Call of Duty Warzone receive massive update

Call of Duty Warzone receive a massive update

Call of Duty Warzone got a lot of new content today. The creators of call of duty warzone shared trailers with new players after receiving another massive update, and we will be able to take part in battles for up to 200 people. Call of Duty Warzone by the storm took place on the podium of the most famous battle royale games. A lot of new content has been added today.

Even bigger battles

Call of Duty Warzone has been updated for some time, introducing us to increase the limit of players up to 200 people! In addition to such a large number of players on the map, we also got, among others, new contracts, an additional operator and a weapon. Part of the news in the form of even a new map is available to owners of the full version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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It is worth mentioning here, however, that the 200 player mode is a temporary event, so it’s worth using while it’s there. The new contracts include a “Supply Run” contract, thanks to which we will be able to get a discount after reaching the store at the appointed time.

Brewed and lots of news

Infinity Ward has also presented a new attraction – screenshots of the Juggernaut outfit that will make any player feel even more indestructible. Although not all of us love the monetization of multiplayer games, CoD Warzone has introduced a new “Starter Pack” that guarantees us access to new weapons, skins, experience bonuses and one operator for $ 4.99.

The latest update, however, puts a lot of requirements – to download it we need another 22-36 GB of free space on PCs. This is another blow for players who have been criticizing production for some time because it takes up so much disk space that no other games can fit there.

How to free up space in Warzone?

They say that it is best to uninstall the game. Infinity Ward decided to help all those who suffer from insufficient space on their SSD or HDD. A complete guide on what to do can be found on the official website at this address. It is worth mentioning, however, that it assumes uninstalling unnecessary content in the form of even additional content.