Best ST Dupont Perfumes For Women

6 Best ST Dupont Perfumes For Women

ST Dupont has been characterized by offering perfumes with solid and rigid aromas, which you can see firsthand in The 6 Best ST Dupont Perfumes for Women.

6 Best ST Dupont Perfumes For Women

When fame has already been achieved, it is much easier to start talking about expanding and taking other paths to become immortal. This is the case with the best brands in the world that you see on any street or even at home, and where ST Dupont has carved a solid and well-made ground.

While it is true that this brand already had a name since 1872, creating artifacts to give way later to travel equipment, it was not until 1998, when the perfume was achieved for the first time, that it paved the way for a more established brand.

1. ST Dupont for Women Eau de Parfum

The perfume that must always be open for the brand regarding knowing its essence, ST Dupont, is a 1998 scent launched within the Chypre Floral olfactory family for women.

ST Dupont for Women Eau de Parfum

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With this aroma, you should be careful since it has a strong fragrance and is full of wood, but indulge yourself with those touches of sweet flowers and fruits that girls like so much.

This has top notes of lemon and melon, heart notes of jasmine and orchid, and a base of rosewood from Brazil. As you can see, it also has moderate longevity and a cumbersome trail, making you feel very determined in the spring.

2. ST Dupont ST Blanc For Women

A unique aroma with many delicacies, Blanc is serene in all its essence, thanks to the fact that it is within the Floral for Women olfactory family. This aroma was launched in 2006.

ST Dupont ST Blanc For Women

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This perfume has a perfect amount of notes that, in the end, endow its aroma with many chords of soft flowers, sweetness, and a lot of fruit, which is why it will have an especially well-enjoyed aroma in the summer.

It contains top notes of white and orange currant and the heart of lily of the valley and tuberose. Besides, it closes with background notes of white amber. Its longevity is short-lived and present, and it has a soft trail.

3. ST Dupont Essence Pure Pour Femme

Unique sensations are experienced once you start using Essence Pure Pour Femme. This perfume is deeply rooted in its Amber Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2002.

ST Dupont Essence Pure Pour Femme

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What most characterizes this perfume is its intense combined aromas, such as wood, earthy, and balsamic, with other spicy scents, such as citrus and floral. It has top notes of bergamot and freesia, a heart of jasmine and rose, and a background of cedar.

Its aroma, which is also a little warm, will be perfect in winter and has moderate longevity and a heavy trail. For this reason, it is a perfume indicated for girls with an iron character.

4. ST Dupont Passenger for Women

The perfume with which you will feel more comfortable and confident with the ST Dupont brand is Passenger for Women, which invites you to travel and beautify yourself. This scent is within the Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2008.

ST Dupont Passenger for Women

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The first thing that stands out from its aroma is that it contains some striking chords of fruit and citrus, which define its scent on a large scale, and at the same time, its freshness makes it so comfortable and destined for a warm summer.

This perfume has a series of top notes of pear and mandarin, a heart of cyclamen and gardenia, and a base of sandalwood and iris. This explains very well this whole aroma context full of citrus and fruits. It also has long-lasting longevity with a consistently moderate trail.

5. ST Dupont Noble Wood

The fact that perfume is made of wood does not mean that it should be so strong that it turns away eyes; on the contrary, Noble Wood is one of the best-defined aromas of ST Dupont for its elegance and is within the Woody Amber olfactory family. For women and was released in 2017.

ST Dupont Noble Wood

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This perfume comprises top notes of amber, wood, and benzoin; in the heart, it has notes of sandalwood and bergamot and some background notes of pink pepper. This is how a very woody and warm aroma settles, which also has slight touches of freshness but nothing to overshadow the first two.

This perfume also has a good and striking presence in autumn and has always had short longevity and a cumbersome trail.

6. ST Dupont So Dupont Eau de Toilette

The brand’s style is reflected in So Dupont, the complete aroma of this company, which is within the olfactory family of Woody Floral Musk for Women and was launched in 2014. This perfume is synonymous with strength, elegance, and prestige.

ST Dupont So Dupont Eau de Toilette

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It has some chords where the floral and fruity stand out, in addition to having those fresh and pink touches where it is evident that it is an aroma for all female tastes. Also, it has top notes of blackberry and pear, and its heart notes are peony and lily of the valley, ending with a background of cedar. So much closer to citrus and floral, it makes it a summer scent and has moderate longevity and a heavy trail.

Final Considerations

These six best ST Dupont perfumes in your room will give you greater prestige. In addition to the fact that you will be able to feel at ease thanks to their ways of understanding life, do not lose this freedom that only these fragrances know how to give.

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