Best Revlon Women Perfumes in 2020-21

Top 10 Revlon Perfumes For Women

It is very common for us to associate Revlon with makeup products such as foundation or eyeliners. In everything related to cosmetics, this company is extremely respected. In recent years, they have also entered into the perfumery world, releasing spectacular fragrances for today’s women. Here are the 10 Best Revlon Perfumes for Women:

Because these fragrances combine the classic with the current, they appeal to women of all ages (both young and old), as they are immortal scents that enhance the mood no matter where we are.

Best Revlon Perfumes For Women

1. Ciara by Revlon

Ciara by Revlon

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There is a perfect balance between sensuality and style in this vintage fragrance with a very light, erotic touch. Introduced in 1973, it has continued to be a reliable and infallible fragrance. In the Asian olfactory family, it is an exotic and luxurious fragrance.

Initially, it smells of lemon and bergamot, with a raspberry touch that adds a bit of fruitiness. There are also jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody notes, and palmarosa in its middle notes. However, its base notes include leather, opoponax, musk, cedar, and two notes that give it that sensual touch: vanilla and incense.

A little bit will suffice, as it leaves a wonderful scent everywhere you go, and it lasts a long time on the skin. It’s not cloying at all, so you won’t have to worry about spraying a lot of perfume on.

2. Fire & Ice by Revlon

Fire & Ice by Revlon

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The amber note is one of the most prominent notes in this perfume. It is the note that magnificently dominates the fragrance, blending perfectly with floral and citrus notes. Since its release in 1994, it has maintained an outstanding ranking among women’s preferences.

The fragrance opens with notes of osmanthus, orange, and orange blossom, followed by notes of narcissus, tuberose, magnolia, and orchid that become fully floral. To conclude with a flourish, the starring amber joins musk and sweet vanilla to create a magical aroma that makes us feel active for many hours.

In its wake, you will be enveloped in a wonderful aroma, in which the amber will not be cloying.

3. Charlie Blue by Revlon

Charlie Blue by Revlon

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Charlie Blue takes the third spot on our list of Best Revlon Perfumes for her. One of the most popular woody perfumes of all time, Charlie Blue is one of the most popular oil-based perfumes of all time.

Unlike the classic ‘Charlie,’ this version focuses on providing fresh aromas represented by its exquisite aromatic composition, which emphasizes woody notes mainly.

In 1973, it was released on the market, and it continues to hold its value today. There is a perfect balance between the fragrance’s notes: moss, sandalwood, roses, geranium, and jasmine. Musk plays a significant role because it contrasts with the other notes.

A fragrance like this can be described with only one word: perfection. It is ideal for use during winter and autumn, both day and night. Its fresh scent will make you feel comfortable and will last for more than 12 hours, providing you with a lasting scent.

4. Jontue by Revlon

Jontue by Revlon

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In 1976, this woody, aromatic olfactory product first appeared on the market. It had many floral notes that evoked the feeling of being in a flowery meadow. Jontue perfume’s initial notes include rose, chamomile, gardenia, and bergamot, which are ideally complemented by its middle notes of mimosa, geranium, sage, and tuberose.

Musk, patchouli, vetiver, and moss will close the perfume’s base notes. A good perfume for spring and summer, it has a good duration and a moderate trail that makes you feel in harmony with the flowers all around.

5. Charlie Gold by Revlon

Charlie Gold by Revlon

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Charlie Gold, another great Revlon alternative, is synonymous with good taste and lust. Introduced in 1995, it has become the perfect companion for romantic encounters, first dates, and any other situation requiring seduction.

In terms of its aromatic composition, cinnamon, apricot, and peach play a fundamental role, giving it a seductive and playful air that is so often associated with women today. A magical aroma is created by its woody and musk notes that contrast categorically with the perfume’s main notes.

With its excellent longevity and slightly heavy trail, it will prove invaluable to you in the seduction game on autumn or winter nights.

6. Charlie White by Revlon

Charlie White by Revlon

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There is no age group for this fragrance; young or mature women can use it, and it produces exceptional results. It was released in 1994 and has been the perfect companion for women ever since.

Besides its excellent composition, we must also mention its impeccable notes of roses, jasmine, and lily of the valley, as well as violet, peach, and watermelon.

Despite its floral notes, it has a perfect balance that makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. It has a splendid duration, lasting on our skin for up to 12 hours, and a moderate trail that will remind you of how beautiful it feels to be surrounded by flowers.

7. Charlie by Revlon

Charlie by Revlon

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Despite being on the market for more than 40 years, Charlie is still one of Revlon’s most popular perfumes. With its ideal mixture of woody and floral accords, this fragrance evokes good times, happiness, and youth, making it a reliable fragrance for any woman of any age.

As it opens, it contains floral notes of gardenia, galbanum, jasmine, and hyacinth, followed by geranium, violet, coriander, and lily in its middle notes. Its background is well represented by musk and its important woody notes, which are offset by vanilla’s slightly sweet touch.

This perfume goes well with any season, regardless of whether it is day or night. It is known to be one of the longest-lasting scents and to leave a moderate trail behind.

8. Charlie Silver by Revlon

Charlie Silver by Revlon

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Floral and fruity notes are carefully blended for an aroma that will satisfy any woman’s expectations and adapt easily to a wide range of personalities, regardless of the age of its wearer.

In addition to its floral notes of lily of the valley and magnolia, it also has fruity notes of apricot, pear, and peach. As a result of its bergamot note, it adds a touch of freshness to the fragrance. It has a remarkable duration and a moderate wake that adheres to you throughout the day.

9. Charlie Red by Revlon

Charlie Red by Revlon

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As a second last fragrance, Charlie Red belongs to the oriental olfactory family and has a delicate aroma composition. It is a perfect fragrance for the summer and spring and provides us with a good range of floral notes. Released in 1993, it has become a perfect perfume for everyday wear.

A peach, violet, black currant, plum, and gardenia note opens the fragrance, followed by rose, carnation, jasmine, orchid, ylang-ylang, and tuberose in the middle notes. The perfume closes beautifully with notes of honey, musk, woody notes, and amber, which perfectly balance it.

It is perfect to use during the summer or spring when you can fully enjoy its potential. It will also accompany you with a spectacular duration and a penetrating trail that will catch the attention of anyone passing by.

10. Bling Bling by Revlon

Bling Bling by Revlon

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A slightly vain fragrance, Bling Bling represents women who like to get attention, making it one of Revlon’s ten best fragrances for women. With a perfect balance of oriental-floral notes, it is among the top 10 best Revlon fragrances for women. It was launched in 2010 under the oriental-floral olfactory family.

Orange and bergamot serve as its initial notes, giving us a touch of citrus during the early phases. Those notes give way to the perfume’s middle notes, lily, rose, and jasmine, which are some of the most important. The fragrance is finished with a masterful blend of musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber that ensures a harmonious composition.

In addition to having fun, it is ideal for attending parties or important events where you want to demonstrate that you are a confident, independent woman.


Fashion and beauty have long regarded Revlon as a well-established brand. Its perfumes have also become a solid range that many women consider their top choice. Let Revlon take care of making you smell like a goddess by trying these fantastic 10 Best Revlon Perfumes for Women!

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