Top 10 Best RFID RFID-Blocking Wallets to Save Money

10 Best RFID Wallets

Don’t let yourself be a victim of petty crimes block your RFID devices with a certified RFID-blocking wallet. Here are the best men’s RFID-blocking wallets you can buy to keep your money safe.

10 Best Men’s RFID Wallets

Identity thieves today simply buy a cheap device on eBay, walk past you on a crowded New York street, and you’re done. That’s it they have your credit card information, and can immediately duplicate your card and start slipping your money limit.

1. Travelambo RFID Wallet

Although some genuine leather wallets can be a hassle to fit in your front pocket, this one was designed with you in mind. Don’t try to feverishly snatch your wallet out of your pocket; Travelambo has designed an effective and attractive wallet to block RFID cards. With one of the best credit card protective sleeves on the market, you’ll be able to feel safe, backed by an independent testing and approval lab. Travelambo didn’t hide this crazy quality and protection from us while keeping a stylish look.

2. Radix RFID Wallet

With the Radix Products RFID portfolio; you’ll get superior blocking capabilities for all RFID signals, which means your information will be that much safer. This is an imported wallet, and can comfortably hold up to ten cards before feeling cramped.

It’s much thinner than most radio-frequency identification wallets on the market while maintaining the security you need.  It’s also a combination money clip that lets you keep everything you need close at hand while keeping your RFID-proof wallet cost-effective. The ultimate credit card protective cover on the market.

3. Tommy Hilfiger RFID Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand we’ve all known for a long time, and when they launched their RFID protection wallet, we were a little stunned to see them doing such a good job. Luckily they did, because it maintains style, and cost-effectiveness, and gives you the protection you need in today’s world of state-of-the-art data theft devices. This is one of the most effective RFID credit card sleeve designs you can buy today.

4. Dango Dapper RFID Wallet

Genuine leather, designed to block RFID signals and designed for you. Dango Dapper burst onto the scene for a top-notch RFID signal-blocking wallet. With a design designed to hold up to 12 business cards or credit cards, you won’t lack anything in terms of space. Even when loaded with all the cards it can handle, it will only be about half an inch thick.

It is the ideal solution to protect your card data and analyze it with anything. Businessmen are the first target of identity and information thieves who walk the streets. Stay safe and protected while looking your best, and know your information will be safe.


RFID-blocking technology is adapting to new forms of identity and information theft, and TRAVANDO has gone a step further. They have an ideal amount of cards and boils to stay the slim model, and they hold on to the best security possible. 8 cards, 10 banknotes, and one of the best RFID-proof coin purses on the market today. Feel secure with anti-crush technology, which means your cards won’t chip, split or crack in the extremely tough and durable RFID chassis.

6. Trayvax RFID Wallet

Made entirely in the USA, Trayvax gives you a top-notch, full-size RFID-blocking wallet for an insane value. Every component of this RFID protective wallet is durable and built to last, right down to the plastic strap on the outside. This top-notch credit card protective pouch looks like a covert ops military issue, especially with its finger grips and all-black design.

You get a full lifetime warranty – the makers of Trayvax are so sure of this product that they don’t believe it will become obsolete, and neither do we. If you want to talk about benefits, use the built-in bottle opener. Crack a cold one with your RFID-blocking wallet,

7. Travelambo RFID Wallet

Passports now feature chip technology, and while it’s not the smartest thing the company has ever done, Travelambo has another RFID-blocking wallet model, and this one is also capable of holding your passport. Don’t be fooled by the guy who keeps cutting through the line to get to the CinnaBun counter; anyone could use an RFID device and steal countless pieces of information from innocent people.

If you are tech-savvy, you’ll be pleased to know that this wallet blocks signals up to 3000MHz, ensuring you’re protected in almost any situation.

8. Timberland RFID Wallet

While style is usually more their thing, function comes swaying heavily in this excellent RFID-blocking wallet and credit card protection sleeve from Timberland. With 100% leather and a made-in-the-USA seal, we’d buy this wallet based on its specs alone.

You get six slots for your cards, a clear and secure ID window, and quality craftsmanship for life. It’s one of our favorites on this list and an ideal gift for your man and fits perfectly in your front pocket, back pocket, sports jacket pocket, or anything in between.

9. Sharkk RFID Wallet

Although this model is not designed to hold cash, RFID thieves are not able to use signals to steal cash. It does what it promises: it blocks RFID signals and keeps your information safe. You may look like you’re brandishing a miniature bulletproof safe when you pull it out of your pocket, but it’s as effective as it gets.

Aluminum is known to block some of the strongest RFID signals on the market, and Sharkk has really put it all into this inexpensive credit card protection wallet, keeping all your information safe without the need for a home safe.

10. Fossil Emma Mini RFID Wallet

If the simplistic design is more your angle, you’ve found me your partner. Safely protect all your important information from identity thieves with this Fossil Emma Mini RFID-blocking wallet. There are eleven different colors and patterns to choose from, with all linings made with man-made materials. It will do the job and protect you against just about every type of RFID frequency that exists today.

RFID Wallet Buying Guide

We want our RFID-blocking wallets to be both functional and stylish, right? Otherwise, we would only have our precious debit cards, credit cards, and passports with us in a padlocked and wheeled lead block. You need an RFID wallet or a metal wallet that can block all available frequencies.

Have you ever heard of wrapping your cards in foil or other ways to protect your cards? Well, they don’t offer nearly bulletproof protection like lab-produced and tested RFID-blocking wallets do. Let’s break down some of the most common ways people try to use RFID protection.

  • Paper-Foil

It is suggested that you wrap your cards in foil to help protect your information, right? We have aluminum wallets on our list, so that’s not that far-fetched, is it? While it may protect you, the likelihood is much less than using a proper RFID-blocking wallet. You’ll scratch your magnetic strip and even your chip. These chips are susceptible to scraping and degaussing just because they are in a standard wallet.

You’re missing out on enough electronics and before you know it, the chip is useless. Aluminum foil will scratch your card and render it unusable. I mean, nobody’s gonna get your info that way, right? This is a good thing. As long as you don’t mind waiting for a new card every 3-4 weeks for the rest of your life.

  • Duct Tape Wallet

Of all the DIY ways we’ve seen, this is the most ridiculous attempt at a solution. The theory goes like this: use a few sheets of triple-ply aluminum foil and wrap them carefully and meticulously in enough duct tape to ensure durability. It won’t scratch your card, but it won’t save you the beautiful girl on the front of the Starbucks liner when you decide to pay for her. Kindness? Great. Duct tape wallet? No phone number.

  • The Origami Duct Tape Foil Coin Purse

Even if it works, who has time to sit down, cut out templates, meticulously craft a wallet, and make sure it doesn’t look like garbage? You’ll be spending a good amount of money on supplies instead of just allowing Amazon to drop a wallet on your wallet for relatively the same cost. Do you have an hour or two to devote to crafting a wallet that might work? I did not mean it.

Benefits of an RFID Wallet

The obvious appeal is the ability to block RFID frequencies. These frequencies mimic the same waves as your card and come from your card during any debit or credit card transaction at just about any terminal.

The difference is that you control these situations and trust the providers to whom you voluntarily submit this information. When someone uses an RFID reader, they are stealing your information, and it can be done from anywhere.

Security badges or access cards to places like hotels and secure data facilities are also susceptible to the same type of theft. Thieves around the world are using RFID capture to gather information and sell it to evil forces. There’s a whole criminal underworld for RFID thieves, and when you look at the big picture, it’s rather troubling.

The benefit comes down to one necessity: to protect your information, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other benefits of having an RFID-blocking wallet. Stacking RFID blocking technology is a necessity of the modern world, and as such many top-notch wallet craftsmen make their full range of RFID protection compatible, which means that in a number of years.

Designers optimize their wallet designs to deflect these frequencies, which means that if you choose a simple leather wallet, you will be left in the dust in terms of design and functionality. If you want to stick with genuine leather, great storage, and spacious compartments. Don’t think twice – information thieves don’t think twice. Protect yourself before someone strikes.

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