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10 Best Rasasi Perfumes For Men in 2022

Best Rasasi Men Perfumes

Best Rasasi Perfumes For Men

A company located in Dubai defines itself as a brand that wants to take the crown of the world of perfumery, take oriental fragrances to the top, and always respect the use of exotic and exclusive ingredients to carry out its delicious aroma. On this occasion, we will present you with a catalog with the 10 Best Rasasi Perfumes For Men which will adapt to your personality and enhance your confidence and manhood at exponential levels. Get ready to discover your ideal fragrance in the following lines:


10 Best Rasasi Perfumes & Colognes For Men in 2022


1. Daarej by Men De Rasasi

We start with a classic Arab perfumery. ‘Daarej for Men’ is a fragrance that belongs to the oriental olfactory family and is characterized by containing a good amount of exotic notes in its aromatic composition. It is aimed at men with a lot of class and presence. Daarej for Men is quite versatile so you can use it for your day-to-day, special outings, or executive meetings.

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It opens with notes of cardamom, cumin, and abrotano, quite a peculiar combination that will make you feel unique in the crowd. It continues with middle notes of orris root and rose to close with sandalwood, musk, vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean, and amber.

You can use it in any season because this perfume can adapt perfectly to any situation and environment. It has a reasonably good duration and a moderate trail that will accompany you in your daily activities.


2. Egra for Men by Rasasi

A distinctly oriental perfume made with floral samples from the Arab world, makes Egra claims the 2nd spot in Best Rasasi Men Colognes. ‘Egra for Men’ is an oath to Arab culture, a scent that portrays the Middle East’s rich aromatic history.

It is a fragrance aimed at men with a taste for the exotic, you can use it in many environments, and it will give you excellent performance.

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Its initial notes are starred by grapefruit, violet leaves, and juniper berries, a very exotic and floral combination that will make you feel fresh and confident during the perfume’s initial phase. These ingredients give way to its middle notes of fir, galbanum, and iris, close with base notes of musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood, which add a lot of seriousness and body to the fragrance.

It is perfect to be used during the summer or spring days. It has an excellent duration and a slightly heavy but non-invasive trail that will make you feel vain at times but never overstepping the limits.


3. Hawas For Men By Rasasi

The perfect option for feeling fresh during the summer days is Hawas, ‘Hawas For Men’ has a Mediterranean touch that will convince any man who likes citrus fragrances. Ideal for sports long walks on the beach. It even offers good performance in day-to-day life in general. It belongs to the citrus olfactory family and is planted as a solid option for your favorite daily perfume.

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It opens with notes of cinnamon, lemon, green apple, and bergamot; These add a fresh citrus touch to the fragrance. Its middle notes are represented by plum, orange blossom, cardamom, and a good variety of aquatic notes—the base notes of ambergris, musk, patchouli, and wood close.

It is perfect to be used during the sunniest days of summer or spring, where you can take advantage of the weather to perfection with this fragrance. It has a moderate duration and a light trail, ideal for men who like to always be on the go.


4. Shuhrah Pour Homme De Rasasi

A perfect perfume for men in every sense of the word has unmatched experience in different areas. ‘Shuhrah Pour Homme’ represents the man who always knows how to make the right choice, even when under constant pressure. It is the ideal perfume for mature men who use their wisdom to their advantage.

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It belongs to the woody olfactory family and opens with notes of freesia, tomato leaves, and rose, which give way to middle notes of jasmine, cedar, and sandalwood. To close masterfully, there is leather, oakmoss, Oud wood, classic musk, and amber.

Leather will be one of the protagonists of this perfume, making you look very classic and elegant at any event or meeting. It has an excellent duration, being able to stay on your clothes or skin for more than 10 hours, along with a slightly penetrating trail that will be perfect for breaking the ice.


5. Rumz Al Rasasi Zebra Pour Lui De Rasasi

A perfume that belongs to the oriental olfactory family and is aimed at men with a taste for the exotic, which is challenging to acquire and that offers indescribable satisfaction the simple fact of having it. ‘Rumz Al Rasasi Zebra Pour Lui’ is a rather peculiar perfume created with great caution. It is characterized by providing a lot of positive energy to its wearer, translating into a good mood and an enjoyable day today.

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It opens with notes of lemon, pineapple, pear, plum, and bergamot, a very fresh fruit and citrus combination to start your day in the best way. We continue with the middle notes of jasmine, freesia, and lily of the valley, close with its base notes, where we will find the ingredient that makes this aromatic balance possible: musk, which is perfectly combined with notes of patchouli and leather.

It is perfect to be used during the summer or spring days. It has a moderate duration and a light trail that will be perfect for keeping your mood at high levels always.


6. Faqat Lil Rijal De Rasasi

It is worth saying that we face a fascinating creation from the olfactory point of view. The ‘Faqat Lil Rijal’ perfume belongs to the oriental-woody olfactory family and is presented as a perfect option for romantic encounters, executive meetings, or exclusive parties during the night.

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It opens with Oud wood, saffron, and bergamot notes, which give way to notes of jasmine, geranium, cardamom, and the peculiar oriental rice. Faqat Lil Rijal closes with a flourish thanks to its base notes of leather, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and the great wood of Oud.

It is recommended to be used during the fall or winter, seasons where the most exclusive events of the year usually occur. This fragrance will accompany you with an excellent duration and a vast trail that will not be invasive. On the contrary, it will be perfect for you to impose your presence in any situation.


7. Al Wisam Day De Rasasi

A fairly fresh perfume with a slight feminine touch. ‘Al Wisam Day’ is planted as an excellent option for day-to-day; It is a perfume that will represent you in all kinds and will make you feel outstanding about yourself. It belongs to the oriental olfactory family and has a slight musky strength.

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Al Wisam Day opens with geranium, lavender, and bergamot notes, which give way to its middle notes of cedar, sandalwood, clary, and rose. In the end, we find its base notes of Oud wood, oakmoss, musk, and amber.

It is excellent to be worn during the spring, summer, and fall. It has a spectacular duration and a light trail that will follow you in your steps.


8. Junoon Leather Pour Homme De Rasasi

Just by looking at his bottle, you will realize that it is a work of art by Rasasi. ‘Junoon Leather Pour Homme’ is released under the oriental floral olfactory family. It has an exotic and attractive combination of floral and leather notes that will make it the ideal perfume for you to be victorious in the game of seduction.

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Its aromatic composition is based on bergamot, spicy notes, musk, floral notes, and the protagonist leather. A good variety of notes that meet a perfect synergy to offer a compact and light aroma that will make you feel very confident in any situation.

It is great to be worn in the summer or spring. It has a moderate duration and a trail with a slight penetrant touch that will be quite effective to get closer to the girls and break the ice very quickly.


9. Ashaar Pour Homme De Rasasi

The sweetness of the Middle East says present under a perfume that is true to its culture. The ‘Ashaar Pour Homme’ is aimed at men who are not afraid, under any circumstances, of showing their most emotional side to people, those with great emotional strength who are capable of seducing just by their presence.

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It is composed of notes of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, orchid, rose, musk, tonka bean, and its protagonist vanilla, which is mixed with other fruit notes to offer a perfume with a beautiful sweet touch.

It has an excellent duration, along with a slightly heavy trail that will be perfect for making you notice. Be sure to use it during fall or winter nights, where you can categorically exploit its full potential.


10. Junoon Velvet Pour Homme By Rasasi

An elixir to live exhilarating moments and that is very difficult to repeat themselves. The ‘Junoon Velvet Pour Homme’ fragrance is aimed at modern, seductive gentlemen who always know how to treat a lady in all circumstances. It belongs to the oriental olfactory family and will be chosen for your dating nights or romantic encounters.

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Junoon contains notes of tomato leaves, violets, leather, and a good range of spicy notes that make this perfume a safe bet for you to be the most requested man of the night.

It has an enviable duration, managing to stay on your clothes or your skin for up to 12 hours, together with a beautiful trail that will be lethal for the game of seduction. Let this fragrance be in charge of enhancing your gifts, and you will break the ice in an Instant with any girl who approaches you.


Final Words

That is all we have for you in the list of Best Rasasi Perfumes for Men. Dare to try the most exotic smells of the Far East and pleasantly surprise anyone who crosses your path! We have witnessed a range of exquisite perfumes that fully represent the aromas of the Middle East.


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