Best Salvador Dali Perfumes for Women

10 Best Salvador Dali Perfumes for Women

Salvador Dali’s genius and madness have always been present throughout his extensive and long career, where he stood out as one of the best painters in history. He was responsible for completely transforming the painting, based on his egocentrism and megalomania, details that the French brand Salvador Dali fully captured in its collection of perfumes for women.

The Best Salvador Dali Perfumes For Women take a complete turn until you understand that a world without color, self-centeredness, and a certain madness is a lost cause. We invite you to read each of these perfumes to substantially increase its value and perceive it in a totally different way. Immerse yourself in the abstract and surreal of the Spanish painter.


10 Best Salvador Dali Perfumes for Women


1. Salvador Dali Dalissime Eau De Parfum

Dalissime by Salvador Dali is a perfume that has what a woman expects from a 21st-century fragrance, which is directly modernity, ease, and independence from the rest of the world.

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In an age like this, so globalized and with gender equality as a fundamental pillar of relationships, Dalissime has an added value, a double weight so that you feel that they take you seriously wherever you go.

But not just for you to feel, but that’s how this perfume works throughout its use. It has notes of sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, lychee, amber, jasmine, lily of the valley, and also rose. The perfume itself is meant to be worn in the summer, a more than ideal combination.

If we go towards its longevity, the perfume is of lasting trend and its trail is heavy, it could not be for less, it is a perfume that really invites you to have a strong presence in all fields, in your home or business.


2. Dali by Salvador Dali Eau De Parfum

What it means to be Salvador Dali is perfectly contained in this perfume that we bring to you. There is no moment of calm with this perfume, which means that you will have to adapt very well to doses of very creative thoughts, elegant elegance, and a lot of sensuality.

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It presents notes of jasmine, mimosa, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, and musk. Very simply in your notes, but inserting the necessary ones so that you have an inner explosion as soon as you can use it.

With Salvador Dalí’s Dali, you have the ideal elements to aim high without it mattering too much to you; your interest is to be the most original, not the best. It will come in handy in the fall, as it is a very explosive perfume that you will vibrate with to the last inch of your body; for that, we need to add long longevity and a persistent trail.


3. Salvador Dali Sea & Sun Eau De Parfum

Feeling like a woman is an unprecedented fact when it happens for the first time, it is one of the most appreciated feelings of personal fulfillment for everything it means to a woman, Sea & Sun In Cadaques comes with everything and more, as it contains an important blend of joy, personal satisfaction and big plans in mind.

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This perfume has inside notes of freesia, amber, musk, cedar, water lily, apricot, and also black currants that give it, in addition to a good presence due to the friendliness of your combination, what more casual so they don’t think you are an inaccessible object.

Likewise, its fragrance is accompanied by moderate longevity and a heavy trail. If, for example, you plan to wear it in winter, it will be perfect for you, as this perfume can raise the temperature degrees with a certain heat that it is capable of providing.


4. Salvador Dali Daliflor Eau De Parfum

Spring is exactly the time when you realize that everything is being born, blooming before your eyes. All this feeling is perfectly reflected in Salvador Dali Daliflor, the perfume itself, from the shape of the name, allows us to see that it has a composition for flowers and certain herbs.

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This has elements in its notes of sandalwood, musk, rose, lily of the valley, and also grapefruit that will give you a body temperature that adapts to any climate.

Obviously, the above is an advantage that few perfumes can be proud of, but with Daliflor this is total reality. With a perfume like this, you also have all the beauty of women at your fingertips, to match with many clothes in shades of pink or pastel. With lasting longevity and moderate mat, Daliflor, as described, is ideal for springs.


5. Salvador Dali Dali Wild Eau De Parfum

If you like to surprise with strange looks and be the life of the party, Dali Wild by Salvador Dali is the perfume you are looking for to make even the most annoying people blush. Dali Wild has in all its splendor a perfume that will revolutionize the way you walk, so that you can achieve your goals and become remarkable, always leaving the total stamp of this painter.

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This Dali Wild has elements of jasmine, certain woody notes, magnolia, tuberose, and also yuzu, making you feel like a natural woman, but with great value. A woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she’s looking for. Those notes that we mentioned earlier are also good fresh, but they’re aimed at spring because it breaks the mold in every way.

In addition, Dali Wild has long longevity and a moderate trail, that’s how a scent like this has a marked influence on who wears it, so don’t stop using it at any time.


6. Salvador Dali Laguna Maravilla Eau De Parfum

Arriving with a slope from the previous lagoon, we have Laguna Maravilla, always sensual, always erotic, created for daring women. The same context margin generated as the previous series is kept, but this one gets even cooler, the Laguna Maravilla has this important element so that you can feel in the water, so it also has summer-like summer. best possible usage time.

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Laguna Maravilla has a special gift in its combination of notes, as they are lilies of the valley, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, violet, and also rose. However, it cannot be said that a fragrance is entirely designed to be considered summer.

Although it feels better at that moment, it has its sweet nuances and certain fruits that are not necessarily citrus, so even in broad daylight in your office, you can use it. Its longevity already becomes durable and its huge trail shows that this perfume has a high goal.


7. Salvador Dali Dalilight Eau De Parfum

El Dalilight by Salvador Dalí is a perfume that seems to be among the most feminine of this brand that bears the same name as Salvador Dali. Dali Dalilight has a very good amount of elements designed to ensure you are in perfect order with yourself.

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This is useful, especially when you consider that the tranquility element is very present in Dalilight. It represents a very calm perfume because it has notes of Virginia cedar, amber, red apple, tangerine, peach, and also Amalfi lemon.

So all these notes together don’t have to make you vibrate, but provide a lot of stability; it is not a perfume that stands out at first glance; in fact, its longevity is moderate and its wakefulness, showing that it should be used at leisure or in meetings of very few people.

A time like summer is perfect for Salvador Dali’s Dalilight, considering that it’s designed for minimal attraction, yet making you feel totally good.


8. Salvador Dali Purplelips Eau De Parfum

It can be described that the Purplelips perfume is one of the most outstanding perfumes of the Salvador Dali brand, as it offers equal elegance and sensuality. Thus, women have the final word for a fragrance that impresses the most splendid and distinguished, moving away from the common denominator of madness that usually describes the name of the Spanish painter.

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With Purplelips, you have a perfume with a very sober base, which gives you a fragrance made so that you can be seen while feeling the certainty of whatever decision you decide to make.

Supported with notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, pomegranate, blueberry, and violet, this is a perfect sample of what, above all, this last ingredient, violet, is ideal for them to have a woman of the world without losing you. class. It is a perfume given for use in autumn and has moderation in each of its lines, be it longevity or wakefulness.


9. Salvador Dali La Belle Et L’Ocelot Eau De Parfum

Very much in the style of Salvador Dali, always faithful to the painter’s criteria for an abstract or surreal background story, La Belle Et L’Ocelot tells the story of forbidden love, that of beauty and the beast. With a scent like this, it’s easy to get lost in thoughts of relationships that couldn’t bear fruit for reasons other than love.

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That’s why La Belle Et L’Ocelot contains a lot of boldness and mystery, but a good measure of beauty, of showing what you are to that lover who wants you but who knows he can’t have you, at least not in time.

This perfume has a very good number of votes to be used in spring, as it has to give women notes of patchouli, benzoin, incense, osmanthus, tangerine, and tonka bean, all with a strong presence a composition that no one is really sure about. what to prepare.

The creators of La Belle Et L’Ocelot have proposed a more spectacular confirmation, beyond which you won’t be able to get rid of it because it has a long duration and enormous vigilance, both of which are meant to ease the opinions of other people who love it so much.


10. Salvador Dali Lagoon Eau De Parfum

Laguna Salvador Dali has ​​enough of what the painter himself wanted in every person he observed, direct and spectacular. For women, in turn, Laguna has a similar effect, reaching high doses of sensuality, inspired entirely by exotic elements, such as, for example, hot summer on a Caribbean island.

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This time, it will be perfect for you to wear a perfume that has had great popularity since its birth in 1991, as you opt for that infallible touch of total freshness. If we also maintain its internal composition, Laguna de Salvador Dali offers notes of jasmine, vanilla cedar, Madagascar sandalwood, grapefruit, and galbanum.

All so that your skin is citrusy without bothering you. In other words, with Laguna, you also have a fragrance that will have a moderate duration for the skin, while the fragrance is soft, conforming to the new trend of perfumes with a certain tendency to be ephemeral among those chosen for the skin. summer.



Among the most original perfumes possible are those launched by the Salvador Dali brand. This turns your world into a full screen, so you can capture all your inner feeling towards the outside. Sometimes a radical change in your life is worth it and boy, you can do it with those perfumes mentioned above!

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