Almost as popular as smartphones, Tablets have a large share of the worldwide mobile device market due to their excellent functionality. They are great for reading, surfing the internet, watching videos, playing through apps, and more, thanks to their powerful displays that easily go from 7 to 11 inches.

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Here you will find quality products and world references, such as Samsung, among others. Its characteristics include excellent screens, good quality cameras, agile processing components, Wi-Fi, and, in specific products, 3G and 4G networks. Therefore, carefully check the characteristics that each product has to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Top 10 Best Tablets

The Tablets are mobile devices that provide a multimedia experience high class. This type of product can offer many of the facilities presented by smartphones, but in this case, there is the possibility of making much better use of games and applications, as there is a larger screen that allows viewing images on an optimized scale.

Some tablet models feature hardware so powerful that it will be possible to perform functions that were previously only required for computers. That way, you will be able to take advantage of all the mobility that tablets have and take all that power to wherever and wherever you go. Tablets are devices that offer interesting mobility and still allow the accomplishment of countless daily tasks.

Applications and games are used in a much more interesting way, mainly because the product specifications allow the software to work in a much more interesting way.

Having a tablet in hand, you will be able to perform a series of tasks, with much more interaction and possibilities. When using the gadget, you surf the Web with maximum tranquility, being able to access your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) quickly and with great mobility.

Another interesting possibility offered by this type of product is when it comes to reading e-books, as this way you have the possibility to take advantage of a slightly larger screen and which can also bring considerable improvements in the visualization of letters and images.

The tablet fever started with the popularization of iPods, the famous tablets developed by the apple company. The popularization of Apple products has opened up a whole new market of possibilities for technology companies. The tablet has become an object of desire for all technology lovers, causing millions of units to be sold since when this “fever” started.

Even if the tablet cannot replace the computer 100% completely, these devices are interesting options for those who want mobility and still take advantage of a device that can offer fully powerful hardware to perform various tasks much more easily.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Right Tablet

The investment in a quality tablet can mean more income in your day to day because you will have a series of tools that can be taken anywhere you go.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, especially in terms of hardware. This aspect also applies to tablets, as this type of product suffers from constant updates and improvements, which allows the creation of increasingly better devices.

Tablets are electronic devices that can be considered the intermediary between the computer and the smartphone. That is, these devices are not as big and powerful as a computer, nor are they as small as a cell phone. That is, you will have a device that is actually a middle ground in the world of technology and that is where the great merit of the tablet is found, which is a versatile device that can be used in different aspects, with its combination of mobility and firepower to perform numerous tasks.

Main aspects of a Tablet

Now let’s talk about the main aspects related to tablets so that you can understand a little better how this type of device works.


The design issue is extremely important for any technological gadget and with the tablet, it could not be different. More and more tablets get thinner, which results in comfortable use of the device and also makes these products look more and more beautiful.

A clear example of this upgrade of the design of the tablets is the development of the iPad Air, which is an evolution of the tablets developed by Apple. The iPad Air is a thinner device than the “normal iPad”, considerably facilitating the usability of the device and which also makes it much more beautiful. In this way, it will be possible to improve the devices to a considerable degree, giving you the real possibility of using a product whose quality you already know, but with a completely different design and which allows for improved usability.

The design improvements allow an interesting operation for tablets, which leave the device with an improved operation and which also turns the device into a more beautiful and extremely easy to use the device.

Brands like Samsung, Asus, and Motorola are also starting to invest more in the design issue, to make theirs also beautiful and not just technological or functional.

You will also have the chance to use interesting large devices, in which the tablets stand out for being extremely technological devices and that can be beautiful at the same time. Take the opportunity to buy your tablet here at TopandTrending and also purchase a high-class device!


As you may have already seen, tablets are intermediate devices, which do not have the same power as last-generation computers but can still be considered more powerful than a good portion of smartphones present in the technology market.

The hardware upgrade is extremely beneficial for the user, after all, it is possible to enjoy better quality in solving tasks, bringing dynamism in the use of online games and applications. Processors developed to be present in tablets gain more and more quality. A clear example of this is in the iPads. Apple develops powerful processors to integrate this type of device. The apple company performs several tests on its components, creating a respectable set of hardware.

Being equipped with powerful processors, the new generation tablets can work much faster, and also considerably increase the possibilities developed especially to bring a completely different mobile experience.

Another important aspect to be highlighted is that tablets also gain more and more RAM, which also considerably increases the efficiency of the tablet. In previous times, these devices came with only a few megabytes of RAM, but now, this same feature already adds up to a good gigabyte, depending on the device.

Speaking of memory, it is also interesting to note that the user can still enjoy a good amount of internal memory, allowing the download of a huge amount of applications and mobile games, making the use of the tablet even more fun.

You can easily find models with 16GB, tablets with 32GB of internal memory, and also with 64GB. And the constant advances developed especially for this type of product will result in increasingly powerful tablets, whose processors will be of high category and with more and more internal memory.


The screen is another interesting aspect to be highlighted in the tablets and that is essential to guarantee much more interesting usability. One of the most interesting features of the tablet is its touch screen, as it is essential to determine the real usability of the device.

A large part of the tablets have a display that varies between 7 inches and 10 inches, but this is not a literal rule. That’s because in the market we can also find tablets with 8-inch screens, 9-inch tablets, or even slightly larger dimensions.

It is also possible to mention that there are some differences related to the screen present in the tablets. Even though there is no clear visible difference, it is possible to highlight the capacitive screens and the resistive screens.

Capacitive screens offer completely differentiated operation, presenting much more sensitive to touch and therefore an almost immediate response. As already indicated, this type of screen uses a capacitor, in which two plates separated by an insulator are responsible for making the recognition of the finger touching the screen occur in a completely intuitive and agile way.

One of the most interesting advantages of using a completely intuitive capacitive screen is that the user can tap the display several times at the same time and still get a quick response. The accuracy of the screen reaches almost 100% and the durability of the display is also much greater.

Resistive screens, on the other hand, have a function that can leave a little to be desired, since they do not have a very long response time. Some types of resistive screens are capable of identifying different touch intensities. This type of screen can offer an accuracy of approximately 80%, but the disadvantage is that it is necessary to carry out constant calibration of that same display.

If you are able, it is much more interesting to choose a device whose screen is capacitive. Although these products are a little more expensive, they work much more interesting and are also completely capable of offering much more facilities about what the user wants when buying his tablet.

Tablets are also gaining increasingly powerful screens; whose functionalities are completely able to offer images ready to be made in an extremely well-done way. Another important issue to be highlighted is that you will be able to further improve the functionality of the tablets, thus gaining interesting aspects to considerably increase the quality with which you enjoy games and mobile applications. More and more, the displays present on the tablets present an increasingly better functioning.

Diverse use

A tablet can be used to perform a series of tasks, and these devices have great advantages especially for those who want to have a mobile device that offers more power than a cell phone, but if you lose mobility.

You can buy a tablet for simple fun since there is the possibility to download several games directly from the application store of your operating system. Thus it will be possible to have a truly portable console, which allows you to play the best mobile games with outstanding ease.

However, tablets can also be used for other purposes, as in the case of some systems for the education of children and other students. From a pedagogical perspective, it is possible to use the tablet to help the child in different aspects during the learning process. These products can be used for the activation of certain cognitive areas of the brain and are also able to be fully capable of better learning possibilities.

It will be possible to work with the learning dynamically, working practically with some questions that were difficult to be passed to the child without the aid of technology. Because of this, several schools are already working with the use of tablets to improve the learning process.

Besides, companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple already develop tablets with children’s content coming from the factory already. In this way, parents can already make the child interact with technology in a much more interactive way and also in a healthy way.

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