Coalition for the Fairness of Applications Against Apple

Coalition for the Fairness of Applications Against Apple 

Epic Games has partnered with Spotify, Deezer, Tinder, and other companies. They require Apple to lower the commission on products in the App Store, as well as allow users to download iOS apps from other sources.

The association is called the Coalition for the Fairness of Applications. The purpose of the organization is to centrally protect the interests of developers, especially those who do not have sufficient influence or resources to fight independently.

In addition to lowering the commission and lifting the ban on distributing programs outside the App Store, the coalition also insists that Apple uses non-market promotion of its own services.

Coalition members also urged Apple and other platform owners to adopt a special code of conduct that would not limit the distribution of software exclusively in their own digital stores, provide equal access to technical documentation for all developers, and eliminate developers from “unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory fees.” or commissions. “

It will be recalled that the confrontation between Epic Games and Apple began in late August when Fortnite was removed from the App Store.


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