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10 Best Thermal Cameras in 2020 For Android and iOS

Best Thermal Cameras in 2020

10 Best Thermal Cameras in 2020 For Android and iOS

Now you can detect a fault with your heating. Finding air leaks is easy for everyone. You have the means to check if the ventilation is adequate. All this, thanks to thermal imaging, accessible at a reasonable price, depending on the model. The thermal imager has become an indispensable element for checking any anomalies, especially in the most hidden parts of a system. These Best Thermal Cameras in 2020 will do the job for you which we are going to mention below.

List of 10 Best Thermal Cameras For Android and iOS in 2020

  1. Flir One Personal Thermal Camera for Android

This FLIR One for Android is worth exploring if you’re looking for where to buy the best thermal imager cameras for Android or iOS, to see where your eyes can’t.

Thanks to the adjustable One Fit connector, this device adapts to your Smartphone. A USB-C connector is available, depending on the specifications of your phone.

The Flir One app shows you how to use the captured images, and how to share them, as needed. This thermal camera is equipped with MSX technology, which provides explicit photos.

Whether in bright light or the dark, this device detects temperature differences. Locating air or heat leaks becomes a child’s play.

Placed outside, this camera captures the slightest movement around your home. Suspicious movements will not escape him. This device is easy to use.

  1. Seek Thermal Compact XR Thermal Camera

This compact model provides clear images. If you are still unsure of which thermal camera to choose, this one might meet your expectations. Whether in broad daylight or in the dark where you can’t make out anything, this device will show you hot spots up to 300m away, as if you were close by.

It is capable of displaying temperatures from -40 ° C to 330 ° C, using 32,000 individual pixels. This model comes with a waterproof case, which protects it from the elements. It is of multiple uses. It is suitable for electricians to detect anomalies in circuits and cables.

Its long-distance capability keeps you out of harm’s way when needed. It is suitable for seeing an intruder from a distance. It is a camera intended to be connected to a Smartphone without resorting to the use of an adapter. Its compact shape makes it easy to handle, even on the move.

  1. Victure 20MP Surveillance Hunting Camera (Hunting thermal camera)

To know how to choose the best thermal cameras of 2020, you must first understand your needs. This Victure model is characterized by its waterproofness. It is moisture-resistant and suitable for hunting. This gives you the freedom to place it anywhere.

Day and night, it will capture unprecedented images of wild animals, with a high resolution of 1080p HD and 20 Mp. In addition to the pictures, you will have the corresponding sounds. Equipped with 38 non-illuminated LEDs, this device gives you crisp images in the dark.

Its capacity of 3 continuous shots makes it possible to capture the most unexpected gestures, in the world of animals, with a trigger of 0.3 s.

It has a luminous keyboard that can be operated in the dark. So you don’t need additional lighting. However, you need an SD card to keep the images and a rechargeable battery for power.

  1. Flir Monocular Thermal Vision Scout Tk

Flir is probably the best brand of thermal imaging cameras in 2020. This lightweight and portable model is made for all trips, all seasons. Moreover, it is robust and easy to handle, even with one hand. A single button controls the capture of images and videos.

A rechargeable battery with 5 hours of autonomy provides power. This gives you plenty of time to capture all the images you need during an incident. This device can detect human or animal heat up to 90 m away.

This camera also serves as a telescope. Just bring it up to your eyes, and it will show you what you need to see, even in the dark.

It is suitable for hunting because it helps you track wild animals. It is useful for monitoring the surroundings of your home. You will easily detect any intrusion attempt to prevent them.

  1. Flir 72003-0303 C3 Compact Thermal Camera

In this comparison, we offer you this article equipped with Wifi connectivity. It is possible to transfer images directly. MSX technology enables this device to produce precise details to discern exactly the problem. Its compact shape and lightweight make this camera a pocket model that is easily transported.

It works through a radiometric image that keeps up to 4800 pixels to detect temperatures from 14 ° F to 302 ° F. This device contains a built-in LED spotlight which acts as a flash, as it illuminates the target and also acts as a flashlight.

It is a thermal camera intended for professional use, thanks to its precision. It is reliable for carrying out a conformity check of electrical installations, or for detecting any other problem on a site. The existence of a touch screen facilitates its handling.

  1. Seek Thermal Compact Thermal Camera

This inexpensive camera from Seek Thermal is intended to be connected to a Smartphone. Portable model, it is very precise. It keeps more than 32,000 individual pixels to detect temperatures from -40 ° C to 330 ° C. Its effectiveness is valid up to a distance of 160 m.

A waterproof case accompanies it to protect it from any external aggression. This device shows you the heat points in bright daylight and the dark, thanks to its infrared radiation at 7.2 wavelengths.

Seek Thermal Compact is an important tool for detecting air or heat leaks. It allows you to detect the causes of the losses which increase your energy expenditure.

It is also used in the search for anomalies in a pipe. Seek Thermal Compact is compatible with phones that have a USB-C port. To fully benefit from all the features of this device, it is necessary to download the Seek Thermal application.

  1. Seek Thermal, thermal research Compactxr Extended Range

This compact camera from Seek Thermal is for iPhone only. Still, it is also suitable for Android 4.3 smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, (2), Motorola Moto X (1st and 2nd generation), and Motorola Moto G. If you are looking for the model that suits you, you will have to compare those offered by the manufacturers.

Possessing a magnesium body with a chalcogenide lens, this device has a field of view of 36 °. A 12μ Pixel pitch thermal sensor can detect heat from -40 ° F to 626 ° F, and assess the efficiency of a building’s insulation.

Its weight of 104 g makes this model a portable device par excellence. Its ultra-reduced form confirms this. Moreover, a waterproof case serves as protection. You can easily integrate it into your business.

  1. Seek Thermal UW-EAA Compact Thermal Camera

The most efficient device is the one that meets your expectations. This Seek Thermal thermal camera connects to your phone through a micro USB port.

It stores 32,000-pixel data to provide images with a resolution of 206 x 156. With a 36 ° field of view, it detects temperatures between -40 ° C and 330 ° C.

Regardless of the light, this device does its job. Even in total darkness, it retains its performance, thanks to infrared radiation at long wavelengths 7.2 – 13 Microns. Equipped with a chalcogenide lens and a magnesium case, this model has a waterproof case that protects it from shocks and bad weather.

It is suitable for individuals and professionals alike to check insulation, to detect the origin of water leaks, and to discover energy losses. It is a delight for electricians to check the conformity of cables. With this material, pets cannot get lost.


  1. Hti-Xintai Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

If you want the best thermal imager cameras in 2020, take some time to evaluate this one. Ultralight model, with 44.8 g of weight, it is equipped with advanced infrared technology. It delivers accurate, real-time photos and videos. It is an effective device for detecting energy losses, heat points, anomalies in electrical circuits.

This equipment is distinguished above all by its ability to identify what is normal and what is not. It shows you the existing differences, compared to the regulatory limits of each system.

Getting started is easy, plug-and-play, as you only need to connect this device to your Smartphone using a USB port. It is compatible with all Android operating systems.

By default, it has an infrared resolution of 384 x 288. The settings are simple to give you the precision you want, depending on the target. Instant capture, even on the go, is possible.

  1. Flir One Pro Personal Thermal Camera for iOS

This new Flir One Pro model deserves a consideration to find which is one the best thermal cameras in 2020 on the market. Intended for professionals, this device is exact, with a horizontal field of view of 55 ° ± 1 ° and a vertical field of 43 ° ± 1 °.

Night and day have no difference, because it is an operational camera in bright light, as in the dark. Seeing what is going on in great detail, becomes a child’s play. This will allow you to detect any anomalies, whether around your home or in the smallest circuits in your car.

Thanks to the free Flir One application, you will benefit from advice, in real-time, to make the most of the features of this device.

Having a thermal resolution of 160 x 120, it is a camera designed for iOS. There is no room for error with this device. It is suitable for demanding users.


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