Best Vanilla Women Perfumes

9 Best Vanilla Perfumes For Women

Vanilla is a spice from the orchid botanical family, native to Central America, that has been a star ingredient in perfume-making for a long time. It is also important to mention that the vanilla notes of the fragrance will take on a peculiar character according to the associated components. With this in mind, we present the 9 Best Vanilla Perfumes for Women.

The reasons for this are pretty varied, from the relaxing and antidepressant properties of its aroma, through the balance it can give to bitter and sharp olfactory notes, to the more excellent durability of the scent thanks to its heavy molecules.

9 Best Vanilla Perfumes For Women

1. Hypnotic Poison by Dior

Hypnotic Poison by Dior

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With its red and rounded container, it bears a specific reminiscence of the forbidden fruit, the apple. No wonder this perfume launched on the market in 1998 directly reminds us of Snow White, that sweet girl who, under the temptation of taking a bite of the fruit, falls into a deep sleep under the “hypnotic potion.”

And it is that with some top notes of apricot, coconut, and plum, a floral heart, and its base of vanilla, almond, and wood, this fragrance will make everyone fall in love with its mixture of innocence and sensuality that seems to have just come out of a fairy tale.

Its trail is moderate. However, its longevity is very high. It comes in 30 to 150-ml presentations, is versatile, and can be used in office environments and on special occasions. However, it must be considered that it could be a bit strong for the first hours of the morning and the hottest days of summer.

2. Olympea by Paco Rabanne

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne

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This perfume, launched in 2015, directly reminds us of the mythical women of Greco-Roman mythology. Those same ones exercised power over men in such a way that it was worth losing one’s life or any kingdom to gain their love.

This fragrance is designed for modern Helena de Troya and will make you the centre of attention. Its secret combines a floral-vanilla heart with slight hints of citrus at the beginning and an amber base that gives it a certain weight that is not excessive.

It is relatively long-lived, and its trail ranges from moderate to heavy, so more than one will turn its head as you walk. It also has versatility in terms of its use. However, it can be very intense in sweltering climates for the first hours of the day. That is why it is recommended to use caution under these conditions, as it is more suitable for temperate climates and at night. However, it can also play a charming role in corporate environments.

3. Gaultier 2 by Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier 2 by Jean Paul Gaultier

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This unisex perfume, launched in 2005, is versatile but still complicated. Although it is a vanilla fragrance, it does not turn out to be the classic sweet with a tendency toward innocence and simplicity. On the contrary, Gaultier 2 refers directly to human sexuality and animality, to the fusion of two bodies into one.

Its minimalist bottle reflects the essence of its content quite well because, although it is very sensual and even sexual, it does not seek aphrodisiac paraphernalia but instead opts for the naturalness of sex and skin in its most primitive state.

It combines amber, musk, and vanilla with quite masculine outlets, an effeminate heart, and a base where these opposite characters meet again. It has a robust and long-lived trail, entirely appropriate for night hours and special occasions since it can be very intense in sunny climates for the first hours of the day.

4. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

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Warm, spicy, and with a somewhat spicy touch, this is one of the best-selling perfumes worldwide. Launched on the market in 2014, it belongs to the Oriental-vanilla olfactory family. It is characterized by top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear, a heart where coffee is the protagonist, and the base notes of vanilla, cedar, and patchouli.

Its trail is robust and has high longevity, making it ideal for nighttime and intense and classic women. If you are one of those people who knows well what they want from the world but who is not willing to give up their femininity for that reason, this is the most suitable perfume for you.

5. Coconut Passion from Victoria’s Secret

Coconut Passion from Victoria's Secret

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At Victoria’s Secret, they understand contemporary feminine tastes very well. That’s why they bring this vanilla perfume from the Floral-Fruity gourmand olfactory family that will delight all your senses.

Its unique aroma ingredients are its coconut leaves, the heart of lilies, and the vanilla base. Being a combination with which you will awaken the most fundamental instincts from a fresh and carefree perspective. Its character is undoubtedly sweet, but at the same time, it has a touch of freshness that will not only immediately put you in an active mood but make you irresistible and almost edible for more than one.

It is ideal for any occasion and behaves well in all climates, although it can be preferred for warm environments and not very formal nights out. Its trail and longevity are moderate, ideal for daily use and an extensive age range.

6. Far Away by Avon

Far Away by Avon

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This fragrance from the Oriental-Floral olfactory family will transport you to another world. Its ultra-feminine aroma mainly comprises ylang-ylang, orange, coconut, and peach. In its top notes, it has a distinctly floral heart and a base of vanilla, musk, and amber that will set the imagination of many to fly.

Its container has oval lines, a rounded cap, and a black cord tassel that perfectly matches its classic and seductive feminine character in the Moulin Rouge styleThere is one thing for sure: by wearing this perfume, you will inevitably be the centre of attention.

Its wake has character, but it is not very heavy. It has moderate to high durability on the skin, making it ideal for nightwear and special occasions, but it can certainly be intense for daytime and scorching climates.

7. Between Us by One Direction

Between Us by One Direction

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Vitality and fresh femininity are what you will achieve with this fragrance from the Oriental-Floral olfactory family, launched in 2015. Its fruity top notes with a touch of nutmeg are combined with a heart of white flowers such as freesia, jasmine, and gardenia and a base of vanilla, patchouli, and amber.

It is ideal for daily use and appropriate for any time of the day, although it can be mild for nighttime and more formal events. This is based on the fact that this perfume is mainly aimed at a relatively young audience, so it tends somewhat to the aroma that, although light and modern, surprises for having excellent longevity and a trail with character.

8. Amour by Kenzo

Amour by Kenzo

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Last but not least, this floral fragrance was launched in 2006. Amour tends to be the combination of sweetness, femininity, and freshness that gives the purest and most youthful love.

Its design is inspired by Karim Rashid’s sculpture of the bird in Brancusi Space, conveying that feeling of beauty that was born to be free. Its top notes of white tea and rice combine deliciously with a floral heart and a vanilla, musky, and woody base.

It has a particular character but is not very robust; its scent is moderate, and it has good durability on the skin. Given its characteristics, it is ideal for all types of climates, any season of the year, and a broad age group of users.

9. Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

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This fragrance, launched in 2005 from the Oriental-Floral family, is on this list thanks to its base notes, in which vanilla has excellent weight, giving it its durability and characteristic sweetness.

However, citrus and floral top notes and a heart with particular emphasis on white flowers add softness and freshness, thus creating a point of balance that will become an obsession for those who smell it.

Because all Calvin Klein perfume lines know well how to bring out the sexiest side from the classic and organic, Obsession Night is ideal for people who like scents that are not so defined and relatively light but without needing to be flat.

Its formula is designed for night use and special occasions where you want mystery and femininity to be your hallmark. However, being relatively soft, it can ideally be used in corporate environments without becoming excessively intense.


The 9 Best Vanilla perfumes for women are excellent options for those women who love and enjoy the aroma of vanilla. In popular culture, many aphrodisiacs and even magical-religious properties have been attributed to vanilla.

Still, regardless of the multiple causes that may motivate perfume houses to use vanilla, there is something specific: it enjoys excellent acceptance. It has a wide-ranging audience, so it’s no wonder it’s popular.

But in the same way, it is shown that the presence of vanilla can have a broad spectrum in the world of perfumes; it does not necessarily have to be the classic sweetish smell so characteristic of the spice, but depending on the combination, it can be adapted to the different tastes and types of women that exist.

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