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Black Panther II Movie Release Date | Black Panther Sequel

Black Panther II Release Date

Last month it was reported that actor Tenoch Huerta could play the villain of “Black Panther II. ” A casting that was not announced last week during Disney Investor Day but the plans to make the film were made official, to the point of giving Black Panther II new release date: July 8, 2022.

Black Panther 2 Previous Release Date

That information also pointed to a start of filming for July 2021, although of course, at that time the release date was May 8, 2022. Now comes new information that places the start of the main photography for June 2021.

It is curious, because, despite the fact that the premiere has been delayed two months compared to the one it had for months, the new date for production advances the deadlines one month. However, all this has the logic that not only does the film’s release date dictate, but also the agendas of the actors, that in many occasions – when it is a main member of the cast – productions must be adapted to their busy schedules.

If these are the correct dates, we would be talking about a matter of one year for the filming and post-production of the film. A plausible deadline, but one that is still tight. As soon as there is an unexpected setback, they will go against the clock.

Especially in a Black Panther movie that usually carries a significant load of special effects. However, previously the deadlines were tighter since we were talking about the start of filming in July 2021 for a premiere in May 2022.

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