5 Best Water Glass Bottles to Buy in 2021

10 Best Water Glass Bottles

In the quest for clean, pure-tasting water while avoiding the environmental downsides of plastic and harmful BPAs, these glass water bottles are the best choice.

Glass, a material abundant on Earth, allows for the creation of eco-friendly water bottles. It is 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable.

Glass water bottles are free from toxic substances like BPA and phthalates, as well as chemical elements such as PVC. Consequently, glass bottles are both environmentally friendly and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Best Water Glass Bottles

The difference in taste between a glass of water and one from a plastic container is striking. Glass’s neutrality ensures that the flavors and tastes remain intact. Here are some of the best and finest Glass water bottles you need for a refreshing hydrating experience.

1. Ello – Syndicate

The Ello–Syndicate glass water bottle takes the top spot on our list. It’s easy to use with one hand, features a glass sipper, and comes at an affordable price. This water bottle consists of two parts: a glass body protected by a silicone grid sleeve and a plastic cap that securely seals the glass mouth.

The one-touch button to open the lid and the sliding lock add to its convenience. With this bottle, you can enjoy clean-tasting water, making it an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to water flavor.

The silicone grip sleeve provides a secure grip and prevents any accidental slips. Although the silicone handle connected to the cap is practical, it might be on the smaller side for larger hands.

Cleaning this bottle is a breeze thanks to its wider mouth opening. The Ello–Syndicate is designed to fit in cupholders and boasts a leakproof seal. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, priced under $20, and available in a variety of colors.

2. Ello – Aura

If you prefer a sleeker design without the grid pattern, the Ello–Aura is the right choice. It shares many similarities with the Syndicate, featuring a silicone-sleeved glass body, a plastic cap with a locking mechanism, and a one-touch opening.

The sturdy plastic handle attached to the cap provides extra leverage when lifting the bottle to take a sip.

Compared to the Syndicate, the spout is slightly smaller, requiring the use of a thinner bottle brush. The Ello–Aura offers the same great drinking experience but with the advantage of carrying more water throughout the day while still fitting into standard cupholders.

3. Mukoko – Stainless Steel Glass Tumbler

For a versatile glass tumbler suitable for water, tea, or coffee, consider the Mukoko – Stainless Steel Glass Tumbler.

This set includes a 12 oz glass tumbler, an 18 oz stainless steel cup, a bamboo lid, a plastic spout lid, and a plastic straw. Whether you prefer hot or cold beverages in a glass, this tumbler has you covered.

The stainless steel cup can act as a sleeve for holding hot beverages or as a standalone cup, thanks to the compatibility of the bamboo and plastic lids.

Using this tumbler in multiple ways justifies its $25 price point. The only minor downside is the desire for a larger glass to accommodate more liquid.

4. Zulu Atlas

The Zulu–Atlas glass water bottle shares some similarities with Ello water bottles, featuring a silicone-sleeved glass body and a twist-on plastic cap that fits securely in standard cupholders. Where it sets itself apart is in design.

The Zulu silicone sleeve features a spider-like rubberized pattern with textural bumps for a comfortable grip. In our testing, we noticed some differences in quality compared to Ello bottles.

The Zulu’s one-touch cap was slightly more challenging to use, and the sliding lock had a similar experience. Given the price parity with the Ello–Syndicate, we recommend the latter unless you prefer a more rugged design and different color options.

5. Tronco – Glass Tumbler

The Tronco – Glass Tumbler is designed with a silicone sleeve covering 3/4ths of the glass body and topped with a press-in bamboo lid. A small incision on the bamboo lid accommodates a matching plastic straw. The thick silicone sleeve provides a comfortable grip and makes it easier to hold the cup when filled with iced drinks.

We conducted a seal test by laying the tumbler horizontally and rotating it, and it didn’t show any signs of water leakage, offering peace of mind.

6. Miu Color

The Miu Color water bottle is a perfect companion for your daily activities. Whether it’s in your backpack, purse, or briefcase, this glass bottle ensures you’re well-hydrated at all times.

Handcrafted from borosilicate glass, it’s free from BPA and other toxic substances, making it safe for both you and the environment. The glass is ultra-transparent, lightweight, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

The stainless steel screw cap with an internal silicone seal ensures a leak-free experience. This bottle is resistant to tastes and odors, making it ideal for juices, smoothies, and more. It also comes with a non-slip, removable silicone cover for a secure grip and protection from hot liquids.

7. Lifefactory Water Bottle

Founded in 2007 in California, Lifefactory is a brand known for its commitment to the environment and baby health. Their range has expanded to include durable glass water bottles and baby bottles with medical silicone covers, free from toxic elements.

The glass is virtually unbreakable and made in France, while the silicone cover is made in the USA, and the cap is from Poland. These bottles are designed to be versatile, serving as baby bottles, children’s water bottles, or adult containers for various foods.

The wide neck allows easy access for adding ice cubes, fruits, or tea bags, and it’s compatible with various caps sold separately. The protective silicone sleeve provides a secure grip and shields the glass bottle from impact.

8. Voyage 550 ml

To ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day, the Voyage BPA-free glass water bottle is an excellent choice. With a 550ml capacity, it’s easily portable and suitable for use at the office, at home, during yoga, or on a walk.

This bottle is not only healthy but also free from BPA, BPS, or PVC, ensuring your water remains pure and your drinks’ flavors intact. The borosilicate glass prevents oxidation, preserving the nutritional value and taste of your beverages.

The waterproof stainless steel cup features a silicone seal and a small carrying strap. The nylon cover in various colors protects the glass bottle and keeps hot drinks enjoyable.

9. Sigg Star Shade

The Sigg Star Shade glass water bottle is a high-end model of the legendary Swiss water bottle. It retains its iconic shape while adding a touch of modernity and glamour. With a capacity of 850ml and a reasonable weight of 448g, it’s suitable for various settings, including hiking.

The borosilicate glass is hand-finished in Switzerland and is free from BPA, BPS, and other endocrine disruptors. This technical and modern glass can handle both hot and cold drinks. The screw cap is completely waterproof in any position and is easy to open.

The colored silicone cover provides protection and adds a stylish touch, making it both trendy and functional.

10. FCSDetail

Finally, the 1l Fcs Detail glass bottle is a large-capacity option at 1 liter, making it ideal for long workdays, travel, or storing a larger volume of tea or juice infusion. This bottle is designed to last, with thick borosilicate glass that’s high-quality and inert.

It keeps your water pure and preserves the natural flavors of your drinks. The silicone cover absorbs shocks and occasional drops while enhancing aesthetics. Even the base of the bottle is well-protected and stable.

The elegant bamboo stopper, equipped with a silicone seal, keeps air out and liquids in. With a variety of colors and capacities (420ml, 660ml, and 1l), this bottle suits a range of preferences and activities.


Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, sleek aesthetics, versatility, or rugged style, there’s a glass water bottle that suits your needs. Make the switch to glass for a healthier, eco-friendly, and tastier way to stay hydrated.

Glass water bottles offer a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious alternative to plastic, and the market is brimming with excellent choices for all preferences and needs. Choose one that best fits your lifestyle and enjoy the many benefits of glass for your hydration routine.

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