Cricketers who get Man of the Match Award for Playing Less than 10 Balls

Cricketers who get Man of the Match Award for playing less than 10 balls

Batters to get Man of the Match Award Playing Less Than 10 Balls

Usually, the best player of the match is declared Man of the Match. Most matches are awarded to the batsman who has scored the most runs or the bowler who has taken the most wickets.

However, sometimes situations are created in the matches where they win the losing match by playing very few balls, and for such achievement. Here are four cricketers who played fewer balls and yet won the Man of the Match Award, let’s find out about them.


Man of the Match Award On the Least Number of Balls



4) Joss Butler: 32 off 10 balls

England cricket team wicketkeeper-batsman Jose Butler. He is known as an explosive batsman. He batted late in a match against South Africa, scoring 32 off just 10 balls, and the often-lost match was won by England. Butler was named Man of the Match for that feat.


3) Ramnaresh Sarwan: 19 of 9 balls

Former West Indies batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan scored 19 off 9 balls. In 2012, he scored 19 runs off just 9 balls against England. Ramnaresh Sarwan played these great innings when the West Indies were on the verge of defeat and the team won. That is why he was declared Man of the Match.


2) Brad Hodge: 21 of 6 balls

Former Australian batsman Brad Hodge. In 2010, he scored 21 off just six balls against South Africa. The stormy innings snatched the Australian victory from the face of South Africa and Brad Hodge was declared Man of the Match for this innings.


1) Dinesh Karthik: 29 of 7 balls

Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik played a great memorable inning against Bangladesh in 2016. In the T20 final of the Nidahas Trophy, he played a stormy inning of 29 runs off just 7 balls. He won the match by hitting a six off the last ball of the often lost match and was declared Man of the Match.




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