Best Zadig & Voltaire Perfumes For Women

6 Best Zadig & Voltaire Perfumes For Women

Since many years ago, youth fashion has been a huge part of fashion. In fact, many adults wear youth clothes in styles that are really full of teenage energy. This is how Zadig & Voltaire has become a name that is closely connected to the success of perfumes for young women. Originality is the brand’s main feature, and we must also add a stream of ease and supreme freedom.

The 6 best Zadig & Voltaire perfumes for women are scents that you should definitely have in your collection. Don’t forget to wear these top-rated scents.

Top 6 Zadig & Voltaire Perfumes and Colognes For Her

1. Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her

You have to always show who you are in public; you can’t live any other way than as a girl who sticks to her style, and This Is Her by Zadig & Voltaire takes that to the fullest. When it came out in 2016, this perfume for women is part of the Oriental Vanilla scent family.

This Is Her by Zadig & Voltaire

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From Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur, they stuck out with a scent that has all the feminine qualities you could want and is full of sweetness, wood, and warmth. Because of this, pink pepper, silk, sambac jasmine, and cashmere wood must be its most important notes.

Because it lasts a long time and leaves a heavy scent, it’s a great cologne for winter and long periods of time.

2. Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! For Her

The scents in this brand are full of youthful energy and a lot of rebellion. Just Rock! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire is the best example of this.It joined the Oriental Floral scent family for women in 2017 and has a beautiful scent.

Just Rock! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire

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Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac were responsible for creating this perfume. Its scent includes vanilla, wood, and many clean, fresh flowers, which makes it a unique summer scent.

Tuberose, musk, jasmine, and woody notes are the scents that make up this perfume. We add a moderately long life and a very strong smell.

3. Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her Capsule Collection

When it comes to perfumes, Zadig & Voltaire does a great job of showing a lot of different styles. The Capsule Collection This Is Her, a scent made just for summer that is in the Oriental Vanilla family for women, is a great example of this.

This Is Her by Zadig & Voltaire Capsule Collection

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It has a strong woody smell that is also sweet. It also has a spicy scent that is boosted by different flowers. Pink pepper, jasmine, chestnut, whipped cream, vanilla, and cashmere wood are some of the notes that make it up.

Because of this, this scent, which is a mix of wood and spice, is great for workdays because it lasts a long time and leaves a mild trail.

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4. Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Be Crazy

Girls Can Be Crazy by Zadig & Voltaire is a very fun perfume. Its design is very Quentin Bish, and its smell is full of crazy chords where notes of vanilla, Coca-Cola, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, tonka bean, and pear come together.

Girls Can Be Crazy by Zadig & Voltaire

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This perfume for women, which came out in 2020 and is part of the Oriental Vanilla family of scents, smells like a mix of strong scents like Coca-Cola and sweet scents like pear, which makes it perfect for spring. It lasts a very long time, and it leaves a heavy wake.

5. Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 La Purete For Her

This brand is known for being unique, but they were also able to make a standard scent that doesn’t seem to come from this brand. This shows that they can make scents for people of all ages. This one was made by Nathanaïl Lorson and came out in 2012.

Tome 1 La Purete For Her by Zadig & Voltaire

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The scent of this perfume is in the Floral Woody Musk for Women family. It has bergamot, milk, African orange blossom, musk, and guaiac wood notes. In this way, its smell is very floral, fresh, and mostly lemon, which makes it more enjoyable to smell in the fall.

It has a reasonable length of time, and its wake is about the same, making it really comfortable for everyone.

6. Zadig & Voltaire This Is Love! For Her

Don’t wait to fill yourself with This Is Love if you want to live love to the best!For Her by Zadig & Voltaire is a scent for women in the Oriental Floral family that is all about pure desire and youth.

This Is Love! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire

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The right spring scent for it came from Sidonie Lancesseur, as do most of this brand’s scents. It has notes of violet, ginger, sandalwood, and vanilla. Like this, perfume with a warm vanilla smell is put together, along with wood and a certain balm sometimes. That being said, this is also useful for everyday wear and proves that it will last a long time.

Final Words

Do not be afraid to feel what it was like to be a young, fun girl again. The best scents, like Zadig & Voltaire’s, can teach you how to do this.

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