Best Victoria's Secret Perfumes For Women

20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women

Who is unaware of Victoria’s Secret’s name? One of the most well-known brands in the world, it has attained the heights of recognition it has today because it strikes the ideal balance between mystery and sensuality, making every woman feel like she belongs.

You need an article that features the top fragrances from its enormous selection in order to handle all of that. The 20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women is where you may locate them. Get ready to be stunned by these wonderful scents.

20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women

1. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret

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We now present Bombshell number two, a perfume that will turn any man into a walking attraction with its understated sexiness. Because they have more alluring notes on an olfactory level, they were able to produce a perfume with these qualities, making them continue to admire you.

Adriana Mediana and Mark Knitkowski, the designers, did a fantastic job. They identified the heart notes of jasmine, red fruits, and lily of the valley, as well as the top notes of orange with tangerine, grapefruit, and pineapple. Musks and oakmoss cover the valleys and those beneath.

2. Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret

Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret

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incredibly seductive perfume that’s meant to surprise your significant other or make the perfect date night. It’s a wonderful scent that will leave you feeling like the cherry on top.

This includes the ability to perceive, which not many offer. The ideal scent for those moments when you want to look edgy and, most importantly, seductive—just what the scent suggests. It doesn’t get any better than this; to give you an idea, it has notes of orchid, clementine, and blackberry.

3. Noir Tease by Victoria’s Secret

Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret

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Noir Tease is a very sweet and very seductive perfume in all of its aspects. It is made to dazzle, but without becoming too sexist, on the contrary, it highlights the main feminine attributes without falling into vulgarity.

This perfume also has a strong floral influence, allowing it to be always at the forefront. It has top notes of pear, tangerine, lychee, and apple, the heart notes are gardenia, pear, jasmine, freesia, and magnolia, and the base notes are vanilla, and benzoin, musk, amber, and sandalwood.

4. Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret

Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria's Secret

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This well-known brand’s Heavenly Eau de Parfum was chosen as one of the best-chosen scents across its whole collection because romanticism and sentiments of greater nobility characterize the majority of the fragrance’s composition.

Because this perfume was created especially for those special times when you have to wear your finest, you should use caution when using it. White musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and peony are the notes present here.

5. Crush by Victoria’s Secret

Crush by Victoria's Secret

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The fifth on our list is Victoria’s Secret Crush, which draws a lot of attention from onlookers. There’s usually a lot of energy mixed with a playful aroma.

This is designed for enthusiastic ladies who are eager to take on the challenges of the modern world, especially the workplace. Its notes include peony, pink pepper, and Ashoka flower, to name a few. Your body will feel incredibly energetic as a result, and everything will seem quite rejuvenating.

6. Love Star by Victoria’s Secret

Love Star by Victoria's Secret

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This Victoria’s Secret perfume, which has been ranked highly because it contains a base that enhances your appearance, is called Love Star.

A range of scents that are precisely balanced to provide a strong exterior perception supply this foundation. This Love Star is a really unusual scent that only allows for amazing sensations because of its top notes of apple, white lily heart, and rum base. Being in the oriental floral direction makes you one of the greatest scents ever made.

7. Love Me More by Victoria’s Secret

Love Me More by Victoria's Secret

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We’ve come to a special area meant for the most passionate wants because we need to talk about Victoria’s Secret’s “Love Me More.” Such a perfume can only evoke feelings of coziness and, conversely, a feminine warmth that very few people are able to impart.

Save this scent for your partner’s most private times; it’s named to arouse the strongest urges. Grapefruit top notes, cinnamon heart notes, and amber bottom notes are present. With just three scents, it is capable of sending you to another universe.

8. Bombshell New York by Victoria’s Secret

Bombshell New York by Victoria's Secret

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The article features a return fragrance from the Bombshell series: Bombshell New York. When you wear this perfume, people will be quite curious to find out exactly what you’re wearing because it is marketed as a rather dark wager.

First of all, it should be noted that Bombshell New York is seen as a daring venture, which may have contributed to its popularity. It smells of Madagascar vanilla, carambola, and jasmine. When you utilized this combination, you felt extremely daring and yearned to devour the world and place it at your feet.

9. Intense by Victoria’s Secret

Intense by Victoria's Secret

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One of Victoria’s Secret’s most well-suited fragrances is Intense, which manages to stay extremely sober without bothering anyone in a tiny space, even with its extraordinary intensity and wide range of durability.

In the same way, this scent skillfully blends vanilla and oriental components. Saffron and plums are the top notes, flowers and apples are the middle notes, while coconut, salt, and chamois are the base notes.

10. Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret

Fabulous by Victoria's Secret

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The best way to describe this scent is amazing; it seems to elevate everything it comes into contact with to a flawless state. Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret is heavily influenced by the finest fragrance selections, so you can always wear a perfume with pride that not only looks amazing but also has a mild scent.

Gooseberry, violet leaves, and mandarin are some of its top notes. Australian sandalwood, musk, and vanilla are in the background, while osmanthus, lily, and jasmine are in the center.

11. Angel by Victoria’s Secret

Angel by Victoria's Secret

Now, we present Angel, an excellently regarded perfume from Victoria’s Secret, because it is one of the sexiest, yet most elegant, blending the two worlds so opposite that they also took it upon themselves to include a fragrance that doesn’t affect too much, but doesn’t boring too.

This perfume launched in 2011 has top notes of pink pepper and plum, in addition to the heart notes of gardenia and violet, and the base notes are amber grey. Without a doubt a very interesting perfume.

12. Eau So Sexy by Victoria’s Secret

Eau So Sexy by Victoria's Secret

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You’ll look like the most beautiful woman on the globe wearing this scent, which is a fantastic peak of shine. This scent is really strong and isn’t for timid people; all that can be detected in each body spray is the sensuality that lets you shine everywhere.

Let’s talk about your notes as well. They are primarily made up of floral components, such as whipped cream, apple, and bergamot.

13. Love Spell Cherry Blossom & Peach by Victoria’s Secret

Love Spell Cherry Blossom & Peach

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It’s time to present Cherry Blossom & Peach Love Spell. It is frequently used as a perfume to draw attention to how beautiful women may be; wearing it will cause you to radiate brightness.

However, the intensity of this perfume’s scent penetrates to make you feel these feelings, and it contains an inner explosion of hope and positive vibration. The notes of this perfume are entirely composed of several floral combinations, with vanilla and sandalwood holding particular positions. It also has a lot of mixed energy.

14. Gorgeous by Victoria’s Secret

Gorgeous by Victoria's Secret

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Above all, Gorgeous is a perfume meant for the most discerning women. Those who never seem to get enough glitz. It’s a scent for elegant gatherings, such as parties hosted by high society or awards ceremonies.

That’s the reason why many musicians choose it before a red-carpet event. We are also discussing a perfume that has strawberry and citrus notes in the top, jasmine and freesia notes in the heart, and musk and sandalwood notes in the base.

15. So In Love Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret

So In Love Eau de Parfum by Victoria's Secret

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We advise all girls to keep purchasing Eau de Parfum So In Love under any conditions. Its stunning distinctiveness makes it one of the brand’s most recognizable scents; with so many unique oils in it, it’s a model for all girls who like to break the mold.

As a result, In Love Eau de Parfum also features scents distinguished by their floral notes, which are made up of notes of violet, honey leaves, cloves, cognac, and jasmine.

16. Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria’s Secret

Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria's Secret

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It was created to be an aromatic trigger that was specially composed to stand out on long evenings or on various occasions. It’s a fantastic mix that perfectly reflects the name of this perfume. You will be able to encapsulate everything that is both elegant and luxurious about this perfume.

Therefore, it is vital to educate him on the formulation of this perfume, which is formed of notes of champagne, black currant, chamomile, and aloe. To establish rhythm and presence, hardly many notes are required.

17. Midnight Exotic Sensual Jasmine by Victoria’s Secret

Midnight Exotic Sensual Jasmine by Victoria's Secret

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This perfume has a strong floral component as well, but it steers clear of the usual brilliance of sweetness that other scents of its ilk tend to evoke. Instead, because it is comfy when it comes to body application, it manages to captivate a lot of sensuality while also incorporating exotic aspects to generate more and better fervor.

As the name suggests, the primary notes of this perfume include jasmine and various flowers, although the first note is the most well-liked.

18. Angel Stories Blowing Kisses by Victoria’s Secret

Angel Stories Blowing Kisses by Victoria's Secret

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In terms of perfumery, this perfume has a very strong scent, but in a positive way. This is a result of your designers’ desire for you to possess a special charm that will enable lots of kisses to land on your body.

When you utilize it, you’ll see it for yourself in either case. Violet and lily root make up the majority of its notes.

19. Eau So Party by Victoria’s Secret

Eau So Party by Victoria's Secret

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Under all conditions, Eau So Party, the perfume that has taken over this position in the article, deserves this position. In addition, it features a number of aromatic components that make it a healthy choice for your skin, just like some other products from the company.

These oils are said to create a somewhat thicker atmosphere that makes you feel really cozy while preventing the stiffness that other perfumes tend to induce. Includes notes of pear, lemon, sugar, and poppy.

20. Tease Flower by Victoria’s Secret

Tease Flower by Victoria's Secret

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Much has been said about Victoria’s Secret’s Tease Flower. This perfume contains the greatest freshness in the entire article, a statement that only gives credit to everything that has to do with this perfume.

You will be able to go out with this perfume on the street,t, and its fragrance will only give you a very subtle touch, a fact that is supported by the fact that you can enjoy a very feminine presence. His notes are composed of tulips, whipped cream, and vanilla.


Victoria’s Secret continues to provide the best perfumes for women; the twenty that are examined here are evidence of this. There’s a subtle sexist tendency to be seen. This company is specifically defending this new trend.

Its larger personality is also evidently influenced by factors such as citrus fruits or flowers. Don’t pass up this chance to accessorize your big night out with any fragrance you see here.

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