Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2020

Free Best Video Editing Apps for the iPhone in 2020

With the popularization of social media applications, video editing apps started to be used more. However, you do not need to use expensive and complex video editing programs on the computer for this. in this article, we will describe the Free Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone, and iPad that you can use for free in 2020. It is enough for a normal user to edit video from the smartphone.

That’s why you can find a video editing application for iPhone that suits your needs. While Apple offers an impressive video editing experience in the Photos app, it doesn’t offer as advanced features as alternative video editing apps available on the App Store.

Need a valuable and free best Video editor for iPad or iPhone? Here is the list of Top 5 best video editing apps for the iPhone and iPad in 2020 that you can use for free:

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush 

Shoot, edit, and share videos wherever you want. Adobe Premiere Rush has an easy-to-use interface with powerful functions, automatic backup, and multiple synchronizations across devices. You can save the video from the app or import multiple video clips from device storage. As with any Adobe product, the app is packed with useful functions for general or professional users.

You can add customizable, ready titles between the frames, change the frame rate, make the audio from the video, make the clip silent, and even change the volume of the video.

Exporting up to three videos is free in the Adobe Premiere Rush app. After that, you will have to pay a monthly fee that unlocks the 100 GB Adobe Cloud.

  1. Quik – GoPro Video Editor

With the Quik app, you can create great videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips, then let Quik run its magic. It finds great moments in seconds, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and synchronizes everything to the beat of the music. Customize your story with text, music, and easily share it with your friends. Editing has never been this fast or fun.

Users can import multiple videos or photos and use 26 built-in templates to apply effects, music, filters, and animations. You can make professional-looking videos with a single touch.

Quik comes with social media integration for easy sharing. The application is completely free to use.

  1. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

The simple yet powerful Splice allows you to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone, iPad. Imagine the performance of a desktop video editor optimized for your mobile device. You can use it to trim video clips, adjust transitions, add slow-motion effects, and more to create beautiful videos that you love to share.

Users can also cut videos into multiple tracks and reorder them with drag and drop. The SFX option allows you to add a different sound to parts of the video. Editing professional-quality videos on the go have never been easier.

  1. Videorama Text & Video Editor

Videorama allows you to create amazing video clips from your photos and videos. You can do professional-quality video editing in a few minutes. Videorama provides you with all the necessary video editing elements. When you import a group of videos in the app, editing options appear at the bottom immediately.

It allows you to add all the dramatic effects to a boring video with Video FX feature. Do you want rain or snowfall in a video? No problem. Just tap on video FX and download the effect from the menu.

Combine your photos and videos. Divide, cut, separate, re-scale as you like. Turn your still images into slideshows, add transition effects. Reverse your videos, speed up / slow down, change their direction. Make square-sized (for Instagram) videos.

The free version allows you to export the video for up to three minutes. The Pro version is available with a monthly subscription or one-time purchase options.

  1. KineMaster – Video Editor

KineMaster is a fully featured video editor for the iPhone and iPad. It is also one of the best video editors to use. The app has classic landscape mode, similar to most desktop software.

Key features include multiple video layers, blending mode to create beautiful effects, speed control, stickers, and more.

KineMaster has powerful tools that are easy to use, such as multiple video layers, blending mode, voice-over, speed control, transitions, video reversing, special effects, and much more.

Kinemaster offers a special store within the application. It consists of assets like stickers, fonts, effects, music, and more.

All video editing options of the application are free to use. However, to access the asset store and remove the watermark, it requires a monthly or annual subscription to the premium version.


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