Beware of Hacking Surveillance Cameras During your Vacation

Beware of Hacking Surveillance Cameras During your Vacation

Beware of Hacking Surveillance Cameras During your Vacation

47 brands seem to present security concerns and endanger your video surveillance installations. ESET, a specialist in cybersecurity, warns against the hacking of your surveillance security cameras during your vacation.

There are approximately 3.5 million security cameras are installed in professional and/or personal places, in Asia and Europe, which present serious vulnerabilities. These expose their owners to the risk of espionage with a view to burglary for theft of data or property.

β€œThe brands with potentially vulnerable cameras are Besdersec, COOAU, CPVAN, Centronics, Dericam, Jennov, LEFTEK, Luowice, QZT, and Tenvis,” says Which? Additionally, the site advises that any wireless camera using the CamHi app and having some type of Unique Identification Number (UID) could be vulnerable to hacking.

There are reportedly 700,000 cameras in use in Europe, 100,000 of which are in the UK. They are made up of 47 brands. The full list of vulnerable cameras is available on the website of Paul Marrapese, an American security engineer who discovered these issues.

With camera hacking, the primary risks are obviously that of espionage, but it is also possible to find yourself with your camera trapped in a botnet network for large-scale attacks or hacking of other elements of the network. your local internet network. Also, remember that cameras can identify your exact address and therefore make a burglary even easier.

β€œ In fact, there is nothing you can do to protect yourself against this vulnerability, ” points out Which? So even if you have changed the default password, this action is still useless and ineffective, and therefore, paradoxically, it is better to turn it off and remove it from your network if it is on the aforementioned list.




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