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Best Smartwatches of 2021: Review & Buying Guide

Best Smartwatches of 2021: Review & Buying Guide

Smartwatches have started to take up a lot in our daily life rather than a necessity of popular culture. Here are the 10 Best Smartwatches of 2021 that you should buy.

People have also made it a habit to harness the power of technology to use time. Smartwatches have managed to be products that follow us and provide benefits in every sense, even in sports sessions and late workouts.


10 Best Smartwatches to Wear in 2021 That Keeps You Fit


  1. Huawei GT2 Pro

One of the best smartwatches Huawei has released so far. It offers a nice alternative for those who like the classic watch look. Moreover, with its 4 GB internal storage, it contains all the data that would be in a conventional smartwatch.

Huawei Watch Pro GT-2, 454 × 454 resolution pixels, 1.39 has a very elegant appearance with the screen size in inches. This screen consists of a sapphire glass surface. The clock offers a 14- day battery life under minimum usage conditions with its 455 mAh battery.



Huawei reveals new updates by improving health and fitness apps. The smartwatch, which has more than 100 training modes, also has sensors that measure the heart rhythm and the oxygen value in the blood. It also records all the information you need in the sport you do.

Designed to be waterproof up to 50 meters, this device, which can show the number of strokes you have taken per minute, the total number of strokes, and the number of laps you have taken, thanks to its smart swimming mode, deserves to be among the best smartwatches.


  1. Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is undoubtedly one of the Best Smartwatches you Should Buy in 2021 as it has become the most preferred brand of this year. With its impressively small design, it appears again with a higher performance thanks to more features. Using a new dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic chip in the iPhone 11, the upgraded S 6 SiP runs up to 20 percent faster, allowing applications to open 20 percent faster.



As in the previous series, the new series also features Always On Retina. It has GPS as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi support. In addition to these, two different options that support GPS and Cellular data are also offered to users.

Series 6 also comes with new interfaces, a larger screen, height detection, sleep tracking, watchOS 7 for family tracking, swimming use support, cellular support, Solo Loop and Solo Loop braided straps, compass, and barometric chip. It has a battery life of 18 hours with minimal use.


  1. Xiaomi Amazfit Verge

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge is quite sporty and stylish with its design. This model, which focuses on daily use with its multi-functions brought by GPS feature, has features such as GPS + Glonass, pedometer, heart rate monitor, notification display, alarm, call display, and answering.



  1. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 is among the best watches in terms of price/performance. The brand Fitbit is gradually improving its smartwatch features. Besides, the watch with built-in Amazon Alexa support will soon receive Google Assistant support.



It is proof that the watch is very useful, thanks to which you can instantly view any information you need while doing sports, thanks to the continuous display of the screen. Bluetooth calling support will also be available in the coming months.


  1. Apple Watch SE

Unlike Apple Watch 6, if you don’t need an EKG, a SpO2 monitor, or an always-on display, here Apple Watch SE comes into play. Apple’s new budget smartwatch has a difference of a thousand pounds from the Series 6.



Affordable Apple Watch SA Series 3 model according to two times faster chips that S5 has a chip. This chip came into our lives with Series 5, SE model appears as a continuation of Series 3 with renewed features. Apple Watch SA, as a classic 40 mm and 44 comes in two different sizes, including mm.



  1. Huawei Watch GT 2e

Huawei Watch GT 2e is relatively more affordable and performance than other smartwatches. The watch with dimensions of 53 x 10.8 x 46.8 mm weighs only 26 grams. The smartwatch, which seems to be both small and very light, resistant to a depth of 50 meters in water.



It has MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory. It has a 14-day battery life with its 455 mAh battery. In this regard, it performs similar to the Huawei Watch GT2. On the screen side of the watch, a 1.39 inch 454 × 454 pixel AMOLED display is preferred. The clock, which can be used on iOS and Android devices, has 16 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory.



  1. Honor Watch Magic

Made using 316L stainless steel that is both lightweight and comfortable, HONOR Watch is one of the thinnest smartwatches on the market. With its eye-catching brightness, HONOR Watch is CNC machined and state-of-the-art laser printing to maximize durability in daily use.

As a finishing touch, the outer case of the watch is made of recycled nylon plastic. The watch, which comes in two different color options, has a customizable strap system. In this way, you can wear and use different straps produced on the watch.



The 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen can offer a resolution of 390 x 390 at 326 PPI. In this way, it has a very high-quality HD view. Offering up to 7 days of battery life, you can charge the watch for just 10 minutes and use it all day long.

It enables you to get more accurate and precise location information with built-in GPS, which supports 3 Satellite Positioning Systems (GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO) worldwide.


  1. Xiaomi AmazFit Bip

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, one of the most successful products offered by the company, is very successful in measuring basic sports information. It also allows you to control all the activities you do in your daily life. Apart from features such as measuring calories, learning heart rhythm, it also contributes to daily life with features such as theft alarm, sending SMS and notification, camera control.



The most important feature of the smartwatch, which has many features such as a pedometer, heart rate, fitness tracking, sleep tracking, is its battery. The battery life of up to 30 days with active use lasts up to 45 days with minimal use. The usage time we mentioned differs depending on how intensively you use the device. It is also IP68 class dust and waterproof.


  1. Haylou LS 01

It should be noted that the clock, which works by Android and iOS operating systems, comes with a square design. The clock, which can measure sleep phases in addition to sleep tracking, can of course also track heart rate. Besides, the watch, which supports 9 different sports modes such as step counter and activity tracking, is also IP68 waterproof and dustproof.



Haylou LS 01 has a battery with a capacity of 210 mAh. Thanks to this battery, you can use the watch for 14 days without being charged. We can say that this is quite enough for a smartwatch.


  1. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5, which has an extremely stylish design, is the ideal watch for iPhone users. The new Noise app detects when crowd hum or machine noise reaches a level that could pose a risk to you. The watch is available in 3 different colors: space gray, silver, and gold. Another feature that has become classic with

Apple Watch is Activity rings. Activity rings track your progress, inspiring you to sit less, move more, and exercise every day. If you want, you can set goals and compete with your friends. With advanced training metrics, GPS, and water resistance up to 50 meters1, it adapts to all types of exercise1 With



60 million songs, Apple Watch helps you make the most of your free time during the day. Apple Watch makes it easy to download all your favorite episodes from Apple Podcasts, an album from Apple Music, or a playlist right to your wrist.

Besides, the fact that you do not need to lift your wrist to see the basic information you need is another feature that makes this watch attractive. This watch, which allows us to see all the information we want easily thanks to its large screen, has two different case options, 40 and 44mm.

Final Verdict

Modern Problems require modern solutions, advancement in Technology made it easier to track our physical fitness right away using the Fitness band or Smartwatches that keep us up-to-date regarding our physical strength. The abovementioned 10 Best Smartwatches & Fitness Bands are worth trying if you are looking forward to having a healthier life in 2021.

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