Best Smoky Fragrances for Women and Men

8 Best Smoky Fragrances For Women and Men

The coziest scents of late autumn, burning behind the last bridges before the approaching winter, are those that smell like smoke. Especially for fans of such smells, we present a selection of fragrances with smoky, sensual notes, smoldering this season.

Of course, the smoke in perfumes is an illusion. To create smoke, perfumers use both synthetic (for example, isobutyl quinoline) and natural ingredients (birch tar, labdanum, oud, opoponax, castoreum, juniper resin).

Smoke chords give the brightness of the composition, and “dryness”, and neutralize sweet cloying in floral-fruity and gourmand bouquets.

Best Smoky Fragrances for Men and Women

Sometimes perfumers succeed in recreating the smell of smoke so masterfully that when you inhale some perfumes, you want to get up and call “01”.

Although, in general, these are warm cocoon fragrances that you can wrap yourself in in cold weather or supplement with a glass of mulled wine while sitting in front of a burning fireplace. So, let’s get acquainted with the aromas.

1. Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme EDT Spray

The founder of Lalique, René Lalique, an artist, jeweler, and glass blower, created a massive yet elegant inkpot with images of wild animals in 1913.

It is this beauty, combined with the seeming massiveness, that served as the inspiration for the men’s fragrance Encre Noire (in translation, the name means “black ink”).

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme EDT Spray

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The main idea of ​​the perfume is this: a man, strong and brutal in appearance, can be refined, quivering, and gentle inside.

This is already hinted at by the bottle itself – almost opaque, made of dark glass, with a powerful wooden cap. Black is the color of mystery, everything mysterious, mysterious, and slightly otherworldly.

2. Amouage Memoir Woman EDP Spray

Based on the advertising campaign and the color of the bottle, it becomes clear that the composition will be memorable, mysterious, somewhat meditative, and full of contrasts. The pyramid causes even more intrigue.

Amouage Memoir Woman EDP Spray

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More than a dozen declared components, including flowers, incense, and animalistic accents, are interesting.

As a result, the listener receives an ideal composition for analysis, a smell that one wants to recognize, listen to, and be surprised.

3. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Intense EDP Spray

Captivating and tantalizing, Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Intense hides an increased concentration of tobacco and precious oud oils that surprise with a pleasant smoky trail.

The fragrance develops gradually and for a long time, becoming more saturated, but does not lose its softness and smoky accords. It is more strict and serious than the original Tom Ford Tobacco Oud.

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Intense EDP Spray

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Indeed, the real version of Intense. Tobacco, resins, animals, woody notes, patchouli, and the sweetness of toasted tonka beans for the perfect balance.

Unusual, like all the creations of Tom Ford, the perfume demonstrates behind a smokescreen an original character and depth that emphasizes the confidence and self-sufficiency of its owner.

4. Guerlain Santal Royal EDP Spray

The oriental character of the fragrance (EDP), formulated by Thierry Wasser, is emphasized by the design of the black opaque 125 ml bottle, decorated with a gold label, cap, and black and gold ribbon. The mix is ​​created by contrasting sweet and spicy, delicate and spicy notes.

Guerlain Santal Royal EDP Spray

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Its opening is a prelude of delicate neroli combined with warm cinnamon. The central sound is represented by a lush floral bouquet, in which roses coexist with jasmine, tinted with balsamic sandalwood.

The final chords of oud, leather, sunny amber, and sensual musk add up to an unforgettable oriental motif.

5. Serge Lutens L Incendiaire Unisex EDP Spray

Serge Lutens’ refined line of gold-labeled Section D’or fragrances has its arsonist, pyromaniac L’Incendiaire.

The author does not reveal the pyramid of his perfumes from the “Golden Section” (as the name of the line is translated) but very beautifully accompanies his prose.

Serge Lutens L Incendiaire Unisex EDP Spray

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“Cutting means to cut. For us, this phrase has always been mystical, imagining how a fiery sword cuts through the darkness and a blinding golden light bursts from the cut. L’incendiaire gives the spark you need and ignites what burns and eats you up inside.

The soul rises from the depths of my cowardice, and the flaws reveal the golden radiance of its virtues.

This is the love that keeps you in the darkest hour. The Serge Lutens L Incendiaire fragrance itself smells of smoke, burnt wood, smoldering coals, wet leaves, expensive whiskey, and dark chocolate.

6. Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerotic EDP Spray

Sensual, hypnotic, erotic, narcotic, neurotic… Non-erotic. Neurotic is a fragrance that envelops, captivates, and is addictive.

It takes you on an emotional journey with woody and smoky chords, intoxicates with viscous sweetness, leaving a long, intoxicating trail behind it.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerotic EDP Spray

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Perfumer Cecile Zarokian was tasked with achieving a stunning effect from an exquisite and intriguing composition, similar to what we experience when we see a black dress with original detail.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Neurotic is part of the Laboratorio in Nero collection inspired by black, the symbol of elegance, luxury, and mysticism.

7. Christian Dior Leather Oud EDP Spray 

To capture the smoke, sensuality, and boundless luxury of Christian Dior Leather Oud for men, the head perfumer of the French house, François Demachy, used notes of oud and leather.

The composition begins with a spicy accord of cloves and cardamom, giving an aromatic impetus to the further development of the perfume piece.

Christian Dior Leather Oud EDP Spray

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In the center of the composition’s woody chord, the animal note of Oud sounds powerful. It resembles the smell of leather saddles, fire, and hot sand,” shared the perfumer.

With the Christian Dior Leather Oud fragrance, you are guaranteed an exotic journey into an Arabian fairy tale full of fascinating adventures and images.

The enveloping oriental-woody smell will not leave anyone indifferent.

8. BeauFort London 1805 EDP Spray

The young brand Beaufort London, founded in 2015 by Prodigy drummer Leo Crabtree, is inspired by the dark periods of British history, sea tales, and indigo tattoos of his sailor grandfather.

BeauFort London 1805 EDP Spray

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One of the brand’s first perfumes, Beaufort London 1805 for Men is dedicated to England’s memorable 1805 when Admiral Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar, and Sir Francis Beaufort introduced his twelve-point scale for estimating wind speed, subsequently adopted by all the sailors of the world.

Beaufort London 1805 reflects the moments of the historical battle in smells – powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, blood, and brandy, which are cooled by sea spray with subtle citrus nuances. An extraordinarily bold, provocative fragrance, but ultimately unique and intriguing.

Final Consideration

We are sure, that whichever of these intriguing fragrances you choose, they can become your companion for long hours, days, and weeks.

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