Chargeasap new 100W and 200W Omega chargers

Chargeasap new 100W and 200W Omega chargers

Chargeasap Omega is of the GaN type, that is, they are based on gallium nitride. This charger can be used to charge laptops, smartphones, and other devices via USB. For example, a 200W adapter can charge 2 MacBook Pros at the same time.

Chargeasap Omega is marketed as the world’s smallest gallium nitride charger. The new product is 66% smaller than traditional chargers.

The adapter does not overheat, is protected from power misallocation, operates at 100–240 V, and has 3 country-specific plugs included. USB-A ports are compatible with almost all major fast-charging protocols on the market from major brands.

Chargeasap Omega Chargers Price 

Chargeasap Omega has released the price of 200W and 100W Chargers. The 200W Chargeasap Omega is priced at $5, and the 100W at $ 45. The crowdfunding campaign raised more than $1 million, although the manufacturer intended to raise only $10,000.