Biohackers First Netflix Original Series stored in DNA

Biohackers First Netflix Original Series stored in DNA

Twist Bioscience Corporation, a biotechnology business based in San Francisco, said that they had successfully encoded the Biohackers First Netflix Original Series stored in DNA for the first time.

Biohackers Netflix Original Series Stored in DNA

Just 200 copies of the new scientific series “Biohackers” were manufactured when Netflix released it to the public.

Such copies of the series, as the coding alone required three days, and the decoding process is not quick or inexpensive.

The heroes investigate genetic alterations, biological interventions in the human body and home, and fascinating opportunities in the field of engineering biology in the six-part series.

Thus, this method of preservation has turned into an excellent promotional tool for the event, showcasing the amazing and as-yet-undiscovered potential of biotechnology.

Biohackers Series Trailer

DNA is the oldest coding system known to science and we are only now beginning to explore its potential. The new BIOHACKERS explores some of the current possibilities, as well as future possibilities, through imagination and creativity.

“DNA is an incredible molecule, and because of its unusual structure, the large amount of information encoded in it can be stored for thousands of years.

The DNA present in all cells of the human body can store 3 billion times more films made in the 21st century worldwide.

This perfectly illustrates the magic of combining biology and technology possible by creating a synthetic (inert) DNA molecule and using it as a repository of information instead of our usual ones, ”said Dr. Leproust.

Twist Bioscience Corporation currently uses semiconductor technology to produce more than a million small pieces of DNA molecules arranged on a single silicon chip.

The company aims to develop a next-generation silicon chip that would allow the company to synthesize or write 10 gigabytes of DNA information on each silicon chip, significantly reducing the cost of digital data storage, and opening the door to wider use and faster commercialization.

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