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3 Best Way to Send Money to Colombia

Are you from Colombia and now live in the US? We’re sure you’ve thought about sending money from the US to Colombia at some point. So, today we’ll talk about the best ways to send money, as well as the costs, requirements, and more…

Here are the best and fastest ways to send money to Colombia. Make sure you don’t miss any of the information. Don’t forget to check out our list of money transfer companies in the USA before you start if you want to know all the ways you can send money from the US that we suggest.

Our top 3 money transfer services from the USA to Colombia are established as follows:

  • WorldRemit
  • Remitly
  • Ria Money Transfer

Later we will talk about each of the options that we present to you in a specific way, emphasizing their rates and services. However, before we begin, we must tell you that all three options share the same shipping process, and we will tell you about it below:

Create a free account on the platform of your choice.

Enter your personal information and indicate the number of dollars that you are going to send to Colombia.

Choose the shipping method of your convenience, in general, these are the options:

  • Wire transfer
  • Mobile money
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Enter the beneficiary information
  • Finish the process by clicking “Submit”

Some important considerations about this process are:

To send money from the United States to Colombia with any platform that we present to you in this article, you must have a credit or debit card.

Now, if your beneficiary chooses a bank transfer, they must have the option to receive international transfers enabled in their bank account. At this point, it is best to consult with the financial institution on how this process is carried out.

3 Best Ways to Send Money to Colombia


WorldRemit is the go-to option when it comes to sending money fast to the United States. When sending a remittance with this agency, you will see that they charge a commission of USD 3.99. In addition, it has the most competitive exchange rate in the current market.

Now, the maximum transfer amount is USD 7,000 to Bancolombia. While, with any other bank, the maximum amount is $3,000.

On the other hand, with WorldRemit you can send money to Colombia from the USA in 4 ways:

Bank transfer:




Bank of Bogota



Rappi Pay

Neque and more than 30 banks in the country

Cash Withdrawal:





Financial International Payments

Mobile Wallet:

Bancolombia at hand.


Telephone recharges:




Fees and Commissions per Transaction:

Finally, concerning fees and exchange rates, they are as follows:

WorldRemit charges USD 3.99 on all payment methods.

On average, your beneficiary will obtain 51 pesos less for each dollar (USD), compared to the market exchange rate.


Are you looking for an online service that makes cheap shipments to Colombia? Then Remitly is for you. This company has the lowest average daily cost in the market. In addition, it is usually a very cheap option, compared to other well-known providers…

Its main benefits and characteristics include:

You can send money with Remitly to the main Colombian banks and different collection points.

You and your recipient can keep track of the operation thanks to text message alerts.

They have a money-back policy.

The maximum amount to send from Colombia to the USA is USD 2,999 (every 24 hours).

In some physical branches in Colombia, if you send more than USD 500 from the USA, the transaction is free, that is, you do not pay commissions.

Now, with Remitly you can send money from the USA to Colombia in 3 ways:

  • Wire transfer
  • Mobile Money
  • Super Spins

Fees and Commissions per Transaction:

Among the main fees and commissions to take into account, the following stand out:

Express Shipping. Where the money arrives in minutes, and you can pay with a debit or credit card. The commission is USD 3.99.

Economic Shipping. The money arrives within 3 to 5 days; only available to transfer by bank account, and it has a cost of 3.99 USD.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria is ours when you are looking for a cash delivery service, specifically in physical offices. Ria Money Transfer guarantees security, credibility, good prices, and, above allcustomer satisfaction.

The money transfer options covered are:

  • Cash
  • International Bank Transfer
  • Debit or credit cards (From the official website of Ria/Online Service)

Fees and Commissions per Transaction:

Ria has several shipping options, and based on the above, fees and commissions are calculated. Let’s see:

Bank transfer. It is by far the cheapest option, the money will reach the beneficiary in 4 days and the commission is USD 3.00.

Credit/debit card. The transfer is instant but has a flat fee of USD 10.

We can conclude that Ria charges around 56 pesos less per dollar (USD); this, is compared to the rest of the market. Therefore, we can say that both WorldRemit, Remitly, and Ria have similar rates for their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send money to Colombia from the USA?

The most common options to send money from the USA to Colombia are:

  • Bank transfers.
  • Online transfer providers (Wise, Ria, WorldRemit, Remitly, Xoom).
  • Money transfer companies with cash pickup options (Ria, MoneyGram, Western Union).
  • PayPal.
  • Mobile Wallet.

How much does Western Union charge to send money to Colombia?

With the Western Union app, you can send money to Colombia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general, the commission charged is 5% of the amount sent in Colombian pesos.

How much does it cost to send money from Colombia to the USA?

It depends on the provider. In this case, the “cheapest” option at the moment is Remitly and WorldRemit with fees of USD 3.99 per transaction.

Where to send money from the USA to Colombia?

You can send money to bank accounts through international transfers, mobile wallets, and cash pickup; the latter is a slightly more limited option but it still exists.

What is the maximum amount of money that can be sent from the USA to Colombia?

For now, the highest amount of money to send is USD 7,000 per day. And nothing else is available for international transfers to Bancolombia. For all other options, the limit is USD 2,900 per day.

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