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5 Best Water Glass Bottles to Buy in 2021

Top 5 Best Glass Water Bottle to Buy in 2021| Best Models of 2021 

Glass water bottles are just as easily transportable as plastic water bottles, a bit heavier. Borosilicate glass is very impact-resistant and accompanied by a protective silicone cover that protects the bottle, it becomes almost unbreakable. Here are the top 5 best Glass Water Models to buy in 2021.

Glass makes it possible to design ecological gourds, made from natural resources abundantly present on earth. It is 100% recyclable, and reusable endlessly. Glass water bottles do not contain any toxic products, such as BPA or phthalates. They also do not contain chemical elements like PVC. The glass gourd is therefore naturally better for the environment and healthy for the health.

It is also a material that allows you to enjoy the purest taste of water, without the smell of plastic or metal that can affect drinks. You have all seen the difference already. Between a drink taken in a glass, and the one contained in a plastic cup, which is better? The first of course, because the glass is completely neutral, and keeps tastes and flavors intact.

5 Best Glass Water Bottles to buy in 2021


1. Miu color: the perfect glass water bottle for sports

Elegant, colorful, and fun, the Miu Color water bottle accompanies you in all your daily activities. In your backpack, purse, or briefcase, it perfectly meets your hydration needs at all times.

Handcrafted in borosilicate glass, and guaranteed without BPA or toxic products, they are safe and respectful of the environment. The glass is ultra-transparent, light, and also resistant to extreme temperatures. It has a stainless steel screw cap with an internal silicone seal.

Resistant to tastes and odors, the Miu color gourd is perfect for your juices, smoothies, dairy products, and indeed for anything you like to drink! Each Miu Color bottle has a non-slip, removable silicone cover. It allows a good grip of the gourd and protects your hands if you pour a hot drink in it.


2. Lifefactory water bottle: Almost unbreakable glass!

Created in 2007 in the United States in California, the Lifefactory brand was founded by a specialist in pediatric nutrition and his designer partner. Originally the range consisted of modern bottles that respect the environment and the health of babies.

Lifefactory now offers a wide range of resistant glass water bottles and bottles, completed with medical silicone covers, free of toxic elements. Their materials are safe and sound. The almost unbreakable glass is made in France, the silicone cover made in the USA, and the cap in Poland.

The Lifefactory gourds are designed to be used and reused at will, from the cradle to the table. The same bottle can thus serve as a feeding bottle, like a gourd for children, for adults, and can serve as a container for various foods. It is completed by a perfectly waterproof screw cap, equipped with a carrying handle. In polypropylene n ° 5, it is guaranteed to be completely healthy, without BPA or bps.

The wide neck allows easy access for adding ice cubes, fruit, or tea bags. It is compatible with several types of caps offered by Lifefactory and sold separately. The protective silicone sleeve provides a secure and pleasant grip and protects the glass bottle from any impact. The bottle, wrapper, and cap are dishwasher safe.


3. Voyage 550 ml: The Bpa-free glass water bottle

To hydrate regularly during our day, you must have a bottle of very cold water close at hand. The Voyage BPA-free glass water bottle is perfect for this. With an easily transportable 550ml capacity, it can be used anywhere, at the office, at home, at yoga, or on a walk.

Healthy and free of BPA, bps, or PVC, it keeps your water pure and also protects the flavors of your drinks. The borosilicate glass prevents oxidation and thus guaranteed the maintenance of all the nutritional value and taste of your juice. Its waterproof stainless steel cup has a silicone seal as well as a small carrying strap. The nylon cover in flashy or pastel color protects the glass of the bottle and allows you to drink the hottest drinks pleasantly.


4. Sigg Star Shade: The Swiss glass gourd with a silicone sleeve

Here is the high-end model of Sigg water bottles, the glass version of the legendary Swiss water bottle. Its perfectly recognizable shape has been preserved, adding a touch of modernity and glamor. A new generation of bottles that are becoming an accessory as trendy as it is useful!

With a reasonable weight of 448g for a capacity of 850ml, the Sigg Star Shade glass and silicone bottle can be used in all circumstances. It can even be used as a hiking water bottle if it is not too long. Its borosilicate glass hand finished in Switzerland is completely free of bpa, bps or other endocrine disruptors.

A technical and modern glass that resists heat and allows the use of hot or cold drinks. The screw cap is completely waterproof whatever the position of the bottle and opens with a simple twist of the hand. Its colored silicone cover serves as protection, but can also match your favorite outfits!


5. FCSDetail: The 1l glass water bottle with a bamboo stopper

To finish my selection, here is the 1l Fcs Detail glass bottle. A large-capacity bottle: 1 liter. Something to hydrate you during your long hours of work, travel, or to store a larger volume of tea or juice infusion. A bottle that was designed to last! Its thick borosilicate glass is of high quality and completely inert. It keeps your water pure, natural, and intact.

Surrounded by a silicone cover, formed to absorb shocks and occasional drops in addition to being aesthetic. Even the base of the bottle is properly protected while being very stable. The 1l Fcs Detail glass bottle can follow you almost everywhere, in the office, at home, or on a walk.

And to accentuate the organic side of this ecological bottle: an elegant bamboo stopper. With its silicone seal, it keeps air on the outside and liquids on the inside. The many colors available (8 colors to choose from), as well as the three capacities (420ml, 660ml, and 1l), will undoubtedly adapt to all your desires and activities.


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