Crucible Game Servers will Shut Down on November 9

Crucible Game Servers will Shut Down on November 9

This is how the short and life of the Amazon shooter game Crucible ends, which is famous for returning to the closed beta just a month after its premiere. The main reason for this decision was the low quality of production and its negative reception among players.

The End of Crucible Game 

The Crucible game servers will be shut down on November 9 at 21:00 CET and all players will be able to apply for a refund. The extra time in the beta was to allow the developers to improve their game. It turns out, however, that all this is for nothing because Amazon announced the cancellation of Crucible.

Amazon Game Studios will now be able to focus on fine-tuning their upcoming MMORPG New World. In turn, for Amazon itself, game production is probably not a priority right now, and will prefer to focus on providing the upcoming Amazon Luna service.


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