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6 Best Victorinox Swiss Army Women Perfumes in 2021

Best Victorinox Swiss Army Women Perfumes

Best Victorinox Swiss Army Perfumes For Women in 2021

Victorinox has decided for some time to rely on the female market to exploit its fame and also provide them with all the quality of the Swiss company in fragrances that will drive them crazy. With these 6 Best Victorinox Swiss Army Perfumes for Women, you will find the most select for this important audience, do not stop reading it and soak up the very select fragrances that we have brought especially for you.


6 Best Victorinox Swiss Army Women Perfumes & Colognes To Buy in 2021


1. Swiss Army for Her by Victorinox Swiss Army

We open with the Swiss Army for Her, a perfume that wants and manages at all times to make women perceive as healthy beings, but who are also comfortable with their bodies.

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This deep and comfortable sensation will be found in you at every moment with this perfume that features top notes of ginger, heart notes of peony and lily of the valley, and base notes of musk and woody. It is a perfume where the naturalness of women is enhanced before the artificial.


2. Swiss Army Victoria by Victorinox Swiss Army

Let’s talk now about the Swiss Army Victoria; this perfume made by a female team is designed to shine your most confident side, where your feminine power rules over any element.

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This perfume has a very tailored fragrance for women who love the fruity sensation in their bodies. We are then facing a natural scent while also being very striking to anyone.

Its top notes are plum, freesia, and black currants; the heart notes are Bulgarian rose, violet, and lily. The base notes are cedar, sandalwood, myrrh, and white musk.


3. Mountain Water for Her by Victorinox Swiss Army

The Mountain Water for Her is a fragrance designed for women who want a burst of freshness with every move made.

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It is made under a strong influence of the typical freshness of the mountains, hence its name, in addition to the fact that with this perfume, you will be able to avoid the dreaded sweat, really a battle won by Victorinox in this sector so challenging to cover.

Its top notes are bergamot and neroli, the heart notes are tea and violet, and the bottom notes of cedar and hay.


4. Swiss Army Eau Florale by Victorinox Swiss Army

The Swiss Army Eau Florale Eau de Toilette is characterized by being a perfume where flowers or floral fragrances invade at all times any smell that tries to displace it.

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It is given within this a very feminine fragrance. The work done by its design team is vital because it will allow you to look wonderful in any situation thanks to this nurturing aspect.

Its top notes are peach, black currant, and grapefruit, its heart notes of peony, jasmine, and violet, and the bottom notes of cashmere, cedar, and white musk.


5. Ella by Victorinox Swiss Army

In the middle, we find Ella, with this simple but subtle name, is a perfume that also moves under this type of context. He manages to recreate tenderness perfectly and also the best feminine values.

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This perfume is designed for all those women who feel like winners, regardless of the branch they occupy. We have to tell you that its top notes are kumquat, the heart notes are ginger, and the base notes are amber. A strong oriental influence can be perceived in this perfume.


6. Mystique Forest by Victorinox Swiss Army

The Mystique Forest is a perfume where the floral worlds of the forest are mixed to create a full mysticism and where you will always be wrapped. It has to be said about this perfume that it also has a well-shaped trail that does not make the mistake of being astonishing and uncomfortable.

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The top notes of this perfume are fig leaves and lemon, the heart notes are carrot seeds, and the base notes are moss. A highly recommended perfume for those occasions where you want to be observed, but also generating mystery.


Final Considerations

Each perfume presented here is a great way to enhance your femininity while staying true to your style, this brand is mostly known for being versatile, and they have proven it here. Do not stop acquiring any of these six best Victorinox Swiss Army Perfumes for women aforementioned.


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