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7 Best Tactical Watches in 2022

Best Tactical Watches. If you are looking for military smartwatches, don’t miss out on knowing the best tactical smartwatch. A military watch which is also referred to tactical smartwatch is designed to last in the most extreme conditions possible. And we are not referring only to low temperatures or immersion situations, but also to tactical functions (coordinates, map exploration, routes, etc.) that are normally applied by members of the army or the police.

A compilation of the best tactical smartwatches on amazon, with high durability and very functional. If you are a police officer, a member of the military, or a security lover, we help you find the most appropriate tactical watch for your tastes.


What is a tactical or military smartwatch?

Although there is no official definition of what exactly a tactical watch is, we must say that it is a very durable and resistant multifunctional device with a wide variety of features focused on outdoor activities and survival.

These are watches that we could see on the wrists of soldiers, policemen, and those who practice extreme sports or fans of outdoor activities, such as hiking or mountaineering. They are watches that withstand the most extreme situations and include all kinds of sensors focused on this aspect: compass, flashlight, stopwatches, temperature, pressure, depth sensors, GPS, topographic maps, tactical activity profiles, and other features.

However, there are more and more people who are not necessarily soldiers or members of security teams who are interested in these types of ultra-rugged and durable smartwatches. Anyway, those who seek it most are hikers, mountaineers, hunters, military, police, or people who work in the field of private security. Thanks to the fact that they have increasingly modern and elegant designs, they have also become watches that we usually see on anyone today.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many tactical watches on the market, especially from companies such as Casio, Luminox, Timex, Breitling, and others, but this article is only going to be dedicated to tactical smartwatches, since they offer many more functions in compared to conventional tactical watches, although their prices are usually higher and they also have less autonomy.

7 Best Tactical & Military Watches 2022


  1. Garmin Tactix Delta Tactical Watch

What better way to start this list with a Garmin tactical smartwatch like the Tactix Delta. This smartwatch has an extensive catalog of advanced features and technical specifications focused on sports and activity tracking.

Featuring a high-quality design built to military standards (MIL-STD-810), making it resistant to extreme conditions and ideal for adventurers and hikers, and specific tactical features such as night vision compatibility and other useful features For field operations, the Garmin Tactix Delta is one of the most exciting options on the market today for military and tactical use.

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With JumMaster mode, it calculates high-altitude launch points according to military guidelines and helps you target your target once you’ve jumped. Plus, it comes with a dual-position format that easily syncs your location with others by displaying the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) on the same screen.

The smartwatch also comes with a stealth mode feature, which is used to stop storing and sharing your GPS position, as well as to deactivate wireless connectivity and communication, and can set and save remote geographical positions to use later for navigation. thanks to the projection of intermediate points.

The smartwatch has a lot of other functions that are dedicated to the tactical and military. It also comes with a heart rate sensor, 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistance, 32 GB of storage space, energy monitor, timer, sleep quality, hydration, feminine functions, integrated HPS with GLONASS and A-GPS, barometric altimeter, and compass, in addition to offering connectivity options such as Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and NFC for contactless payments through Garmin Pay.

The autonomy of this watch in smartwatch mode is up to 21 days, while in power saving mode it can be extended to 80 days.

Garmin Tactix Delta Sensors and Key Features:

  • Topographic maps
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sensor for the measurement of oxygen level in the blood
  • Digital compass
  • Water resistance to depths of 100 meters
  • Night vision mode
  • Autonomy of up to 80 days
  • Training monitoring (running, cycling, swimming, golf, etc.)
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Recovery and stress

The Tactix Delta is undoubtedly one of the best Tactical smartwatches of 2021 at the moment with a multitude of functions for the most demanding. However, its main disadvantage is once again its high price.


2. Garmin Instinct Rugged Tactical Watch

The Garmin Instinct has been on the market for a short time and could not be missing from our list, as it is a smartwatch designed for outdoor activities and offers military-grade protection. In short, the Garmin Instinct is a cheap version of the Fenix ​​5 Plus, since it does not have music, a color screen, or Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it boasts 810G military-grade protection, water resistance to depths of 100 meters, GPS, support for GPX routes, and a range of up to 14 days.

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Garmin Instinct Sensors and Key Features:

  • 2-inch monochrome screen
  • GPS + Glonass + Galileo
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Multiple training modes
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Support for tactical activities
  • Point-to-point navigation and support for GPX routes

In short, the Garmin Instinct does not have a color screen or as many functions as the Tactix Charlie, but it is still a very robust tactical smartwatch with a multitude of useful functions for fans of hiking, mountaineering, or extreme sports.


3. Garmin D2 Delta Aviation Tactical Watch

Garmin’s new collection of D2 Delta aviation smartwatches arrives to replace the previous D2 Charlie and Bravo. However, it takes many functions from the previous generation, but also adds new features, such as a pulse oximetry acclimatization sensor in the D2 Delta PX model, which is used to view oxygen saturation levels in the blood.

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Besides, the new Garmin D2 Delta also has support for wireless payments via Garmin Pay, music storage, and wireless connectivity with different products of the company for this sector.

Garmin D2 Delta Main Features and Sensors:

  • Support for storage of up to 500 songs and music playback from  Deezer
  • GPS and GLONASS module
  • Thermometer + Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Barometric Altimeter + Compass
  • Garmin Pay payment system
  • Customizable atmospheric pressure notifications
  • Alerts for fuel tank change during flight
  • Route deviation alerts
  • Support for the Garmin Pilot app and the GTN 650/720 and G1000 NXi series of devices
  • Monitoring of multiple sports (running, cycling, golf, skiing, workouts)
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters deep
  • Message and text call notifications and the ability to reply to messages
  • Global Aviation Database
  • Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor
  • All models can receive information from compatible devices about altitude, airspeed, external temperature, GPS position, and much more.
  • Autonomy of up to 18 hours in GPS mode.

The Garmin D2 Delta is undoubtedly a great choice for pilots or aviation enthusiasts, as it has specific functions for this sector. It even has a version for women who fly planes in a rose gold color.


4. Suunto Traverse Sapphire Black Tactical Watch

The Suunto Traverse is one of the cheapest military tactical smartwatches available today. This smartwatch comes with GPS and GLONASS to offer accurate map and position metrics. At the same time, it makes available a lot of functions for monitoring activity, sport, and health.

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The smartwatch, like all tactical and military, is highly resistant, so it can be carried on adventures and unpleasant conditions thanks to the MIL-STD-810G military-grade certificate that it boasts. It is also an excellent option for outdoors with a sapphire lens and versatile navigation functions for hiking and trekking.

Suunto Traverse Sapphire Black sensors and main features:

  • Heat maps
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Digital compass
  • Water resistance to depths of 100 meters
  • Training monitoring
  • Full features of Suunto Traverse Sapphire Black

Suunto TRAVERSE Sapphire Black, Outdoor GPS watch for hiking and trekking, Up to 100 h battery life, Submersible, Graphite gray, SS022226000


5. Suunto Traverse Alpha Tactical Watch

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is another ideal tactical smartwatch for fans of hiking, fishing, or hunting. This smartwatch also has a multitude of weather functions, support for activity monitoring, and route exploration.

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Suunto Traverse Alpha main features:

  • Hiking, Fishing and Hunting modes
  • Sunrise/sunset times and alerts
  • Specific POI types for fishing and hunting
  • Moon phases and moonrise/moonset times
  • Automatic trigger detection
  • Red backlight compatible with night vision goggles
  • GPS and GLONASS for route navigation and POIs
  • Real-time view of the track followed by the recorded navigation route
  • Track speed, distance, and altitude
  • Support for Suunto Movescount heat maps
  • Route planning
  • Submersible up to 100 meters
  • Alti / Baro profile
  • Weather forecast and storm warning
  • Compass
  • A backlight in flashlight mode
  • Vibration alarm
  • GPS updated time
  • Track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity of steps and calorie count
  • Mobile notifications
  • Autonomy of up to 14 days

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is a very robust and durable tactical smartwatch that should not be missing in any fishing or hiking fan’s bag.


6. Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition Tactical Watch

The tactical edition of the Garmin Instinct Solar cannot be missing from this collection, without a doubt, being a high-performance smartwatch for adventurers and those who want to enjoy one of the best autonomies.

In itself, this watch is capable of lasting up to 56 days of use with the energy-saving mode activated and an unlimited time if it is operated with solar charging.

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Of course, being a tactical smartwatch it comes equipped with a lot of functions, among which the GPS stands out, which in this case is powered by GLONASS and Galileo for greater precision when collecting positioning data and maps. Also not to be overlooked is that it comes with a heart rate monitor, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, and blood oxygen meter (VO2max).

The Garmin Instinct Solar: Tactical Edition has sleep quality measurement functions and activity and sports tracking, so it provides a counter of calories burned, stress monitor, distance traveled, steps taken, among other data of great interest.

In turn, it has 10 ATM water resistance and comes with Running, Swimming, Outdoor Leisure, and Cycling functions, for both adventurers and athletes. Also, its screen is reinforced with a Power Glass for durability, while the polymer body of the watch is coated with fiber to be resistant to everything.

Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition Key Features and Sensors

  • Screen reinforced with glass Power Glass and resolution of 128 x 128p
  • GPS + GLONASS + Galileo
  • 10 ATM water resistance (100 meters)
  • Multiple activity tracking features
  • Sports and modes such as swimming, cycling, running, outdoor leisure, and more
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Stress and sleep monitor
  • VO2max meter
  • Unlimited battery life with solar charging function activated
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Garmin Instinct Tactical Solar, Rugged Solar Charged GPS Watch – Black


7. Casio Pro Trek Touchscreen Tactical Watch

Casio’s Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR is another tactical smartwatch that is currently listed as one of the best, and not for nothing as it has a lot to offer. To begin with, its design adapts to adventure and vacation conditions, something that is mainly supported by the functions and features it offers, in which we find a GPS module with GLONASS and MICHIBIKI (QZSS) to obtain precise positioning metrics, MIL-STD-810G military-grade resistance that makes it resistant to any type of condition, and all the ones we list below.

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Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR Main Features and Sensors:

  • 32-inch dual-layer color touch screen (color TFT panel and black and white LCD panel for battery saving
  • Maps
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • MIL-STD-810G Military Grade Resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Compass,
  • Barometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyrometer



We hope this review has helped you find the tactical smartwatch you were looking for. You must remember that when it comes to a tactical device, we must think about its resistance capacity and the number of functions for the activities that we are doing normally. But we are sure that, whether you are a military man, a police officer, or a lover of outdoor sports, you will find a model tailored to your needs.

On the other hand, as you have seen in the list of functions, Garmin smartwatches are the most complete on the market by offering sports monitoring and many other additional functions apart from support for tactical activities. This is why our list includes so many models of this brand.


Tips for Maintaining a Tactical Smartwatch

The maintenance of tactical watches is very important even though these devices are excellent and provide us with a great variety of benefits. If we want to keep it working optimally over many years, we must take into account the following aspects:

You don’t need to immerse them in water to clean them: Many people believe that because these are watches with high water resistance, to clean them properly we must immerse them in water, this is completely wrong. Each model has its maintenance and cleaning method that is specified in the instructions, and the guidelines indicated by each manufacturer must be followed.

Clean it frequently: When we use our tactical watch a lot, it is inevitable that we sweat and get dirty, especially if we go through places with a lot of dust, mud, etc. To clean it, all you have to do is brush your teeth or Gently brush your nails on all sides of the watch, especially around the edges and on the back.

Take it to certified sites: When you buy your watch or tactical smartwatch they will inform you about where you can take them to perform deep maintenance with an official guarantee. Almost all the big brands have collaborators, authorized distributors, or specialized workshops that can recommend you to take the watches to have a battery change, a cleaning, or to have the waterproof seals checked.


Things to keep in mind when buying a tactical smartwatch

Some functionalities are very important to be able to consider a smartwatch as tactical or military.

Design and materials

These watches or smartwatches are specifically designed for tactical and military activities, but also hiking, hunting, and various outdoor sports. They usually have very dark, non-reflective tones and their materials are robust and durable. The design and size of the watch can significantly affect the comfort of users, especially if they are not used to them.

They can be very large and heavy watches. For this reason, our advice is that when buying a smartwatch or tactical watch, also take into account the size of your wrist since sometimes the cases of these devices exceed 50 mm diagonally.

Regarding their materials, it must be said that tactical watches usually include stainless steel, titanium, or resin cases. Besides, their straps are usually made of silicone or other plastic or textile components. They are much more comfortable to wear and provide excellent durability.

Finally, we advise you not to choose models with metal or leather straps, because although they provide elegant designs, metal straps are not as resistant as they seem.



You must know that these watches are specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, which is why they are very resistant. Many of them are made of titanium or resin, so it is very unlikely that they will suffer any significant damage. Some people can flaunt a tactical watch or smartwatch without problems for years.



Water resistance is almost a given in tactical watches. Well, most support dives of at least 100 meters deep, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to swim, cross rivers, or even get caught in a storm, you should not worry about getting your smartwatch wet.



When you’re out in the open or in extreme situations, the watch’s battery is the last thing you want to worry about. The device you choose must have long battery life and excellent performance. Over time, the watch should not lose its accuracy due to poor batteries.

Many people now choose solar-powered tactical watches, as they usually provide months of autonomy on a single charge, and sometimes they can even be recharged through artificial light.

On the other hand, it must also be taken into account that a tactical smartwatch will last much less than a conventional tactical watch since smartwatches also incorporate additional screens, sensors, maps, and other functions that could drain the battery quickly.


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