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Best Viking Movies and Series to Watch

Best Viking based Movies and Series to Watch

The directors do not stop surprising viewers with very realistic scenarios. The movies with the old stories do not make exceptions. We have plenty of eyes with equally spectacular characters such as the legendary Ragnar, a simple farmer with rebellious ideals, or the Nordic gods. Through these few titles, you can discover everything about the exploits of the Vikings. Here below we have mentioned the best Viking Movies and Series for you to watch.


Best Viking Movies To Watch in 2022

The first two works on the best Viking movies are animated films, but they deserve the interest of viewers of all ages.


1. How to Train Your Dragon 2

This is the time when humans and dragons live together. Harold, Astrid, and his companions became famous thanks to the races on the backs of dragons in the village of Burk. During a reconnaissance flight, Harold and Astrid are captured by Erret, a henchman of Draco, but they were able to escape.

According to Stoïk, Harold’s father and the village chief, Drago murdered all the Viking chiefs a few years ago and he is the only one who was able to escape. In order to protect his village from Draco and his men, Hiccup goes in search of him against his father’s wishes.


2. How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

After the death of his father, Harold became the chief of the village of Burk. While the dragons have been captured by hunters, Hiccup and his friends decide to launch a raid in order to free them and live with them. Unfortunately, the dragons had to be brought back to the Hidden World to make them safer, and they will have to face Grimmel, the ruthless dragon hunter, on this adventure.

He caused the destruction of the village of Burk with the killer dragons. As a result, the locals were forced to flee and rebuild their lives on another island. Many battles are engaged before the dragons, led by Alpha Toothless and his companion, can return home.


3. The thirteenth warrior

In the year 921, Ahmed Ibn Fahdian, a poet of Baghdad, was exiled in Asia Minor accompanied by a translator and a few men. They were attacked by barbarians along the way, but the Vikings saved the day. Since this rescue, they have decided to maintain relations with these people from the north.

As Ahmed and his friends arrive in the village, a messenger reports that a great misfortune strikes another village which is very far to the north. Thirteen warriors, including Ahmed, were appointed to come to the rescue of these people. A long journey, battles with bloodthirsty creatures await this expedition group.


4. The Vikings

Around the year 900, the Vikings invaded Northumbria in England. Their leader Ragnar kills the king and rapes the queen. This is how Eric came into the world. As a child, he was kidnapped by Vikings before he was raised as a slave in his father’s village. Later, never knowing the connection between them, Eric and his half-brother Einer became rivals.

One day, the Vikings kidnapped Morgana, the future Queen of England, in hopes of obtaining a ransom. Einer tries to seduce the queen, but on the other hand, she fell in love with Eric who delivered her from the clutches of his half-brother.


5. Thor

As Thor, son of Odin, prepares for his coronation, three Jotuns attempt to seize the chest of the Old Winters. Despite his father’s ban, Thor travels to Jötunheim with his brother Loki and his friends to confront Laufey who is the King of the Ice Giants.

Thus unleashing a new war, Odin had to once again intervene to protect the Asgardians. The heir to the throne is deprived of his power and exiled to earth because of his arrogance. Thor will only be able to use his power when he shows merit.

Meanwhile, Loki takes advantage of the situation to seize the throne, as the aging King Odin has fallen into a deep sleep. As a result, Sif and three warriors set off in search of Thor in order to bring him back to Asgard.


Best Viking Series to Watch in 2022

Here below you find the best Viking series to watch


1. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a British series chronicling the story of Uthred, the son of Ealdorman who was a Saxon lord of Bebbanburg in the 9th century. His father died following the attacks of the Vikings. After this incident, the attackers kidnapped him. So he had to live growing up among them in the home of the famous Earl Ragnar. Years later, Uthred is faced with the greatest dilemma of his life: staying with the people he has spent his life with or discovering the realm of his origin.


2. Norsemen

Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy television series that chronicles the daily life of Vikings in this village in Norway around the year 790. Vikings aren’t just fierce warriors. They also have a way of life where conflicts and rivalry between neighboring villages reign. The presence of Rufus, a Roman slave who tries to share his knowledge with this community, only spices up the story.


3. Vikings

Vikings is a historic Canadian-Irish television series. She recounts the exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok with his expedition group. They unified the Viking clans into a kingdom at the end of the 8th century. Moreover, it is the first to have launched attacks against the Saxons, the Franks, the Celtics. This rebellion would be at the origin of the notoriety of the Vikings for several centuries.


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