Bezos is now richer than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Bezos is now richer than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos exceeded $ 202 billion, making him the world’s first person to cross the $ 200 billion thresholds. Bezos is now $ 78 billion richer than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who ranks second in the ranking of the richest people.

The personal fortune of the founder of Amazon has risen sharply in recent years, along with the company’s share price. Bezos became the richest man in recent history in 2018 when his personal fortune exceeded $ 150 billion.

Amazon shares hit record highs in April 2020 amid high consumer demand caused by the global health crisis. The company’s securities value continued to rise, adding hundreds of billions of dollars to its market value and providing investors with a return of more than 86% in 2020. As of August 26, Amazon’s value exceeded $ 1.7 trillion, making it the second-largest company after Apple.

It is worth noting that Bezos’ equity would have reached $ 200 billion much earlier if not for his divorce last year, after which his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott received more than $ 66 billion.


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