Bing Search Engine reamed as Microsoft Bing

Bing search engine officially becomes Microsoft Bing

As part of its effort to makeover, Microsoft is about to rename its search engine, Bing, by Microsoft Bing. In addition to the new name, the company has a new brand with fresh colors and a new logo. The new name has been rolled out everywhere and the graphical language matches that of other Microsoft products.

The company said the new name ” reflects the continued integration of our research experiences across the Microsoft family .” Bing is Microsoft’s internal search engine that targets Google directly. Although Bing’s popularity is not very high, it plays a vital role in keeping the pressure on Google, which holds the majority of the search engine market share.

In addition, Microsoft is developing its Give with Bing program, which allows you to accumulate Microsoft Points through Bing searches and Xbox games. These points can be redeemed by the user for rewards as well as donations to charities.

The Redmond-based giant has tried to encourage Bing through the rewards program and it has worked well for many. Points can earn you an Xbox Game Pass membership which further sweetens the deal and makes you a part of the ecosystem.

The new logo has a color scheme that looks suspiciously similar to the Edge browser logo. The new brand and name make a lot of sense as Microsoft applications are increasingly streamlined and easy to identify.

Many expected this change to be on the horizon when “Bing Ads” was changed to “Microsoft Ads” last year. Instead of relying on isolated names, the Microsoft brand has become a staple of every product and helps establish a wide range of products from surface hardware devices to the Outlook app on your phone.


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