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5 Best Viktor & Rolf Perfumes For Men 2022

Best Viktor & Rolf Perfumes For Men. The European fashion house, Viktor & Rolf become very popular in the perfume line, where men benefit thanks to their varied and important quality. A company dedicated to fashion since 1993, having its foundation in Paris, France, and later launching its official headquarters in Amsterdam.

In this article, you will find the best and most selected perfume for men, taking into account that you cannot miss this article, as it means your opportunity to know exactly which one to buy.


5 Best Viktor & Rolf Perfumes For Men 2022


1. Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

We opened with Spicebomb, a perfume of undeniable quality and committed to futurism and elegance in equal parts; this perfume should be conceived as a very remarkable commitment to represent a high adrenaline cocktail above all.

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This perfume, as said before, has all the chips set to be one of the best options for the most daring men.

It has starting notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, and elemi, the heart notes, on the other hand, are saffron, cinnamon, and paprika; finally, the base notes are vetiver, tobacco, and leather.


2. Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Extreme, this perfume is one of the most important for its ability to belong to the same line as spice bomb, but standing out for its own characteristics. We are talking about a very strong aroma to which you must add perfect concentration for everyone to like you.

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This is also designed for situations where adrenaline rushes through the body and cannot stop overflowing. Contains notes of lavender, black pepper, tobacco, and vanilla.


3. Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Antidote is the second-place perfume on this list, it is a fragrance designed so that you can always feel a very natural yet powerful essence, established in the most ancient roots of the Orient.

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He has received numerous international awards for all he has to offer his audience. The man who wears this perfume will find that, for example, the avant-garde is also part of his being. Its top notes are Tangerine, Bergamot and Mint, Cinnamon Heart, Nutmeg, and Orange Blossom. It also has base notes of patchouli and jasmine.


4. Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf

With that very powerful and bold touch from the Spicebomb series comes Night Vision, a perfume that has all the credentials to stay with you anytime.

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This has another focus compared to the previous Spicebomb presented since irreverence has taken the place of honor to your general feeling, when using it, you will feel that your whole body is taken over by gallantry and, at the same time, originality to be used on many occasions.

Its top notes are Grapefruit, Tangerine, Cardamom, and Apple. Those in the heart are red peppers, peppers, cloves, or nutmeg. The lower ones are tonka bean and almond.


5. Dirty Trick by Viktor & Rolf

Dirty Trick, by Viktor & Rolf, is a perfume that stands out with a lot of mystery, even though it is its own dark-colored bottle. It is noteworthy that this has a feeling of hidden energy for you to attract all the girls in your path, certainly a great point in favor of those who like to attract looks.

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Likewise, this perfume is quite common at night parties due to its sensual and attractive style. This one has pink, suede, iris, and cedar fragrances.


Final Considerations

It is a fact that Viktor & Rolf represents a brand made to satisfy men’s tastes, which was demonstrated with the five perfumes. They are ideal proof that this company’s natural and explosive combination is its best hallmark.

Don’t leave out any of the perfumes mentioned above for one or other features that are worth buying all the time, so you can proudly have them on the shelf or in the bathroom. Go out and buy now, there’s no excuse not to buy a Viktor & Rolf cologne.

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