8 Best PS4 Game Controllers Best PlayStation 4 Controllers of 2021

8 Best PS4 Game Controllers 2022

Best PS4 Controllers for Gamers. For PlayStation, it is coming to improve the gaming experience with its PS4 controllers. Where to find out the best PlayStation 4 Game Controllers? The world of video games is a world where many get lost with relish. It is a place where the imagination is limitless. It is therefore normal that young and old alike like it. Aware of this interest, the video game giants are developing increasingly sophisticated consoles and accessories every year.


8 Best PS4 Game Controllers 2022


1. Sony Dualshock Controller V2 for PS4

Choosing the best PS4 controller means knowing how to bet on the right brand. Most gamers who do not want to take risks turn to this model from Sony. If you are looking for a Gold style, it will interest you.

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THE Dualshock V2 controller for PS4 first stands out for its gold color. She is more stylish and looks better. On the technical side, this controller has a USB port and a Bluetooth 2.1 connection with EDR. Wired and wireless, it has 14 keys with analog/digital control as well as D-pad, Home, and Share functions. It is mainly PS4 compatible.

This gamepad has an integrated reflex vibration function. Also, it embeds an accelerometer and a gyroscope dedicated to the detection of the user’s movements. In short, it integrates all the features specific to the official PS4 controller. And for a better sound experience, this version is equipped with a 3.5mm jack for headphones.


2. Sony Official PlayStation 4 Controller

The Sony brand does not content itself with providing its controllers in a pack with its consoles. It invests the market of its platforms by also offering separate controllers. If you have no reference, check out this model.

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This is a wireless DualShock 4 model. It is possible to play with this controller and recharge its 1000mAh battery at the same time. This pairs with a PS4, but also with a computer (Windows and macOS) and an Android and iOS mobile device. This gamepad offers good button sensitivity for a high-end gaming experience.

This PS4 Dualshock 4 controller comes with a high vibration motor, a mono speaker, a touchpad, a USB port, an expansion port, a headphone output and a 6-axis motion detection function. This accessory also embeds Share technology.


3. Astro C40 TR for PS4 Controller

Which PS4 controller to choose when you are a heavy consumer of video games? Should we invest in an expensive Pro model or look for a more affordable one with sufficient performance? In all cases, ASTRO C40 TR is a significant reference.

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This ASTRO Gaming Pro controller is made for tournaments. Premium design, has the qualities to adapt to any context and any player. It is very resistant and is easy to maintain.

This version features configurable rear buttons for easy remapping. Its Trigger Stop triggers have an easy and quick adjustment for better gameplay ergonomics and a better aim for the vast majority of FPS. It has multidirectional and analog buttons.


4. Tutuo Controller for PS4 Bluetooth Vibration

For 2022, the top of our ranking comes down to the cheapest: this versatile TUTUO model. This PlayStation 4 controller from the TUTUO brand is characterized by its wide compatibility. It works on PS4 (original, Pro, and Slim), PS3, and Windows PC (7/8/10).

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Top of the range, this model offers precision and sensitivity for fluid game control. It uses Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology for a stable signal without fluctuation and without delay. For a wireless connection, it deploys a 600 mAh battery capable of providing 5 to 7 hours of games with vibrations.

On the button side, this durable ABS gamepad has 2 precise 360 ​​° 3D analog joysticks. It is equipped with 2 asymmetric motors with a double vibration function and a touchpad. Also, it has a Share button.


5. Pictek PS4 Wired Game Controllers

What is the best PS4 controller on the market? In response, we often refer to big brands like Sony, Nacon, and Razer. That said, there are other models of interest, raw from less popular brands like Pictek. This manufacturer also offers good quality products, including this model.

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This PS4 controller is wired and Plug & Play. Its connection to the console is stable and immune to interference. This controller has a Trigger trigger and a vibration motor. Multiplatform, it works on both a PS4 console and on PS3, PC (Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10), Android 4.1, and above mobile device with an OTG function.

Unlike Sony’s DS4, it has a more gaming design with its retro LED backlight. It is black in color. It has a built-in speaker and an audio jack. The analog and digital sticks of this controller are sensitive therefore precise.


6. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + FIFA 20

Small comparison: what is more interesting between acquiring a PS4 pack or buying the console and the controllers in addition? If you have a good experience with Sony gamepads, the first option may well satisfy you. With this in mind, we offer you this PS4 set.

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This PS4 Pro console comes with a 1TB hard drive and a FIFA 20 game. It also comes with a DualShock 4 wireless controller. This gaming platform has twice the graphics power for a clearer picture and smoother (thanks to a fast refresh rate and its HDR technology). It can even support 4K resolution and WiFi connection for 1080p sharing. The images of the games launched to benefit from an interesting dynamism and unprecedented realism.


7. Sony Console Ps4 Slim 500 Go + Fortnite Voucher

Buying a Sony PlayStation is always like receiving a bonus or two controllers. These original gamepads have advantages that third-party accessories do not. If you want to acquire a console and controller at the same time, opt for this pack.

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This is a 500 GB PS4 Slim console that comes with 2 controllers, 1 headset, and a Fortnite Voucher. This voucher allows you to obtain a code to download from the PS Sony Fortnite site. It gives access to various accessories, including Neo Versa, Neo Phrenzy, and 2,000 V-Bucks.

This new platform is thinner, more elegant, and more compact. It has optimized power for big players. This PS4 delivers high definition HDR graphics. It allows a better organization of games and applications. Its interface has been redefined more intuitive.


8. Nacon Compact Wired Controller for PlayStation 4

How to buy a better value PS4 controller? By choosing Sony? Maybe, but also consider the Nacon brand. It also offers high-quality gamepads, including this cheap model Nacon Compact Wired Controller for PlayStation 4.

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This gamepad supports the PS4 console. But it is also PC compatible (XInput). This is of the wired and Plug & Play type. It must be connected to the platform via a USB cable for it to be functional. This cable is 3 meters long for maximum freedom of movement. This gamepad has an analog/digital control. It has multidirectional buttons, a touchpad, and 2 vibration motors.

Black in color, it has a sober and simple design. Its shape and its “Soft Touch” surface give this controller exemplary ergonomics for several gaming sessions. It also has an LED indicator and a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones.


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For the Gamers, who love to play games on their PlayStation 4, here we have mentioned the best PS4 Controllers along with their details.


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