4 Best Song Finder Apps for Android to Identify Songs in 2021

4 Best Song Finder Apps for Android to Identify Songs in 2021 

Best Android Applications to Recognize Songs in 2021

These Song Finder applications that help us identify songs are available for Android & for free. Here are the 4 best Song Finder Apps for Android in 2021. After finding the name and artist of the song, you have several options to listen to. You can listen to the audio on SpotifyGoogle Play Music, or even watch the video on YouTube.

Identify a song that you hear on the radio, television, concerts, discos, or even in videos that you have watched on your mobile from a YouTuber. These applications are characterized by how easily they recognize any audio and search their database.

4 Best Song Finder Apps for Android to Identify Songs in 2021 


1- Shazam

Identify the songs you listen to and you don’t know their name thanks to this application. Also, get them from Google Play Music, add them to your Spotify list and best of all, if you don’t have an internet connection, Shazam saves it and searches for it when you’re already connected to a network.

Download | Google play (Free)


2- SoundHound Music Search + Lyrics:

Search for songs of which you do not know their name, singing them or even humming, thanks to the advanced search option that this application has, you can also see lyrics, broadcast, share or simply find out more about your favorite artist of the moment.

Download | Google play (Free)


3- Snapchat identifies music

In one of its updates, Snapchat brings Shazam integrated into its application. It’s another way to use shazam if you don’t want to download the app and you have a snap account. You just have to press and hold any part of the Snapchat camera screen while you listen to the song and in a few seconds, it will give you the name.

Note: Within the Snapchat settings there is a session called shazam where you will find all the history of the songs found.

Download | Google play (Free)


4. Google App or Google Assistant

It is surprising how fast the results are given by just listening to the song you are trying to identify for a second. “

  • You can sing it, whistle it, or hum it so that the google AI recognizes it.
  • The result appears in the Google search engine with the name of the artist and the title of the song.
  • You will have the lyrics, video, or direct links to listen to in music streaming apps.
  • You can use this function from the Google Assistant app just by asking: “What is this song?”
  • Download: Google App Google App Assistant

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