CPL Umpire Salaries 2020

CPL Umpire Salaries 2020 – Caribbean Premier T20 League

The 2020 CPL season match has been confirmed by officials that are going on without spectators due to coronavirus pandemic. A source pointed out that the salaries of the CPL 2020 umpire and referees amount to $850 per game.

The T20 league is becoming increasingly popular; currently, the best official contracts are paid for matches with the BBL, IPL, and PSL. In 2013, the CPL Caribbean Premier League announced the T20 league, where Guyana became the first Amazon Warriors champion of the league.

This year, the league is held during COVID-19, which means that there will be no audience in the game. A lot of cricket tournaments were obtained from gate income resulting from ticket sales. It is still difficult to predict the impact of salary and CPL revenues. At present, there is no information regarding the announcement of a reduction in the salaries of CPL referees.

Caribbean Premier League: CPL Umpires Salaries 2020
OfficialsMatch FeesTournament FeesBonus MoneyContract Year
Professional  Umpires$850$7,500N/A2020

The above details about the salaries of CPL governors were collected from reliable sources in 2020. There is no information about the structured program of future referees in the PSL and IPL about the referee’s development program. Umpires in the Pakistan Premier League development program earn $400 per match if they are selected for PSL.

CPL Match Officials 2020
OfficialsTournament FeesBonus MoneyMatch FeesContract Year
Deighton Butler$7,500N/A$8502020
Gregory Brathwaite$7,500N/A$8502020
Nigel Duguid$7,500N/A$8502020
Leslie Reifer$7,500N/A$8502020
Johan Cloete$7,500N/A$8502020
John Ward$7,500N/A$8502020
Whycliffe Mitcham$7,500N/A$8502020
Dev Govindjee$7,500N/A$8502020

The profits of all match referees were not the same, and tournament fees depend on the selection powers for matches. CPL referees receive payments from sponsors, but no information has been collected about this yet. The governors’ official contract received $10,000 in sponsorship.

Most of the money generated in the league this year will come from the proceeds of international broadcasting rights. CPL Live Streaming rights are sold worldwide, helping the league raise foreign funds.


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