Home Sports Coronavirus changed Test cricket Rules is back today

Coronavirus changed Test cricket Rules is back today

Coronavirus changed Test cricket Rules is back today

Coronavirus changed Test cricket Rules is back today

Due to Coronavirus, several changes are made in the history of cricket. Today, cricket is back as West Indies fights with England in the First One Day International. Due to Covid-19, there are some additional changes in the Test Cricket Rules which are mentioned below.

Mahendrakshan is finally coming! Southampton’s Ages Bowl is waiting for all the preparations. The first test after the coronavirus break will start here today (Wednesday). The cricket world will roar again after almost four months with the historic England-West Indies duo.

In the history of cricket, there is a different kind of heat in the England-West Indies battle, after which the international matches are starting with them again – the three-match series in the center of interest of cricket fans. They are waiting for the Southampton Test, which will start at 4 pm on Wednesday, Bangladesh time. However, there is no known form of test. Covid-19 has changed a lot in cricket. That’s why the interest in watching the new 22-yard fight is even greater.

There is no opportunity to watch the game sitting on the field. The only hope is the TV screen. To enjoy a Test match in a coronavirus lockdown, it is important to know the new rules before leaning on a sofa or bed.

Coronavirus changed Test Cricket Rules and let’s take a look at what is changing in the England-West Indies battle.

The use of saliva is prohibited:

In Test matches, pacers use saliva to get an extra swing. This scene will not be seen in the England-West Indies fight. Players cannot use saliva to brighten the ball. The ICC has temporarily banned the use of saliva to protect against COVID-19 disease. If someone accidentally uses saliva, the team will be warned first. A maximum of two warnings will be issued in each innings. If the same mistake is made, the batting team will be given a five-run penalty. The game will start only after the ball is disinfected again.

Covid-19 replacement:

The transfer rules are also being introduced from the England-West Indies series keeping in mind the safety of the players. If a player shows corona symptoms during a Test match, the team concerned can field a replacement. The match referee will approve the transfer. And it will be like ‘Conclusion-Sub.’ In other words, the team will be able to replace the batsman and the bowler instead of the batsman.

No neutral umpires:

In Test cricket, all officials, including the two field umpires, are neutral. However, Kovid-19 does not have a neutral umpire. Due to the corona, travel is banned in most countries. Considering that, the appointment of neutral umpires has been canceled for a temporary period. It will again see an English umpire officiate a match on English soil almost 19 years later. There are five English umpires for the series – Richard Illingworth, Richard Kettleborough, Michael Goff, Alex Wharf, and David Milons.

Additional reviews:

Although there are experienced umpires in the England-West Indies series, less experienced umpires will be appointed in many series during the coronation period. With this in mind, extra DRS has been kept in every innings. Earlier in the Tests, teams could take a maximum of two reviews per innings, three reviews in times of crisis. Also, one review in ODIs has been increased to two.

No spectators on the field:

European football leagues have started since May. The fight is going on in the field without spectators. Cricket is also returning to the stadium without spectators. The gallery will be empty in the battle between England and the West Indies. Players will also maintain social distance in the player zone. Separate space has been created for two captains, Ben Stokes and Jason Holder, to speak to reporters.


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