Best Rasasi Women Perfumes

Top 10 Best Rasasi Perfumes For Women

Luxury will categorically dominate you, knowing a little more about Rasasi. Check out these Best Rasasi Perfumes for women if you want to experience the olfactory wonders of the Arab world.

Best Rasasi Perfumes For Women

It is a well-known brand in the Middle East for offering colognes made with the highest quality exotic ingredients. Wearing a Rasasi perfume means being in constant balance with the highest quality oriental notes.

1. Rasasi Daarej for Woman

An ageless perfume, perfect for young and mature women. The fragrance ‘Daarej for Woman’ belongs to the floral-fruity scent family and will be your companion for many occasions, thanks to its versatility, providing very good performance day and night.

Rasasi Daarej for Woman

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It opens with notes of green, peach, orange, and bergamot. Its heart notes are represented by orchid, heliotrope, tuberose, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

Finishes with deep notes of caramel, vetiver, amber, musk, sandalwood, and magic patchouli; this good range of notes will ensure that caramel is at centre stage for most of the duration of the perfume.

Thanks to its versatility, it will also stay on your skin or clothes for long hours, as it has a splendid duration. On the other hand, its huge trail will accompany you throughout the day without being invasive to those around you.

2. Rasasi La Yuqawam

One of the most highly regarded perfumes in Rasasi’s women’s perfume catalogue. ‘La Yuqawam’ is a fantastic option for the most anticipated nights of the year, when you must be perfect to reach your mission and impress everyone present.

It is a lucky charm that will make you a figure in the eyes of Hundreds of people, this fragrance belongs to the oriental scent family and brings the best of the Arab world to accompany you on your journey.

Rasasi La Yuqawam

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It opens with notes of incense, lemon, and bergamot, a peculiar combination that provides freshness and a light, seductive touch simultaneously. 

It continues with medium notes of ylang-ylang, pink pepper, and cinnamon, finishing with milk, musk, and sandalwood notes. It has very peculiar notes, perfect for exclusive parties or important meetings.

It is ideal to be used during autumn or winter nights when you can explore its full aromatic potential. It has an excellent duration and a heavy vigil that will make you the centre of attention and surprise everyone present.

3. Rasasi Shuhrah Pour Femme

A floral bet from this Arab house that has received praise since its launch. ‘Shuhrah’ is a perfume that will make you feel surrounded by flowers during all its phases, ideal for sunny days, where its aroma will magically contrast with the environment.

Rasasi Shuhrah Pour Femme

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Open with notes of sage and lemon to start on the right foot, a citrus and floral combination that will make us feel comfortable during the first phase of this fragrance.

They follow its middle notes of iris, lily of the valley, and jasmine, another deliciously floral range, which gives way to its deep notes of oud, patchouli, ambergris, and the powerful musk, which always gives that animalistic touch to fragrances.

It’s perfect for wearing on the sunniest spring or summer days when its scent fits perfectly with the climate and surroundings. 

On the other hand, its duration is moderate, with a light trail that will always give you comfort, confidence, and a good attitude in any situation.

4. Rasasi Esraa

An olfactory work of art under a lot of Arab influence, one of the company’s most emblematic creations. 

Looking at the bottle, we realize it is a refined perfume created with great care. ‘Esraa’ belongs to the oriental woody scent family and is aimed at women who wish to enhance their charms during the most enigmatic autumn or winter nights.

Rasasi Esraa

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It opens with notes of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and saffron, which pave the way for middle notes of cedar, lily root, and a very exotic note of Gurjum balm.

It ends with base notes of sandalwood and ambrette, a splendid combination of notes that provide a perfect balance so that saffron is the protagonist of this perfume.

As we mentioned, it is perfect for use on autumn or winter nights, where you can explore its full aromatic and sensual potential.

It has a masterful duration, being able to remain on your skin for more than 10 hours; it should also be mentioned that its slightly penetrating trail will be very useful for seducing and will accompany you without disturbing the people around you.

5. Rasasi Emotion

A citrus fragrance that will be perfect for hot days or beach walks. With a light Mediterranean touch, ‘Emotion’ is planted as the ideal choice for summer holidays, belongs to the citrus olfactory family, and is characterized by offering an aroma with a perfect balance between citrus and fruit.

Rasasi Emotion

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It opens with notes of mandarin, orange, bergamot, and Amalfi lemon, a pure citrus entry to make you feel fresh during the day, improving your confidence and mood. 

It is followed by medium notes of pineapple, kiwi, black currant, freesia, jasmine, and water lily to close with vanilla, cedar, musk, and sandalwood notes.

It’s perfect for summer or spring when you can enjoy its full aromatic potential. Still, it also contrasts perfectly with the climate and ambience characteristic of those seasons.

It has a very good duration and a light trail that will accompany you during your adventures.

6. Feelings by Rasasi

A fragrance to show love and affection, perfect for first dates or romantic outings. ‘Feelings’ is aimed at women with great emotional intelligence who are unafraid to express their feelings. 

This perfume belongs to the floral scent family and is planted as a perfect choice to be one of our favourite fragrances on important days.

Feelings by Rasasi

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It opens with notes of rose, lemon Amalfi and bergamot, a citrus combination with a floral touch that will make us delirious.

This combination gives way to middle notes of jasmine and lavender, to close with deep notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla, the latter being (along with rose) the main fragrance note.

It is perfect for use during spring and summer. It has a spectacular length and a light trail will make you feel very comfortable during the day.

7. Rasasi Arba Wardat

The perfect alternative for mature women is a perfume that represents experience, good taste, and luxury.

‘Arba Wardat’ is aimed at women with great power, those with experience that only the passing of time can teach, and those who always make the right decision with serenity and a little coolness. This perfume belongs to the floral scent family and will be essential in your beauty arsenal.

Rasasi Arba Wardat

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Bergamot is found in its aromatic composition, which gives it a great citrus touch during its initial phase, to continue with the medium notes of rose (its protagonist) and jasmine. Perfectly close its deep notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk.

His bottle attracts much attention, has a great Arab influence, and looks like royalty. This fragrance has an excellent duration and a heavy trail that fits you perfectly, a strong and determined woman.

8. Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba

The bottle of this perfume already gives us an idea that it is a Rasasi work of art, an exclusive perfume in every sense. 

‘Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba’ is launched under the sweet olfactory family and is characterized by having a good combination of woody and sweet notes in the best Arabic style.

Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba

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It opens with notes of spicy wood and oud, which give way to strawberry, ham, and medium woody notes, to close with notes of animal musk; a perfectly balanced combination that will be perfect for contemporary women who are always up for action, in any of its aspects.

It is perfect for use during the fall or spring seasons when it greatly increases your seduction power. It has a spectacular length and an attractive mat, ideal for attracting people who are interested in you.

9. Rasasi Junoon Satin

Musk will receive all the attention when using this perfume. The ‘Junoon Satin’ belongs to the musky scent family and is a perfect choice for use at executive meetings or exclusive parties. Its power will make you feel comfortable and secure against your actions.

Rasasi Junoon Satin

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Its aromatic composition is mainly represented by musk, and we can also mention woody and rose notes that will be responsible for contrasting the main perfume note and giving you an attractive aroma that will not be invasive.

It has an enviable length and a very heavy trail, so you should be careful when approaching those present.

10. Rasasi Roohy Tehebak

When we see the bottle of ‘Roohy Tehebak’ for the first time, we will immediately know that it is an ultra-feminine perfume aimed at women with strong character who are used to making difficult decisions, a woman in every sense of the word. 

It belongs to the oriental floral scent family and is planted as an unbeatable option for contemporary women who want to make their presence known anywhere.

Rasasi Roohy Tehebak

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Its initial notes are represented by gardenia, lily, tangerine, and orange, offering a citrus and fruity touch that your skin will very well receive.

It continues with medium notes of peach, pepper, labdanum, and the great incense, a lethal ingredient in the game of seduction.

It closes with notes of amber, sandalwood, and the classic and delicious patchouli, which will become the protagonist along with amber.

Its use is recommended mainly during the autumn or winter, especially at night, events or exclusive parties, where it is necessary to make a good first impression in front of those present. 

Thanks to its long duration, the scent will stay with you for more than 6 hours, and with a slightly heavy but non-invasive trail, perfect for attracting the eyes.

Final Considerations

Rasasi is well known in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, Arab countries with great development and taste for exclusive colognes that can represent luxury, good taste, and vanity to perfection.

Now, they are promoting their brand in the Western world, an important audience that likes products as good and exclusive as Rasasi’s. Trust Rasasi and get a fragrance that represents you as a modern woman with an excellent taste for perfumes.

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