Canon introduces Canon LI8020SA 250 Megapixels Sensor

Canon introduces Canon LI8020SA 250 Megapixels Sensor

Canon introduces a 250 Megapixels Sensor for Cameras

Canon introduces a 250 megapixels image sensor. Due to the high resolution of the matrix, it allows multiple magnifications of the image with the digital zoom without loss of quality. Canon’s new image sensor is called the Canon LI8020SA.

It is designed for the industrial market and video surveillance systems. The novelty is capable of capturing 1.5 μm pixels and taking pictures at a resolution of 19568 × 12588 pixels.

At native resolution, the sensor is capable of shooting at up to 5 frames per second, and after switching to Full HD – to capture video at up to 60 frames per second.

One of the main features of the sensor is a technology called “Region of Interest”. With it, the user can select the desired area of ​​the 8K image and bring it closer for independent shooting at a frequency of 24 fps in low resolution.

The bad news is that we will not see this sensor in any “consumer” level cameras in the near future.

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