10 Best Viking Series to Watch

Best Viking Movies and Series to Watch

Looking for an action and fighting series about Vikings? Discover the most popular Viking series of all time.

The directors do not stop surprising viewers with very realistic scenarios. The movies and the TV shows with the old stories do not make exceptions.

We have plenty of eyes with equally spectacular characters such as the legendary Ragnar, a simple farmer with rebellious ideals, or the Nordic gods.

Best Series About Viking

1. Vikings Series

Without any doubt, the Viking TV show is considered the best series based on Vikings. The show starts at the start of the Age of Vikings and follows Ragnar Lothbrok’s family as they raid and take over lands in Scandinavia and England.

Ragnar is a farmer who becomes a Viking king. A lot of brave warriors are in his group, and they all feel proud of their Norse roots because rumor has it that Ragnar was a descendant of Odin himself!

Vikings is a historical TV show with Irish and Canadian actors. She talks about the exciting things Ragnar Lothbrok and his mission group did.

At the end of the 8th century, they brought the Viking groups together into a kingdom.

Along with that, it was the first to fight the Saxons, the Franks, and the Celts. For several hundred years, the Vikings would be known for this revolt.

2. Vikings Valhalla

Following on from the first Vikings show, this one takes place 100 years later, at the end of the Viking Era. Vikings Valhalla is another great show based on true history that shows the history of the killing of warriors.

The show is about Harald Hardrada, Leif Erikson, and Freydis as they go on a quest that takes them all over the world as they fight to stay alive and gain fame.

The show also shows William the Conqueror and the fights between the Vikings and the English monarchy, as well as the fights among the Vikings over their religious views.

Valhalla takes place more than a thousand years ago, in the early 11th century. It follows the brave adventures of three of the most famous Vikings: the legendary explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), his fiery and stubborn sister Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), and the ambitious Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter).

As things get very bad between the Vikings and the English royal family, and as the Vikings fight among themselves over their different Christian and pagan beliefs, these three Vikings set out on an epic journey that will take them from Kattegat to England and beyond, across oceans and battlefields, as they fight for their lives and their honor.

3. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a British series chronicling the story of Uthred, the son of Ealdorman who was a Saxon lord of Bebbanburg in the 9th century. His father died following the attacks of the Vikings.

After this incident, the attackers kidnapped him. So he had to live growing up among them in the home of the famous Earl Ragnar.

Years later, Uthred is faced with the greatest dilemma of his life: staying with the people he has spent his life with or discovering the realm of his origin.

4. Norsemen

Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy television series that chronicles the daily life of Vikings in this village in Norway around the year 790. Vikings aren’t just fierce warriors.

They also have a way of life where conflicts and rivalry between neighboring villages reign. The presence of Rufus, a Roman slave who tries to share his knowledge with this community, only spices up the story.

5. Barbarians

The Roman troops have come back to Germany a year after the Battle of Varus, and they are stronger than ever. This is when Ari is faced with his Roman past again.

Because Ari betrayed Rome, his brother joined the Roman side to punish him. Folkwin makes a scary dare to the gods while Thusnelda and Ari work together to get all the tribes to fight Rome.

The show is set in Magna Germania, a time when the Roman Empire ruled the land between the Rhine and the Elbe rivers. They have been in charge of this area for 20 years and have put in place tough taxes that have made life hard for everyone who lives there.

Leaders of different clans tried desperately, but failed, to bring their groups together, but politics and fighting within the tribes made it impossible. As a child, Arminius was taken as a hostage and now serves in the Roman Imperial Army as a Cherusci eques.

6. Knighfall

Once the city of Acre, which was the Templars’ last refuge in the Holy Land, falls, “Knightfall” starts. This is where the Holy Grail is lost. After many years, a sign about where the Grail is located is found.

This sends the Templars, led by the brave and independent Templar Knight Landry (Tom Cullen, “Downton Abbey,” “Gunpowder”), on a mission to find the lost Cup of Christ that could cost them their lives. The full story of the Knights Templar has never been told before.

It includes their fights in the Holy Land, their disagreement with the King of France, and the grim events that brought an end to the Templar Order on Friday the 13th, 1307, a date that became associated with bad luck.

“Knightfall” delves into the secret world of this legendary brotherhood of warrior monks to find out who these knights were, how they lived, and what they died thinking. It deals with issues like faith, sacrifice, politics, love, power, and revenge.

7. The Witchers

“The Witcher” is a tremendous story about fate and family. As a monster hunter who works alone, Geralt of Rivia finds it hard to find his place in a world where people are more often than not bad.

Well, The Witchers is a fantasy-based thriller series but due to its amazing storyline and fighting scenes, we added The Witchers to the list of the best Viking-based TV shows.

But fate brings him together with a strong witch and a young princess who hides a dangerous secret. The three of them must learn to get through the Continent together as it becomes more unstable.

8. Roman Empire

The stories in the show are based on the history of the Roman Empire and are collected into a book. Each season is about a different major character and their time in Roman history.

Roman Empire is also a good show to watch if you are a fan of Viking-based TV series. The first season is about Emperor Commodus, the second season is about Emperor Julius Ceasar, and the third season is about Emperor Caligula.

9. Versailles

The show takes place in 1667, a time when the French elite had turned against the French Monarchy. Moving the court to Versailles and building the most beautiful castle that the nobles would want to be in is King Louis XIV’s smart plan to keep his people in line.

Although they don’t know it, the Palace’s job is to control and jail people who disobey the King. The show also shows Luis’s relationships with other women and how hard it is for his wife Marie Theresa to win him over.

10. Marco Polo

A lot of the show is about Marco Polo, the famous explorer who gets involved with the Mongol Empire. The show isn’t really about Vikings, but it does show something similar happening in China.

While this show and a few others on this list may not be historically correct, they still manage to keep you very interested as a viewer thanks to great acting and direction.

When you look at other shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Vikings,” it’s not that bad and gives you a look into the great Asian culture.

This movie has some problems, but let’s not worry about them for now. Instead, let’s sit back and enjoy a great adventure with some of the most beautiful settings and filming.

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