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20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women 2022

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women. Who doesn’t know the name of Victoria’s Secret? It is one of the most renowned brands in the world that has reached the levels of popularity it manages today thanks to a perfect combination of sensuality and mystery that allows any woman to feel identified.

For all that, you need an article where the best perfumes from its huge collection are displayed. Well, here you’ll find them in the 20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfume For Her. Get ready to be amazed by these magnificent scents.


20 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women 2022


1. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

Now, we bring Bombshell number two, this perfume has a discreet seduction as art to attract any man who walks around it. They managed to create a perfume with these characteristics, as they have more attractive and addictive notes on the olfactory level, so they don’t stop admiring you.

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It was an excellent work by Adriana Mediana and Mark Knitkowski, the two designers who, on this occasion, pointed out top notes of orange with tangerine, grapefruit, and pineapple, the heart notes of jasmine, red fruits, and lily of the valley. the valleys and those below are musks and oakmoss.


2. Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret

Very Sexy perfume, designed just to surprise your partner or ideal date, a truly amazing fragrance that will make you feel like the icing on the cake.

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This includes a power of perception, as few provide. The perfect perfume for those occasions when you want to look exciting and, above all, sexy, as the name of the perfume does. To give you an idea, this is made of blackberry, clementine, and orchid notes, things couldn’t get any better.


3. Noir Tease by Victoria’s Secret

Noir Tease is, very sweet and very seductive perfume in any of its aspects. It is made to dazzle, but without becoming too sexist, on the contrary, it highlights the main feminine attributes without falling into vulgarity.

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This perfume also has a strong floral influence, allowing it to be always at the forefront. It has top notes of pear, tangerine, lychee, and apple, the heart notes are gardenia, pear, jasmine, freesia, and magnolia, and the base notes are vanilla, and benzoin, musk, amber, and sandalwood.


4. Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret

The Heavenly Eau de Parfum from this renowned company was selected among the most selected of its entire range of perfumes because romanticism and feelings of greater nobility are precisely what occupies the fragrance in most of its composition.

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With this perfume, you should be careful as it was specially designed for those special occasions when you must use the best of your repertoire. The notes found here are white musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and peony.


5. Crush by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Crush ranks fifth in this article and gets a lot of stares from those who notice it. This usually contains great energy, combined with a fun way in terms of fragrance.

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This is made for the most energetic women who have a great desire to face the changing days, including work. We can mention that its notes are pink pepper, peony, and Ashoka flower. This will make you feel very active on the body level, something very refreshing about everything.


6. Love Star by Victoria’s Secret

Love Star is the name given to this Victoria’s Secret perfume that has been positioned very high as it includes a foundation to make you feel beautiful.

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This foundation is given by a series of fragrances contained to perfectly provide a solid external perception. Thanks to its top notes of apple, white lily heart, and rum base, it can be said that this Love Star has a very atypical aroma that only leaves room for great sensations. The oriental floral direction allows you to be among the best fragrances created to date.


7. Love Me More by Victoria’s Secret

We’ve arrived at a place made for the most ardent desires, a special place too, as we’ll have to talk about Victoria’s Secret’s Love Me More. A perfume like this can only provide sensations that are very cozy and, in the same way, make you feel with a feminine warmth that few know how to provide.

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This perfume, named to awaken the most intense desires, is reserved for your partner’s most intimate moments. It has top notes of grapefruit, cinnamon heart, and amber bottom. With just three scents, it is capable of taking you to another world.


8. Bombshell New York by Victoria’s Secret

Another perfume from the Bombshell series returns to the article, this time the Bombshell New York. This perfume is presented as a somewhat dark bet that will arouse a lot of curiosity when you use it to know exactly what you’re wearing.

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First of all, we can mention that Bombshell New York is appreciated as a risky gamble and therefore perhaps the success achieved. It has notes of jasmine, carambola, and Madagascar vanilla. This whole combination allowed when you used it, you also felt very bold and wanted to eat the world to put it at your feet.


9. Intense by Victoria’s Secret

Intense is one of the best-placed perfumes in Victoria’s Secret’s broad repertoire because, despite the long-range of durability it already has and its remarkable intensity, it has managed to remain very sober without disturbing everyone in even a small room.

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This perfume in the same way perfectly combines oriental elements and also vanilla. Overall, top notes are saffron and plums, middle notes are flowers and apple and base notes are coconut, salt, and chamois.


10. Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret

Fabulous is the word that best fits everything that has to do with this perfume, it seems that everything it touches becomes perfection. Victoria’s Secret’s Fabulous is very inspired by the best fragrance options, so you can always proudly wear a perfume that looks impressive and, above all, also offers a moderate fragrance.

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Among its top notes are mandarin, violet leaves, and gooseberry. Those in the heart are osmanthus, lily, and jasmine, while those in the background are Australian sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.


11. Angel by Victoria’s Secret

Now, we present Angel, an excellently regarded perfume from Victoria’s Secret, because it is one of the sexiest, yet most elegant, blending the two worlds so opposite that they also took it upon themselves to include a fragrance that doesn’t affect too much, but doesn’t boring too.

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This perfume launched in 2011 has top notes of pink pepper and plum, in addition to the heart notes of gardenia and violet, and the base notes are amber grey. Without a doubt a very interesting perfume.


12. Eau So Sexy by Victoria’s Secret

This perfume is a great peak of shine that will make you the sexiest woman on the planet. All that can be perceived in this perfume is the sensuality in each spray for your body, allowing you to shine everywhere, it is a very bold fragrance, not suitable for shy people.

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Let’s also talk about your notes; these are mainly composed of floral elements, we can find bergamot, apple, and whipped cream among them.


13. Love Spell Cherry Blossom & Peach by Victoria’s Secret

It’s time to show Love Spell Cherry Blossom & Peach. It is commonly used as a perfume to highlight how radiant a woman can be, it will make you glow with your light.

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On the other hand, it contains an inner explosion of hope and good vibration, which is the intensity of the fragrance of this perfume, which penetrates to make you feel these sensations. This perfume also contains a lot of mixed energy and its notes are designed entirely in various floral combinations in which vanilla or sandalwood occupy special places.


14. Gorgeous by Victoria’s Secret

Gorgeous is a perfume designed above all for the most select women. Those who are always satisfied with glamour. It is a perfume for special occasions, such as high society parties or even various awards galas.

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That’s why it’s a favorite of many artists before a red carpet. We are also talking about a perfume with top notes of mandarin and strawberry, heart notes of jasmine and freesia, and a base of musk and sandalwood.


15. So In Love Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret

In all circumstances, we recommend that all girls do not stop buying Eau de Parfum So In Love. It is one of the brand’s most distinctive perfumes due to its striking originality; is an example to be followed by all girls who like to break the mold, as it contains a lot of special oils.

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So In Love Eau de Parfum also has fragrances marked by its floral notes, composed of notes of honey leaves, cloves, cognac, jasmine, and violet.


16. Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria’s Secret

A great combination that reflects the title of this perfume, it was designed to be an aromatic trigger specially composed to stand out on long nights or at various events. With this perfume, you will be able to perfectly capture the essence of what has to do with luxury, but at the same time very elegant.

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Therefore, it is necessary to teach him the composition of this perfume, which is made of notes of champagne, black currant, chamomile, and aloe. Few notes are needed to impose rhythm and presence.


17. Midnight Exotic Sensual Jasmine by Victoria’s Secret

The floral touch is also very present in this perfume, but with a focus away from the typical splendor of sweetness awakened by others of its kind. On the contrary, it manages to captivate a lot of sensuality, but also with exotic elements to arouse more and better fervor, since it is comfortable if we talk about body application.

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This perfume, as its name implies, is mainly composed of notes of jasmine and other flowers, but the first one gets all the applause.


18. Angel Stories Blowing Kisses by Victoria’s Secret

This perfume has a very strong fragrance, but in a good way if we refer to the context of perfumery. This is because your creators want you to have a unique power of attraction, thus achieving many kisses can reach your body.

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Either way, you’ll notice it for yourself when you use it. Its notes are mainly composed of violet and lily root.


19. Eau So Party by Victoria’s Secret

This position belongs, under any circumstances, to Eau So Party, a perfume that has conquered its position in this article. Besides, like some others of the brand, it has several aromatic elements that make it a healthy option for your skin.

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These oils mentioned providing a somewhat thick air to make you feel very comfortable and, at the same time, avoid the stiffness that other perfumes tend to cause. Includes notes of pear, lemon, sugar, and poppy.


20. Tease Flower by Victoria’s Secret

Much has been said about Victoria’s Secret’s Tease Flower. This perfume contains the greatest freshness in the entire article, a statement that only gives credit to everything that has to do with this perfume.

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You will be able to go out with this perfume on the street and its fragrance will only give you a very subtle touch, a fact that is supported by the fact that you too can enjoy a very feminine presence. His notes are composed of tulips, whipped cream, and vanilla.


Final Considerations

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t stop offering the best perfumes for women possible, proof of that is the twenty analyzed here. A tendency towards sexism can be elegantly observed. This new trend is defended precisely by this company. You can also notice a clear influence of elements like flowers or citrus fruits to give it a bigger personality. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to make your big night out with every scent seen here.

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