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Welcome! You are in the TopandTrending smartphone category. We have a complete list of cell phones of various brands and prices. Choose your best version and happy shopping! Find on this page the best cheap smartphones, smartphone launches, and the best-selling smartphones of the year! We have separated for you a little bit of all the models available in the market so that you exactly what you are looking for.

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Guide on how to buy cheap smartphones

Buying a new cheap smartphone is not always a simple task. As it is an item that is increasingly present in everyday life, you need to take some important details into consideration before purchasing your new smart device.

Do not choose the first option that comes ahead, research and identify which device best suits your needs and best matches your personality. Check out our tips and make your purchase here at TopandTrending with the certainty of making the perfect choice.

How much should I spend on a smartphone?

First, decide how much you’re willing to spend and what features you really need. Think that it may be better to save and invest in the model of your dreams, one that will bring all practicality, comfort and mobility to your daily life.

To help you define this, we always bring a complete description of its products and, thus, the user can choose those that bring the best specifications for their personality. After all, don’t forget that your smartphone will accompany you everywhere!

For example, if you use a smartphone only for calls, buying a device with a wide variety of functions is not always the best investment. Here at TopandTrending, it is even possible to do a price search and choose the perfect option for the budget, from cheap smartphones to the most ostentatious.

In some cases, a device with less functionality is the right choice. On the other hand, if you need fast internet connection and solve all day to day problems by smartphone, then it is worth saving a little more and investing in a top of the line, one that delivers the most modern features, as it is the case of the 4G network.

Start by defining the smartphone you need

The variety of smartphones on the market is large and even the top brands such as Apple, Samsung or LG, have devices in many price ranges. But, do you know how to identify which features are different for each brand? For example, Sony smartphones deliver cameras with high quality, Samsung bets on several very useful apps pre-installed and Apple even has a unique operating system.

Choosing the device that best suits your needs can result in lower costs in the future as well. Choose the smartphone that offers the best option in connectivity, and some models already come with the modern 4G & 5G technology with coverage in practically all the national territory. Choose between single chip or dual devices, after all, this last option can be essential if you need the smartphone to make many calls.

The number of cores in the processor, which can currently reach fast Octa core devices, in addition to the amount of memory or the type of operating system, must also be taken into account. Are you finding it difficult to choose the ideal device? Don’t worry, we bring some examples that may be useful at the time of your purchase.


There’s no denying it, big screens are a trend at the moment, but you don’t need a smartphone just because it’s a “fad”. It is necessary to think about a detail: what will your new investment be used for? Larger screens are the best option for those who need to work with typing, for example, as they make keyboards larger.

In addition, features such as games, reading and watching videos are better with large screens. However, if you only intend to use basic apps or social networks, size doesn’t matter so much.

Viewing quality must always be taken into account! This characteristic depends directly on the technologies used in the manufacture, which can be LCD, LED, the modern AMOLED and Super AMOLED or the popular IPS.

The resolutions also vary: a smartphone with 854×480 pixels already delivers good quality, but, for the most demanding users, Full HD screens can reach 1920×1080 pixels. The previous rule holds: the higher the definition, the better the smartphone will be for apps, videos and reading. Also remember that a Full HD resolution, however, is better on a 4-inch screen than on a 5-inch screen – as it will have better pixel density per inch.


This question is important if you want to record all the moments of your life, after all, cameras have become great companions when it comes to updating social networks. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only megapixels are important: other points that deserve attention are the sensor, the types of lenses, the presence of flash and all the features that can impact the image quality. Also, be sure to check information about video quality.

Among the models that stand out with their cameras, choose the most current or, if your pocket allows, the top lines of each brand. Most of the latest releases have accompanied established cameras, and are therefore not synonymous with expensive smartphones.

If the subject is selfies, the most current models have values ​​starting at 5 megapixels (mostly) and numerous technologies at your disposal. The top models of the “J” line, from Samsung, even have a front LED flash.

Another good recommendation that leaves nothing to be desired is the Apple smartphone family, with iPhones being one of the most cited and recognized lines in the world within the photographic industry.

Processor and Memory

All aspects here directly affect smartphone performance: you need a good processor, in addition to powerful RAM and internal memory specifications. These are the characteristics that form the brain of the device and coordinate the use, so they influence the speed of the system.

It is what makes programs open quickly or not, for example. The most powerful are the Octa core processors, but not all functions need one. Two factors need to be analyzed: the number of cores and the clock speed (measured in MHz or GHz).

If you are looking for a smartphone that can deliver extreme agility during the heaviest games, we recommend checking out our list of the best gaming devices, which features established models – both in terms of smartphone and processor.

However, it is not mandatory to be Octa core to deliver quality: hex and quad core models also stand out in the market and leave nothing to be desired. In these cases, they have good RAM and internal storage, in addition to bringing card slots.

Operating system + Connectivity

The best operating system does not exist, what you should look for is the one that best suits your tastes. Both iOS, Android or Windows Phone have very accessible interfaces, but they all have unique characteristics.

Present on the iPhone, iOS gains in stability and has a large number of applications; Android is a system that allows more customization and offers more free applications; and Windows Phone is much simpler and faster to use, and has grown a lot in recent years.

In terms of connectivity, the most modern cell phones have support for 5G, a network that allows access and opening to websites with speed that is not behind the Wi-Fi connection. However, it is not present in all regions of the world.

Other smartphones bring only the 4G network, which also guarantees quick access to social networks or messengers. On the other hand, more basic cell phones have 3G, a simpler connection that still allows access to the internet through Wi-Fi as well.


All the descriptions made here at TopandTrending also talk about the visual part of smartphones, after all, we know that design gives a lot of value to it. Even if the smartphone is not so powerful, if it is pleasing to the eye the interest ends up being aroused.

It is worth noting which materials make up the cell phone structure, observing whether they are resistant, whether the battery can be removable or not and how the buttons / touchscreen is performing.

Apple, for example, says that a good part of the iPhone’s value is due to investments to reach the ideal format for consumers. Samsung, in turn, brings features in the design that made it so famous. It is worth checking the measurements to see if the device will suit what you need and if you will not need a protective cover.

SIM Chip

Smartphones are divided into single chip or dual chip, and the two options have weight smartphones among their representatives. For users who do not use more than one number or do not need to differentiate calls between personal and professional, single smartphones are ideal and still deliver greater practicality and autonomy of use.

On the other hand, dual chip devices work with up to 2 simultaneous chips and, therefore, are important for those who need access to two telephone networks, saving time and money. Among the best brands with the best dual devices, Samsung and LG stand out; while among the users’ favorite single chip is the entire line of Apple iPhones.


Finally, a powerful battery is essential to avoid worrying about outlets throughout the day. Since Li-Ion batteries arrived on the market, users no longer care about addicted devices, so quality can be measured in milliamps (mAh).

The rule of thumb is: the more the better. Powerful smartphones have batteries with at least 3000mAh. However, some simple smartphones or smartwatches come with 500mAh batteries that are sufficient for what they require. The common thing is to find values ​​higher than 1800mAh, this being a regular number that will make you enjoy your smartphone a lot without worrying about its charge.

Cheap and online smartphone

Information is never too much, so if you are thinking of buying a smartphone take advantage of the tips above and also read the reviews that we do daily about its products. First of all, you need to choose the best cost-benefit ratio for your purchase and stay on top of the best launches.

Here at TopandTrending, you are still well informed and find all the accessories you need, in addition to always finding the best offers. The perfect smartphone for you is certainly here!

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