7 Best Software Uninstaller for PC & Mac

7 Best Software Uninstaller for PC & Mac in 2020

Microsoft Windows 10 does a pretty good job of removing all the files and junks left by a program when it is uninstalled. However, there will always be bits and pieces left behind. The best solution is to reset your PC, if this option is not available because you do not have the desktop, choose a powerful uninstaller from the list of Best Software Uninstaller for PC & Mac in 2020 to remove unwanted programs and drivers from your Windows PC (10 /8.1/7).

List of Best Software Uninstaller for PC & Mac (Updated 2020)

  • IObit Uninstaller | Free / Pro
  • AppCleaner for Mac | Free
  • Revo Uninstaller
  • BCUninstaller | Open Source
  • Comodo Programs Manager | Free
  • GeekUninstaller | Free / Pro
  • Soft Organizer | Free / Pro

Best Software uninstaller for PC and MAC 2020.

These uninstallers are powerful and are excellent substitutes for Add / Remove Programs in Windows (10 / 8.1 / 7) and offer many features to remove any program, faster and completely from your computer. It can effectively delete unnecessary files, folders, and registry keys and program-related values for free.

  1. iObit Uninstaller | Free / Pro

Powerful uninstaller software with which you can quickly and completely uninstall unwanted programs and plug-ins. Enjoy a safer and cleaner PC without unnecessary residue and extensions. You may notice that your PC becomes slower and slower over time. Some causes are programs that cannot be deleted, unused programs, and remnants of uninstalled programs that accumulate in memory.

IObit Uninstaller Pro can help you completely and quickly uninstall stubborn programs and their residue. Even Windows 10 and Windows 8 apps can be easily removed. Works perfectly with Microsoft Windows 10.


  • Complete and quick uninstall of unwanted programs.
  • Removal of plug-ins and extensions on Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.
  • Easily remove problematic updates from Windows.
  • Completely uninstall the built-in Win 10 and Win 8’s apps from Win 10 & Win 8.
  • Larger real-time database to uninstall more stubborn programs [Pro].
  • Uninstall malicious plug-ins for a safer browser [Pro].
  • Cleaner and faster online experience with the removal of adware [Pro].
  • Auto Clean residue from programs uninstalled by other uninstall software [Pro].
  1. AppCleaner for Mac | Free

AppCleaner is a small application that lets you completely uninstall unwanted software from your Mac. Installing software distributes many files to your system using your hard drive space unnecessarily. AppCleaner finds all of these small files and safely deletes them. Just drop an application on the AppCleaner window. It will find all associated files to delete them by clicking on the delete button.

  1. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a free uninstall tool. It has powerful functions for uninstalling programs that scan files, folders, and registry entries remaining after uninstalling. With its unique ‘Hunter’ mode, it offers you simple, easy to use but effective and powerful approaches to manage, uninstall, stop, remove, disable automatic startup and get information about your software installed or running. Several cleaning tools included!


  • Residue search after the standard uninstall.
  • 8 Additional cleaning tools included.
  • Extended residue search – more advanced analysis algorithms [Pro].
  • Real-time monitoring of system changes – during the installation of programs [Pro].
  • Forced uninstall – remove residues from already uninstalled programs [Pro].
  • Quick/multiple uninstall – quick uninstall of one or more programs [Pro]
  • Use of the logs database – integration with an installation logs database for a better uninstallation [Pro]
  • Multi-level backup system – including full registry backup [Pro]
  1. BCUninstaller | Open Source

BCU (Bulk Crap Uninstaller) is an open-source program uninstall software. It excels in removing a large number of applications with minimal user intervention. It can clean up leftovers, detect orphaned applications, run uninstallers according to pre-established lists, and much more! Even though the BCU was designed for IT pros, by default, it is so simple that anyone can use it effortlessly!

Among all its features, the possibility of automatically uninstalling a large number of software is what defines BCU. For this reason, it is one of the best tools for cleaning up pre-installed or long-running systems, poop programs, malware, and other waste.

Most basic uninstall managers simply omit this functionality. Others ask you to follow the full process or use unsupported uninstall methods. With BCU, you will need to be present only at the start of the process while the uninstallers that cannot be executed quietly are executed.


  • Detection and uninstall of Windows Store applications.
  • Uninstalling multiple software at once (with collision avoidance)
  • Advanced grouping, sorting, filtering, and search.
  • Automatic detection and closing of running applications.
  • Automatic update and error report.
  • Custom commands can be run before and after uninstall.
  • Backup editing and creation tools – can generate .reg files and delete the trash in the trash.
  • Fully portable requires .Net 3.5, which is installed on all Windows 7 machines by default.
  1. Comodo Programs Manager | Free

Comodo Program Manager is a kind of system maintenance tool that allows users to uninstall programs or drivers, repair installations, disable/activate certain Windows functions, and check for Windows updates. For those of you who want to find an alternative to the standard Windows uninstaller, you may want to try it.


  • Completely remove partial uninstalls.
  • Detect and delete unnecessary files.
  • Watch for any changes in your system.
  • Easily manage Windows features.
  • Restore uninstall safely.
  • Support OS: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 / Server2008 – 32 bit and 64 bit
  1. GeekUninstaller | Free / Pro

Superb and surprisingly functional, GeekUninstaller will help you keep your computer clean and organized! Instant start, minimalist user interface, simple but effective. The simple EXE works perfectly under Windows 10/7/8 / XP / Vista 32 and 64 bits. When running on Windows x64, GeekUninstaller runs as a native 64-bit application.


  • Clean Removal, Forced Removal – The standard uninstall tool leaves tons of residue on your PC. GeekUninstaller performs a deep and quick analysis afterward and removes all residues. Keep your PC clean! Use the Forced Delete function for recalcitrant and broken programs.
  • Ultra-fast – Instant start, minimalist, simple but effective.
  • Native X64 support – Works perfectly on Windows (10/7/8/10 / XP / Vista) 32 and 64 bits.
  1. Soft Organizer | Free / Pro

The simple, practical, and not overloaded interface does not distract the user from the installation or uninstall process. Soft Organizer is a powerful uninstaller that looks just like a list of installed programs, where the user only has to select a program and click “Uninstall.” At the same time, the tool offers the full range of capabilities that even programs with much more complex interfaces have.


Search for traces (residues) of the program being uninstalled – Allows you to delete traces of programs that were not followed during installation (thanks to the complete uninstall technology).

Delete Universal Windows Applications – Allows you to delete universal Windows 8/10 applications that have been installed in the Windows store.

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Final Words

  • Wait, there are other Software Uninstaller For Mac and PC  in 2020 as well! Watch this too!
    • Advanced Uninstaller Pro
    • Wise Program Uninstaller
    • Any Uninstaller
    • UninstallView
    • MyInstaller
    • HiBit Uninstaller

Try these powerful uninstallers for free for your Windows 10/8/7 and Mac and let us know which one you are using. They can help you to uninstall a program completely and also to uninstall recalcitrant programs that seem impossible to remove completely.




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