Crysis Remastered has been postponed

Crysis Remastered has been postponed.

The official presentation of the remastered version of the first Crysis has been postponed. All because of disappointed fans who said about leaked materials. This situation in the industry has probably not happened yet. Crysis Remastered was probably to redefine the graphics in games, but we still have to wait for a breakthrough.


Legendary Crysis

The first Crysis (as well as the first Far Cry also of the same studio, or Crytek) was a huge breakthrough and a qualitative leap. Everything here was based on gorgeous graphics, although let’s face it, the game’s gameplay was also surprising. The next parts, although no longer associated with such a great technological leap, were even met with positive reactions among players.

No wonder that after many years Crytek decided to treat the fans of the brand with a new position … although old. Just a month ago Crysis Remastered, the remastered edition of the first part of the game, was announced. Many have already suspected that Crytek will make another graphic breakthrough by giving us the latest engine.


The presentation has been moved.

Yesterday the first official presentation of the game was to take place – we were to have a trailer shown on the production engine, as well as the release date of the game. As it happens in the gaming industry – everything leaked prematurely. We learned that the game would debut on July 23. The problem appeared when it comes to the trailer.

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According to many, it looked so bad that it was suspected that it is merely in the pipe world. The first part set a new standard in games, and the alleged version of Remastered (although the video itself was in poor quality) promised to be the surprisingly little breakthrough. In some places of the mentioned trailer, we could notice textures with the shallow resolution, and the whole suggested a slight refresh rather than a full redefinition of graphics.


When is the new show?

Crytek noticed very mixed reactions of players to the leaked trailer, so in the official announcement issued only an hour before the start of the presentation, it was decided to postpone it. The company, as a reason, gives just mixed reaction players on the trailer that appeared on the Internet. This means that the trailer itself was real, which is not optimistic. Crytek didn’t provide a new release date or show.