy to recharge: Customers can do so through bank transfers or credit cards. Some providers even have mobile applications that make this task much easier.
  • Using the prepaid card abroad: If you are going on a business or leisure trip, it will allow you to make all payments without any problem. Even, most of the time their commissions are very low.
  • Notifications to your mobile: Once you make the transaction with your card, you will receive a notification to the digital phone that you have registered. In this way, you can take control of all your money.
  • Security: With the use of free prepaid cards you will get rid of handling cash. Also, they are safe to use, since they have activated some notifications that reach your mobile and registered email.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What are visa prepaid cards without Social Security?

There are several prepaid cards without social security in the United States that may interest you. Among the most prominent are the following:

  • Bluebird prepaid debit card: allows you to use plastic at ATMs to check your balance and carry out transactions safely.
  • Serve Visa: You can use the ATMs of Moneypass stores without additional costs. Likewise, verify your transactions and balance through a text message.
  • Mango Prepaid Visa: allows you to manage your money reliably. Because you will have greater control of your budget. Also, you can request it for only USD 50 and get a higher yield.


How to Put Money On Reloadable Prepaid Cards?

There are different options to add balance to your reloadable prepaid card. Among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Request that the value of your salary payment is transferred directly to this card.
  • Make a transfer from another prepaid card or a bank account.
  • Create funds in the institutions that grant this type of financial product.
  • Acquire a recharge package with a stipulated amount.


Where Can I Buy Visa Prepaid Cards?

On some portals such as PayPal, Western Union, and Amazon, you can purchase this type of prepaid card. The process is simple since in the vast majority you only have to meet some requirements and be of legal age. Also, they do not require having an account in a bank.

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