Best Valentine's Day 2021 Gift Ideas for the Woman in your Life

6 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

If you are looking for gifts for women this Valentine’s Day we have put together the ultimate gift ideas for you.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is looking to give surprise gifts to their partners.

The Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her concocted by the team include ideas for all tastes and prices, but one thing is certain: she will put a smile on the face of your better half.

Origin of Valentine’s Day

We must travel back to the middle of the third century, to the reign of Emperor Claudius II the Gothic, in order to look into the origins of Valentine.

During this period, Christians were obliged to practice their faith covertly due to fresh persecutions that were taking place across the empire.

This is the moment when Valentine of Rome shows up. Reports diverge regarding his line of work. There are those who claim he was a physician who underwent priestly ordination, while others identify him as the bishop of Terni, a city in the Umbrian region.

One thing is for sure: Valentin was renowned for his audacity in secretly marrying young Christian couples—typically in abandoned grottoes or dungeons.

Valentine was jailed on suspicion of damaging the army’s morale after being found out by the emperor’s troops. This was because many of the couples he married were Roman legionnaires, who believed that love diminished their ability to fight.

Thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem “The Parliament of Birds,” Valentine’s Day evolved into a romantic celebration for gift-giving more than a millennium later.

The tradition persisted and grew stronger, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, especially in the United States thanks to Esther A. Howland, who popularized the use of well-wishes in greeting cards.

While Saint Valentine was officially removed from the ecclesiastical calendar by the Second Vatican Council in 1969 due to the fact that its historical existence could not be 100% guaranteed, thousands of churches and parishes still celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day annually.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

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We present a small selection of original Valentine’s gifts for men and women. Surprise your partner with an original socks kit presented in an original pizza box, a beard care kit, a makeup bag, a romantic getaway, and much more!

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the star gifts for Valentine’s Day. Since it is a special occasion, there are many who take advantage of the party to propose marriage, so engagement rings are products in very high demand. Gold bracelets, chokers, and watches are also a safe bet.

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2. Perfumes

We must not forget the perfumes, the other great protagonists of the celebration. It is a very personal gift that shows to what extent we trust the person we love most, so it is essential to be clear about her tastes and preferences.

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3. Sweets and Chocolates

Chocolate, both as a token of love and as a sign of friendship, is another of Valentine’s timeless classics. You can pull from assortments of well-known brands or opt for a more original detail and order personalized chocolates, a choice that is increasingly in vogue among the youngest.

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4. Technological Gifts

Of course, as in any other date in which gifts have a leading role, technology is essential. Tablets, laptops, e-readers, and smartphones, among many others, usually offer juicy discounts to surprise the couple with the latest market news.

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5. Sexy Gifts

The sexy point of the party with the most daring lingerie cannot be missing either. Lace outfits in passionate red tones have become another of the hallmarks of Valentine’s Day, either as a gift or to surprise after a romantic dinner.

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6. Original Gifts

The most daring and less traditional, opt for original and fun gifts on Valentine’s Day, which are becoming more and more important, such as mugs with fun messages, a kit to make craft beer in the case of original gifts for men, a kit to be happy as a partridge.

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