Clean Storage with WhatsApp new Storage Management Tool

Clean Storage with WhatsApp new Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp new storage management tool makes it easier to free up space

WhatsApp introduced the storage management feature in 2017 to provide a detailed breakdown of the space occupied by chats, images, GIFs, videos, audio messages, and documents on your device.

Today, it has started rolling out a revamped storage management tool that conveniently groups large files and media that have been transferred multiple times, sorts files by size in descending order, and provides a way to preview. files before deleting them.

How to Clean up Storage using Whatsapp Storage Management Tool 

WhatsApp also offers a media preview before selecting one or more items to delete.

The new storage management tool can be accessed from Settings -> Storage and data -> Manage storage. It has ” Transferred multiple times ” and ” Review and delete items ” tabs with the default ” More than 5MB ” sort option to easily clean files.

WhatsApp has also released a video that shows how this feature works and helps free up significant space by removing duplicate items. The update is already underway for Android users.

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