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Boycott of the Netflix streaming platform

Boycott of the Netflix streaming platform

Boycott of the Netflix streaming platform

The fans are unhappy. A large number of series on the Netflix platform will be closed. Internet users are calling for a boycott of Netflix on September 10, 2020. Many series were canceled in this year 2020. Yet these series were Netflix originals and were highly regarded by fans. The significant audience will not be enough to turn and broadcast the next seasons of these successes. The fans, quite annoyed, call for a boycott of the platform, all for September 10.

If many series are also finished to date on the platform, many do not have the chance to have an end. The canceled series that caused the most mourning over their non-renewal are: Dare me, Insatiable, Sense 8, Everything Sucks, Spinning Out, Osmosis, Marianne, OA, The Society, I’m not okay with this, and Trinkets. But these are not the only ones to have been canceled. The platform has decided to end the contracts of a large number of other series after their season 1 or after their season. It is not yet known whether this measure was taken because of the health situation or because of the “low” audience.

Strange list since some of the series that were expected had also been officially renewed on the social networks of the streaming platform. This was particularly the case for the series The Society which had nevertheless mobilized a large number of viewers. In 2019, subscribers had already attempted to boycott the platform without much success when the OA series was declared canceled.

Netflix’s response

The boycott was declared by the hashtag #CancelNetflix. The platform has been threatened several times and for several different reasons for a boycott by Internet users. Most of the time these boycotts were aimed at making the American giant react to withdraw certain films deemed discriminatory.

Angry Netflix subscribers feel they are being ignored by the platform. Left like that without explanations and without their favorite series. The boycott must take place soon with a temporary suspension of the Netflix accounts of Internet users who protest against these successive cancellations. When the account is suspended, they ask to mention the name of the canceled series.

A boycott that did not shudder Netflix, then already threatened many times. Netflix has not responded to Internet users in the face of this movement. The reasons for the cancellations are still unknown.



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