Will Cyberpunk 2077 as part of the Xbox Game Pass

Will Cyberpunk 2077 as part of the Xbox Game Pass

There are many indications that this absurd sounding lead is not unreal. Microsoft announced that it is preparing something great. After all, they have to fight Sony and encourage consumers to buy the Xbox Series X. There is probably no better way to promote it than adding Cyberpunk 2077 as a part of your Xbox Game Pass list on release day. 

And these are not finger-sucked rumors, after all, Jeff Grubb, the person responsible for many confirmed leaks, speculates on this subject. The editor revealed what he expects from Microsoft as part of releasing the new console. His vision is exciting.

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According to Grubba, Microsoft plans to attract Game Pass to one of the largest producers of AAA games. The best possible option for the American giant is to release the long-awaited game on the day of release in its subscription system.
Jeff Grubb explicitly states that the best candidate for the plan described above would be Cyberpunk 2077, due to the enormous popularity of the title. If something like that happened, we would be dealing with an unprecedented situation.

However, I remain a modest realist, and I do not think that the Polish studio would agree to such a deal. I believe it could effectively reduce CD Projekt Red’s profits because buying their premiere game would simply be unprofitable.