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20 Best Woody Perfumes for Women 2022

Best Woody Perfumes for Women. The Woodsy fragrances are distinguished by an abundance of woody notes in a portion of their olfactory pyramid with cedar, sandalwood, pine, and rosewood among the other woody notes available. The fragrances of this olfactory family are noted for their abundance of freshness, naturalness, and purity, as well as their versatility and intensity. This will always be a viable choice. They harmonize wonderfully with the other notes that lend it a feminine touch, without sacrificing its powerful and passionate quality.


20 Best Woodsy Perfumes for Women 2022


1. Obsession – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein provides us with an ideal alternative for flirtatious evenings. The ‘Obsession’ perfume contains a high concentration of spice notes that combine wonderfully with woody notes to create a strong and sensual aroma that is ideal for casual parties or formal gatherings.

Best Woody Perfumes For Women

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Due to the sandalwood, oakmoss, and cedarwood notes, the spice notes stand out clearly, creating a powerful and very penetrating perfume aided by small touches of incense and vanilla. In its early phase, the combination of citrus and fruit notes will take center stage and will reveal the fragrance’s most arresting scents, which will include woody and spicy elements.

It is a fragrance that can linger on our skin for up to 15 hours. Its essence is quite powerful and penetrating, making it an ideal choice for attracting attention on nights when it is warranted. Your presence will be recognized, and you will pique the interest of more than one person.


2. Charlie Blue – Revlon

Revlon’s ‘Charlie Blue’ perfume is a beautiful combination of woody and spicy elements that creates a really natural and pleasant aroma. Since its inception in 1973, this fragrance has distinguished itself among the woody olfactory family.

Best Woodsy Perfumes for Women

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Its sandalwood and oakmoss notes create an unmatched woody look, which is enhanced by floral notes and a touch of musk.

It’s the ideal fragrance for fall days when the woody notes shine out and merge seamlessly with the surroundings. They last a moderate amount of time and have a strong aura that is not overbearing.


3. Paloma Picasso – Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso, a designer renowned for her wonderful aesthetic, has surprised us once again with one of her spectacular scents. The perfume ‘Paloma Picasso’ is described as a great combination of woody and musky elements that creates a powerful and lingering sensation.

Best Woody Fragrances

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Sandalwood, oakmoss, and vetiver provide the woody notes, which are balanced with delicate floral and citrus undertones that make it stand out in any situation. These components stand out because they create an explosion of delectable fragrances during the perfume’s initial phase. Musk and amber also play a significant part, as these notes contribute to the perfume’s strength and longevity throughout the final phase.

It has an excellent duration, lasting up to 15 hours on the skin. It has an extraordinary and strong aura, making it an ideal perfume for date nights or casual parties! Allow this aroma to take care of everyone in your vicinity!


4. Decadence – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs was charged with creating a seductive and dazzling fragrance for women who spend a lot of time out at night. The ‘Decadence’ scent is a perfect blend of woody, fruity, and floral elements that will create a buzz at meetings or formal gatherings.

Best Woodsy Fragrances

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It features plum tones that blend harmoniously with vetiver and lily root and is complemented by lovely floral notes of rose and jasmine. Its base notes have a hint of amber, which develops into a strong presence over time, enhancing the perfume’s woody and fruity scents.

Provides the ideal aroma for your winter or fall nightlife. This is a powerful scent that does not become invasive and is capable of captivating multiple people. It is a highly long-lasting scent that will give the wearer a very mature image. It is recommended for ladies above the age of 25.


5. Summer – Antonio Puig

Despite its lack of variety of notes, Antonio Puig’s perfume ‘Estivalia’ stands out for its simplicity but intensity. Its notes are made up of exotic flowers that impart a wonderful perfume and work in harmony with the woody notes.

Best Woody Notes Perfumes

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It has jasmine notes that work in harmony with the vetiver notes, resulting in the perfume’s most prominent notes throughout the day. It has a pleasant length and a silky presence that imparts an abundance of freshness and purity.

It is great for spring and summer days, bringing a sense of well-being and harmony when working, taking long walks, or taking morning strolls. Allow yourself to be swept away by an invigorating and youthful aroma!


6. My Dame – Jean Paul Gaultier

We are all familiar with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s ability to create exquisite and very unique perfumes, such as ‘Ma Dame.’ When compared to other fragrances by the same author, this one has fewer notes, but they are incredibly powerful and natural.

Wood Notes Perfumes

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Its most prominent note is grenadine, which is offset with a hint of citrus orange and roses. Its base notes of musk and cedar work in perfect harmony with the other scent elements, creating a fresh, extremely natural perfume.

It’s ideal for summer and spring days, as its woody undertones impart a sense of freshness. It’s appropriate for any situation, making it a versatile perfume. You will feel completely at ease in your daily life, whether at work or on your days off.


7. Aura – Loewe

Loewe provides us with a powerful and extremely pure fragrance. Due to the overwhelming presence of woody notes, the ‘Aura’ scent outperforms many other aromas. This scent features an excellent blend of sandalwood and leather notes that lends it a natural and intense quality.

Best Woody Colognes

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Its cedar and sandalwood notes shine out, wonderfully complementing the rich leather and rose notes. Additionally, this fragrance has subtle spicy components that impart a peppery note during the fragrance’s initial hours.

It features a somewhat difficult trail with a longer duration. It’s ideal for fall and spring days and will leave you feeling revitalized and energized. It has a tinge of bergamot, which adds a lovely citrus note.


8. Aromatic Elixir – Clinique

Clinique’s ‘Aromatic Elixir’ perfume is another fantastic option for both day and night. Although this scent contains a huge variety of aromatic notes, they are not the most remarkable. It is heavily influenced by delectable woody notes, which lend it an air of freshness and naturalness.

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Coriander seeds, chamomile, geranium, and a citrus touch of bergamot create the opening aromatic notes, which are followed by floral notes that lend a very feminine touch. To conclude, it has a broad range of woody tones, including sandalwood, rosewood, and oakmoss. It’s worth noting that the base notes contain a trace of incense, which lends the final phase an air of intensity.

It is an extremely adaptable scent that adapts to any circumstance; you may feel at ease wearing it on the busiest days of the week or gala nights.


9. Emporio Armani Ella – Giorgio Armani

We are in the presence of a piece of art by Giorgio Armani; the perfume ‘Emporio Armani Ella’ is renowned for its complexity of notes. The woody and powdered varieties are the most striking throughout their duration; they will provide you with an abundance of freshness and fluency on the warmest autumn and spring days.

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Its cedar and sandalwood notes are majestically mixed with tonka bean, musk, and almonds to create an aroma that is truly unique and pleasant. It includes a dash of vanilla to give it intensity, as well as beginning citrus notes that give the scent an explosive start.

It lasts around 10 hours and leaves a magnificent trail of woody and vanilla aromas. You’ll have a very harmonic aroma in your hands that will make you an ideal companion in fall and spring, while it also works well in winter.


10. This is Her – Zadig & Voltaire

A highly unusual blend of woody aromas, whipped cream, and vanilla. Zadig & Voltaire’s perfume ‘This is her’ is a very natural aroma with a gentle touch. A unique and trendy fragrance that will keep us feeling liberated and active throughout the day.

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Whipping cream, cashmere wood, and vanilla are the most prominent notes. Its gentle flower notes and sandalwood base notes impart a sense of purity and freshness to the fragrance. This is the ideal fragrance for autumn days because it fits in perfectly with the atmosphere and gives you a sense of relaxed modernity.

It is an extremely long-lasting fragrance with a strong presence. Its perfume is detectable from several meters away and will lend you considerable presence regardless of the event.


11. Presence d’Une Femme – Montblanc

As the name says, this is a perfume that represents the wearer’s class, elegance, and presence. This Montblanc scent is ideal for women who want to make a good impression at formal events, as it is suitable for day and nightwear.

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Its rosewood, sandalwood, and mahogany wood tones blend beautifully with peppery notes to create a very mature and elegant perfume. It features a faint citrus and vanilla note that will accompany you throughout the perfume’s initial phase.

It is a highly adaptable scent that works well in any season and is ideal for casual meetings, workspaces, and business meetings. The sophistication and elegance that this perfume exudes will convey to others that you are a determined woman with a highly mature mind; she can linger on your skin for up to 10 hours and creates a massive and extremely intense fragrance trail.


12. Calandre – Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s ‘Calandre’ perfume has gained popularity since its 1969 inception due to its adaptability and ability to stand out in every situation. It has a clean, fresh scent due to the blend of woody, green, and floral components.

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Its opening notes are citrusy, courtesy of the bergamot, and are complemented by very natural green undertones. Its center notes include floral and lily root notes, with the most prominent being roses and lilies. Its base notes of musk, amber, sandalwood, and moss contribute to the perfume’s woody texture. This will leave us feeling energized and content for most of the day.

It’s appropriate for any occasion, day or night, and at any time of year. It is a fragrance that lingers for an extended period of time and has a mild aura that attracts attention during casual parties or morning walks.


13. Air Loewe – Loewe

A magnificent blend of woodsy, green, and citrus scents. Loewe’s ‘Aire Loewe’ perfume will demonstrate its more pure and natural side, owing to the abundance of citrus and green notes that shine out particularly in summer and spring.

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Citrus notes such as orange, bergamot, lemon, and tangerine are mixed with green and floral fragrances to create a very natural and fresh aroma during the perfume’s initial phase, which typically lasts about two hours. The roses and carnations in the middle notes give way to the longer-lasting notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, cedar, and vetiver.

It contains a trace of vanilla, lending it a gently sweet aroma during the majority of the perfume’s life. It has an excellent duration and leaves a smooth, amazing, and very fresh trail, making it ideal for spring or summer’s hottest and most strenuous days.


14. Rive Gauche – Yves Saint Laurent

Another extremely varied fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, the ‘Rive Gauche’ perfume will provide us with a variety of woody, floral, and green elements. It embodies an independent and elegant woman, is appropriate for every event and exudes an air of sophistication and presence.

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Its sounds are aldehydic chords that blend well with woody, floral, and green notes. Moss and oak roses will be the most prominent notes, coupled with their green undertones, which are intensified by the musk base note.

It will impart a citrus note during its early phase, courtesy of bergamot and lemon notes, and will last roughly 10 hours, making it ideal for any season of the year. Whether it’s day or night, this scent will leave an enticing trail that will capture the attention of everyone who comes into contact with it.


15. Reveal – Calvin Klein

We came upon one of the list’s most alluring scents. We’re discussing Calvin Klein’s ‘Reveal.’ Prepare to be in high demand wherever you travel. With this one-of-a-kind scent, we get a variety of very strange notes combined with woody notes to create a powerful, bold, and sensual perfume.

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Its initial phase is characterized by top notes of salt, pink pepper, white pepper, and black pepper; these notes add a sensual touch to the perfume, combining beautifully with the fragrance’s most enduring characteristics. This includes sandalwood, cashmere, and ambergris, as well as a dash of musk, which lends the fragrance its intensity over the majority of its duration.

It is a perfect scent for both day and night, particularly for formal occasions, appointments, business meetings, and casual gatherings. You can wear it at any time of year. It’s a highly adaptable fragrance that will bring out your sexy and daring side.


16. Visit for Women – Azzaro

This fragrance is well-known for its exotic woody overtones. The fragrance ‘Visit for women’ by Azzaro has a powerful woody perfume with spicy overtones. It’s great for special dates or romantic evenings, as its spicy overtones lend an air of boldness and spice to any occasion.

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Its most prominent elements are exotic woods and cedar, while its underlying note of musk ensures that this perfume shines brilliantly. These woody notes provide strength and length, evoking its essence. On the other hand, pepper and tonka bean provide excellent representations of the spicy notes. This is the perfume’s seductive touch, which makes it an ideal choice for formal meetings.

It begins with an orange leaf note, lending it a subtle citrus touch. This fragrance lasts a long time and leaves a seductive and somewhat daring trail.


17. Purple Lips Sensual – Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali’s perfume ‘Purplelips Sensuous’ is incredibly feminine, sensual, and adventurous. It contains a wide range of notes from numerous olfactory families, lending it an unusual olfactory richness that makes it an ideal choice for appointments or formal gatherings.

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Due to the Somali opoponax note, it has a strong fragrant influence. Its beginning notes are made of flowers and fruits, which lend a feminine touch to the fragrance, while the middle note of cinnamon adds a sense of sensuality and intensity to any event. Patchouli and pepper also draw attention and help us feel refreshed at night, especially when used in the autumn.

It has an extraordinary length, remaining on our skin for up to 8 hours and leaving a modest trail that is extremely penetrating, intense, and sensual. With this amazing aroma, you’ll stand out on the wildest nights!


18. Essence de Patchouli – Alyssa Ashley

The woody tones mingle with patchouli to create an enticing perfume worthy of admiration. The ‘Essence de Patchouli’ perfume takes a lot of inspiration from its name. Patchouli will be in charge of enveloping us throughout the day, but not at the expense of the woody notes that lend it a wonderfully fresh and natural touch.

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Throughout the perfume’s three phases, roses and geranium will add an essential feminine touch. Guaiac wood, lily root, and cedar notes surround us with a woody aroma that blends nicely with patchouli undertones. However, a trace of vanilla adds a fleeting sweetness.

It’s the ideal fragrance for fall and spring days. Patchouli will leave you feeling revitalized and youthful. It has a reasonable duration and a spectacular trail that is non-invasive, natural, and fresh.


19. The 4 Seasons: Fall – Mr. Micallef

Keeping many of the characteristics of the preceding perfume, ‘Les 4 Saisons: Automme’ is extremely flexible and will be the ideal choice for any season or time of day. Due to the range of tones, it is an intriguing and very appealing option.

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Sandalwood, red fruits, patchouli, and vanilla are the most prominent notes. It’s an unusual blend that produces a refined effect that’s very feminine and enticing. Additionally, it contains bergamot, which lends it a zesty note throughout its early phase.

As the name says, it is the ideal scent for any season of the year, day or night. This perfume will delicately adapt to its surroundings and will make its presence felt in every situation.


20. Green Tea – Adolfo Domínguez

This perfume strikes the perfect combination of woody and green notes, while also incorporating a subtle citrus note that provides a burst of freshness during the opening phase. Adolfo Dominguez is well-known for introducing extremely clean and fresh scents to the market and is one of the most well-known.

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Its tea and bamboo notes combine perfectly with the woody notes of oakmoss and guaiac wood to create a wonderful perfume that is complemented by a hint of citrus from the initial yuzu note. It’s worth noting that it has cilantro and mint notes, which make the scent remain longer.

It has a long-lasting effect on our skin, lasting up to 8 hours, and leaves a very smooth, fresh, and nature trail. It’s the ideal choice for summer and spring’s brightest days. The season will be in perfect harmony with the tones in your scent.



Woodsy note scents are extremely versatile, making them an excellent choice. This perfumery style is characterized by its intensity while remaining fresh and natural. It’s an excellent choice for women who are undecided about which perfume to purchase. This olfactory family will go to considerable lengths to make a favorable impression.


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