Crusader Kings III Reviews

Crusader Kings III Game Reviews

The recently released Crusader Kings III has received great reviews both from industry websites and from the players themselves. The title can boast of great popularity. It looks like the perfect game for a fan of intrigue, conspiracy, strategy, and RPG.

All fans of the Crusader Kings series have clearly got the game they were waiting for. This is a real strategy with deep RPG systems that have won the hearts of players around the world.

Crusader Kings III and its uniqueness

The Crusader Kings series by Paradox Interactive brings us to the Middle Ages. We are the ruler of one of the kingdoms and we must develop, make choices and, above all, prolong the existence of our family for as long as possible. The gameplay itself actually has too many mechanisms to cover all of them.

Suffice it to say that there are intrigues, conspiracies, rumors, as well as political and military actions here instinctive. All this is to guarantee us victory in developing the entire kingdom and our own family. This is perhaps the only game in which engaging in endogamy is not considered unethical (although it undoubtedly is), and is a fairly ordinary way of extending the life of the lineage.

The reviewers are almost unanimous

According to reviewers, Crusader Kings III deserves to be called the best strategy to be released this year. The very political mechanisms and ways of taking actions with other kingdoms are highly praised, but surprisingly, RPG elements turn out to be extremely important. This part is to have the most interesting and complex designed characters from almost all strategy games that have been released in recent years.

Court intrigues are also praised, as is the entire environment that almost “plays by itself”. CK III does not slow down when the player picks on private matters, and the whole world is constantly shaping around. At the moment, the production has achieved an average rating on Metacritic at 91/100! This is a really great result.

The game conquered Steam

Crusader Kings III debuted on September 4 on Steam and quickly gained enormous popularity. It is true that it is difficult to talk about a real “boom” here, as with the current hit Fall Guys, but for a product that costs much more and is aimed primarily at strategy fans, it is really great.

In the hottest moments, up to 100,000 people play at the same time, which significantly overshadows the result of another strategy that was released on the same day, i.e. Iron Harvest. Suffice it to say that for the premiere, CK III even appeared in the Xbox Game Pass service, so the total number of players is probably much greater. On Steam, users still praise the production – 92 percent. the feedback is positive.