BlackBerry is back with its iconic keyboard

BlackBerry is back with its iconic keyboard

At the beginning of the year, TCL announced the end of its partnership with BlackBerry. BlackBerry is back with its iconic keyboard and therefore the marketing of its latest models (KEYOne, Motion, KEY2, and KEY2 LE). The reason was quite simple: a big commercial failure against the giants of the sector who offer smartphones with touch screens and without physical keyboards. As of August 31, the shutdown will be official (but technical support will continue until the end of August 2022).

Now, BlackBerry entrusts FIH Mobile and OnwardMobility with its operating license. OnwardMobility will be in charge of distribution and marketing. FIH Mobile will take care of the hardware part.

BlackBerry announces launching a new smartphone in 2021 with as main attractions a physical keyboard (as it has always done) and especially 5G. Major Target of the Product: Businesses who value the high level of security of BlackBerry products.

In any case, it is preferable for the brand to continue to target the business world rather than that of individuals in a context of extremely stiff competition in all price segments.


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