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Best Wired Headphone 2022. Despite the popularity of wireless earbuds, wired on-ear and in-ear headphones remain relevant for a long time, as they have a number of their advantages. They are cheaper, do not require recharging, have no sound delay, and the sound quality itself, all other things being equal, is higher. In addition, many playback sources simply do not support wireless connections.


Reviews of the Best wired headphone

How to choose wired earphones? Before choosing between specific models, think about what kind of music you listen to more often, as well as what type of sound you like best – with powerful bass, balanced or with pronounced highs and mids. At the same time, decide which type of construction is more convenient – portable vacuum or earbuds, with a full-size headband or overhead.


In terms of convenience and sound quality, it is not possible to obtain this information from the specifications. Therefore, we have prepared a rating of the TOP 10 Wired Headphones with microphones, which are suitable for a wide variety of tasks – listening to music, voice communication, or watching movies.


10 Best Wired In-Ear and On-Ear Headphones [Updated 2022]


10. Sony MDR-ZX310-Black Wired Headphones

An ultra-budget overhead model that sounds on par with many much more expensive headsets. Moreover, it also looks more expensive than the real cost, as it has a stylish design. In addition, the metal insert in the cups gives a more expensive look. The headset sits securely on the head, does not cause discomfort.

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Sony MDR-ZX310AP has an extended frequency range from 10 to 24,000 Hz. There is a deep, powerful bass, at the same time, the mids are detailed, readable. Highs do not whistle, but at the same time, they add brightness to the sound, making it more expressive.


9. JBL TUNE 500 – Wired On-Ear Headphones

Another model with overlay cups that pleases not only with sound but also with excellent ergonomics. The headset has a fairly simple design, but it looks pretty. Soft ear cushions fit evenly to your ears without excessive pressure, resulting in no pain during prolonged use.

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The sound is typical for JBL – there is a resilient, spacious, clean bass. The middle ones are slightly cut off, while the high ones are bright, clear, and sonorous. The sound is best suited for electronic music, hip-hop, and other similar styles.


8. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear (M2 AEG)

Headphones that deservedly took first place in our ranking. The model belongs to the premium level with Hi-End sound. The gadget looks stylish and expensive – the frame is completely metal, while the upper part of the headband is covered with high-quality leather. On the head, the headphones sit securely and are practically not felt.

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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear (M2 AEG) has audiophile beautiful sound with a wide stage, precise positioning, and a sense of presence. The frequency response is quite flat, but not a monitor one, since there is some embellishment – the drivers emphasize the low frequencies a little. In general, the sound is suitable for any direction.


7. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headphones/Headset with Mic

Vacuum headphones that delight you with a stylish, cute design and excellent sound. Despite the rather unusual shape of the cups, they fit well in the ears, do not cause discomfort with prolonged use. Traditionally, there is a remote control with a built-in microphone on the wire, which does an excellent job.

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The letters “XB” in the model name indicate that the headphones have “extra bass”. They have a spacious, at the same time, perfectly detailed bass. Therefore, the headset is “sharpened”, first of all, for various electronic trends, dance music, hip-hop.


6. Sennheiser CX 300S In-Ear Headphone with One-Button

A vacuum headset from a German manufacturer, which, despite its relatively low price, has the same signature sound for which Zenhi are so valued. Cups are compact, lightweight, made in plastic cases. If you choose the right attachments, they sit securely and do not fall out even when running.

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Sounds pretty smooth, but with some Sennheiser’s signature embellishment. Low frequencies are slightly emphasized, highs are even, bright, well articulated. The speakers operate in a wide audio range – from 10 to 21000 Hz. The sound is universal – as the test showed, any music sounds beautiful in them.


5. Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones

It’s rare to find a wired headset with active noise canceling. If you are looking for just one, take a look at the Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones. The gadget combines stylish design, good sound, and effective noise cancellation. In this case, there is no battery. The electronics are powered through the phone’s USB port, to which headphones are connected.

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Headset drivers sound in the range from 20 to 40,000 Hz, while the frequency response is well balanced. The sound is clear, spacious, with good detail. Thanks to the presence of noise cancellation, it is pleasant to listen to music even in the subway and other noisy places.


4. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear (M2 IEi)

Premium vacuum earbuds with signature clear and detailed sound. They look expensive and stylish thanks to metal cases, elliptical wire, and a combination of black and red colors. The backing is reliable and comfortable, like most in-channel models.

Best Wired in-ear Headphones

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Momentum 2.0 In-Ear speakers operate in a wide frequency range – from 15 to 22000 Hz. The sound has a deep and wide stage, as well as excellent positioning, which is generally a rarity for vacuum headsets. Of course, the sound has great detail and presence.


3. Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones – Battery Free for Unlimited Listening

On-ear headphones were created by an Apple subsidiary. Traditionally for Beats, the design is quite strict, youthful and cute. Due to their lightweight and well-thought-out design, they sit well on the head, allow you to listen to music for several hours in a row, without any pain.

Best Wired On-ear Headphones

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The sound is not quite typical for Beats. In it, of course, there is the very proprietary bass that fans of this manufacturer love. However, the mids sound expressively and beautifully together with it. Highs are present in full, and their range reaches 31,000 Hz. Thus, Beats EP On-Ear is suitable for all genres.


2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

Another very unusual model with full-size cups, which deservedly made it into our TOP 10 best-wired headphones. Unlike all other models, it supports not only wired but also wireless connection. Other features include support for active noise cancellation, the presence of an NFC chip, and support for Hi-Res Audio.

Best Wired Headphones with Noise Cancellation

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The sound is smooth, close to the monitor sound – smooth, perfectly detailed, with volume and presence. You can install an application on your smartphone that allows you to adjust the sound – change the balance of frequencies, add depth, etc. The time of continuous operation of the headphones in wireless mode is about 35 hours.


1. Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

The popular model of the legendary American manufacturer Apple. True, the headset is far from being a flagship, but quite budgetary – a good workhorse for every day. It has drop-shaped inserts. Fit and comfort are largely dependent on the anatomy of the ear, but most users do not have any problems.

Best Wired Headphones

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The sound is well balanced, there is a clear, readable bass, and the middle range sounds nice. Tall, bright, clean, detailed. Moreover, the sound remains the same even at maximum volume values. The sound range of the drivers is between 20 and 20,000 Hz.



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